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Breaking Dawn: Twisted

Bella is threatened by the Volturi and Edward tells her to spend time away from him, but what happens when the Volturi find Bella?


1. Chapter 1: A Threat

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It all started way back ages ago. Edward wanted to spend some alone time with me. he was coming at 6 O'Clock. Half an hour to kill. Charlie was out so I had the house to myself. Knock, knock. I answered the door. It was the pizza guy, Tom from a few houses down the street.

"Did you order any pizza Bells?" Tom asked with confusion in his voice, " I think I'm lost!"

"No it's not mine. Ask the people next door , they've been having alot of late night parties!"I answered politely.

"Thanks, Bella. You're a life saver!"Tom wandered off down the street to the next unlucky house.

Peace and quiet at last. I went to sit on the couch. Another knock.

"Next door neighbours, Tom," I yelled through the door.

"Who are you yelling at," the voice barked back. It was Felix fro the guard. He opened the door.

"Bella honey. What a lovely surprise!" he said to me coating his voice with honey," I've been looking for you everywhere. I've got a peposition for you."

"The Volturi have sent me to deliver a message to you," he said standing awkwardly against the door,"I am hear to offer you a home , not profesionally but emotionally! Can you have children, Bella? I would like to hand you a true vampire child. I understand that you are human and there for can conceive and but you may wonder why the Volturi have chosen you. Bella, you have an already recognisable gift and with my gift and your gift our creation would be all powerful, a better, stronger ,faster vampire race!"

" I'm sorry Felix, I already have a boyfriend," I said.

"Another vampire, What's his name?"

"Edward!" I said a little bit to sarcastically. I thought the whole world new we were together, we were getting married!

"Oh, I'm giving you a choice Bella," he said.

"No," the words flowed quickly without any thought.

"I'll see you again someday soon," he called from across the street.

I closed the door. Finally some peace before Edward got here. Knock, knock.

"Who's there?"

"Edward," he answered.

"Edward who?" I said back trough the door, I loved playing this game.

"Edwards coming to get you" he said as he pushed the door open with ease.

"I should really get a lock for this door!" I said.