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Isle Isabella

Bella never got pregnant and was never changed. Her and Edward are taking a break before college and are living in Forks. What happens when the Volturi threaten to visit? And what exactly is Isle Isabella? B/E.


1. Chapter 1

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Bella POV

"Bella?" I was gently shook out of my nightmare free sleep by Edward. I was lying in our Isle Esme themed bed in the middle of our brand new house and I did not want to get up.

"Yes?" I replied groggily, my throat was thick with sleep and the fact that I had a slight sniffle made my throat feel sticky.

"Wake up please," He said. Edward pulled me up and positioned me so that I was resting gently against his rock hard chest. "There's a problem," he confessed.

If there was any chance that I had been asleep before he had said that, it was gone now. Sitting bolt upright on the bed, I searched for any grief, anger or sympathy in his eyes but, as ever, his face was a mask of perfect composure.

"What is it? Charlie? Renee?" I placed my hands on either side of his face and desperately searched his eyes for any slip in his flawless facade.

Edward shook his head and smiled slightly. "No one has died or is in the process of dying, love. But it is rather bad,"

"What? Edward, what?! Now is not the time to tread lightly around me!" I was now on my knees, still grasping his face in my hands.

"Volturi," Edwards face was hidden against my chest though his words still reached my ears and slapped me in the face. "They....decided that since you were 19 and that you were still human that it was time. They are due to arrive on the 12th of December and you either need to be a vampire by then or you need to be....dead," he whispered the last word before letting out a hiss so fierce and deadly that I sprung back and sunk into the bed. "Whoa Bella, love. I am sorry. It's just all too soon. Sorry," He lay his head against my chest but I slid out from underneath his head. Before he could get the wrong end of the stick, I lifted his chin up and pressed his cold lips to mine and just held it there for a few seconds. We separated after a few more minutes of this.

"I, will be fine, Edward; fine. You hear me?" I kissed his forehead one more time. "When will I get changed?"

"November the 30th. That's a week away Bella. A week. All I have off you as a fabulous smelling human is a week,"

"Edward...." But I trailed of as he looked at me. His topaz eyes sparkled in the sunlight; as did the rest of him. He engulfed me in a hug that could rival Emmett's. "But then you will have eternity with me as a vampire; an unbreakable vampire. I will still be Bella. Surely you don't love me just for my smell," I teased, but before he could answer, I pulled him closer to me and kissed him.

Edward had informed me that I should phone Charlie and tell him that I would be going away for a year on an Around the World tour with Edward but I would still keep in touch. I went to visit Charlie and said a tearful goodbye. Yes, I did have a week left, but we both thought that it would be easier to say goodbye now. Like ripping a band aid off. Quick and simple.

When I arrived home, three small bags greeted me. Curious, I walked further into the house and saw the whole family sitting around the living area. "Excuse me?" I broke the ice.

"Bella," Alice ran towards me and hugged me. "You are going away for a few days with Edward. You know, time together," She smiled at me and then added, "I packed your bags again,"

"Away. As in, away on holiday or away to camp or whatever," confused, that was what I was.

"Surprise," Edward said. "How was Charlie's? Good? Bad? I can't really read his mind this far away. You should have let me come,"

"No, no! It was fine. I cried, he cried but its fine. I told Renee on the phone and she was alright. It's fine! So when are we going away then?" I tried to make him feel better.

"Well. Now," It sounded more like a question but I nodded and followed him out the door. He led me into the car and sped off without a second glance.

"Eager?" I asked. His hands were clenched around the steering wheel and his eyes were black.

"Bella. I need to get you out of here. Just for a few days. Of course I'm eager!" His tone was sharp but when he looked down on me, I knew he meant well.

3 Hours Later

After a short plane ride, we were on the way down a winding road in a rented Mini Cooper. "Edward? Where are we actually going?" I asked. I mentally crossed Isle Esme out of my mind as we were in Miami. After another hour of driving, we reached a small airfield where a private water plane was waiting. Edward bustled me inside and within minutes we were in the air. Edward still refused to tell me where we were going. The Bahamas?

Quickly enough, we landed smoothly on the beach of an unknown place. He thanked the pilot and dragged me out of the plane. As soon as I was out, even in the pitch dark, it was clear this wasn't the Bahamas. Not even close.

The beach we were on stretched out for a short distance and rounded a corner in both directions. There was a small hill behind me and the area was mostly covered with greenery. But something else caught my eye; a small cottage was centred in the middle of the island. Made almost completely of wood and glass, it stood out from the backdrop. It was almost identical to the one on Isle Esme. A small boat was attached to a wooden peg in the sand.

"Welcome," breathed Edward in my ear. "To your early Christmas present," I was confused and turned around to face him completely.

"Welcome," he repeated. "To Isle Isabella!"