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A B.A. in BS

Dear Edward, I have finally gotten over you No, that won’t work. Dear Edward, It’s been 3 years now. You never returned. At least you could keep ½ of your promise; I never saw you again, but the whole thing about life being as if you never existed is a large heaping load of horse sh— GAH! How do you tell your high school sweetheart, the man you stole your heart never to return it, the man who obsessed over keeping you safe, the man who left you broken in a forest because he did not love you anymore…how do you tell him that that you are finally over him and moving on, kinda-sorta. How do you tell him if he’s moved away with his family and you have no way to contact him? You write his sister’s husband, that’s how! What happens if Edward really never returned and Bella went on with her life? What happens if she was able to get over Edward, leave Forks, go to college, and make a life of her own? Would his heart break if he knew she was over him and could surive without him? Would she ever see him again? What about is family-could she really live with out her best friend, forever? What about the wolves? Jake? And oh, dear....what about Victoria?? This story takes place after Edward left. Bella was too much "into" herself (her depression was too strong) that she never did any of the extreme sports, never jumped off the cliff therefore leaving on reason for Alice to come back or for them to go to Volterra. This should be interesting. (BTW the title essentially means ABachelor of Arts inBull Sh--) FAIR WARNING: THERE IS SOME OOC ACTIVITY (Out Of Character) Also, there's some senuality coming up so be prepared :-) I have this "book" finished and the second "book" started and hopefully finished by the end of my holiday vacation. Thank you for allowing me creative license with what's in my head which will soon be on "paper".This Story is rated ADULT for language, future fight scenes, and sensuality. I just wrote a scene in one of the chapters that warranted a change in rating, sorry.Updat: this book is finished-on to the next!

You guys rock and I hope you'll fogive my months-long absence. School owned me for a while. I have a total of 23 chapters in this book and two more "books" after this. I hope you all enjoy!

12. Chapter 12

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Esme’s POV

Alice had relayed to us that Edward would be coming home tonight-she had the vision as she finished her packing for her and Bella’s trip. He had just made the decision, so we had little time to act and mask her scent. Alice saw Edward coming from the Appalachians about an hour after they left. It would be just enough time to find an excuse to leave early, pack Bella’s things, pick her up, and let Alice hunt then head out.

Alice moved all of her and Jasper’s belongings into Bella’s room. She and Jasper rolled around on Bella’s blanket and pillows trying to overwhelm her scent with theirs. It was somewhat successful; her scent was still detectible, but not distinct anymore. All of Bella’s clothes were mixed in with Alice’s, not as if she had had a chance to wear them or that Edward would look in her closet, but we were trying to cover all aspects of this. Rosalie even sat in Bella’s spot on the couch.

I hated keeping information away from my son and from Bella for that matter, but it is what Bella wanted-for Edward not to be aware of her resurgence in our lives. Consequently, that meant, for the time being, she not be aware of Edward returning….at least not until Alice had a chance to tell her on the way back. And I hoped that we could pull this off long enough to keep both of them at bay. Alice said that he would stay about a week and finals were coming up, so Bella would be studying and spending more time in her dorm room, the student union, library, etc.

One last touch that Alice put on the house that we all thought was overkill and might do more harm than good was putting freesias in every corner of the house. It made her scent more natural or organic than personal. She told us if he asked; say it was her doing, that she missed the scent. She would take the brunt of the blame and face his anger…especially if it meant keeping Bella and Edward in her life. We were afraid that it would bring back painful memories for him, but she said her vision showed Edward was not fazed by the flowers.

About 20 minutes after the house was overwhelmed with flowers, much to Rose’s dismay, Alice was taking their bags out to her car when Emmett woke Bella up to carry her to the car.

“Em, you weren’t supposed to wake her,” Alice complained with a pout.

“But I had to ask her a question.” They were standing on the front porch now. Emmett had put Bella on her feet still holding an arm around her waist.

“And what question is that?”

“I want to know if you are going to New York.” The conversation soon transitioned to an inquisition to Alice holding back all restraint not to kill Emmett. Even Bella tried to transfer her frustration by throwing a rock at Emmett from the garden next to the porch.


“OH GOD!” Bella screamed. “Esme! I’m sorry! I’ll pay for that.” The whole house was in an uproar at her attempt to hurt Emmett.

“No need dear, Emmett will or I’ll throw him into a pit of cobras, sharks, and black mambas. And if he survives that, I’ll throw him into a pit with Alice!” I heard her cheer up immediately.

“Thank you Esme!”

“Awww moooom! Not in a pit with the psychic pixie!”

“Now leave the girls alone Emmett so they can leave and get back in here.”

I watched Emmett hug both of them goodbye, lifting Bella about 5 feet in the air, and then walk back into the house. His wife met his gaze and he hung his head low and walked over to her in shame. She closed her fashion magazine on her lap and turned slightly to face him.

“Cobras, Emmett? Really? She’s a freaking human!” She was not happy and slapped up on the back of the head with so much force, or she had caught him so off guard that he flew forward a foot and landed on his hands and knees on the floor.

Carlisle looked up from his desk in the corner, “Rose, violence is not always the answer.”

Jasper, who sat in a chair opposite Rose and Emmett, spoke up while still reading his book, “Apparently, today it is” He chuckled, “for humans and vampires.”

I returned to my design plans, “Emmett, son, you owe me a new window.”

“Yes, mom,” I heard faintly. I stopped by Edward’s room upstairs to make sure it was ready for him. Of course I knew it was, but I was a doting mother and could not help myself. After making sure his leather couch was just in the right spot I opened Alice and Jasper’s “new” room to take a whiff and make sure there was little to no trace of Bella in there. It was very, very faint. I took a deep breath and felt a set of strong, warm, solid arms wrap around my waist from behind me as I closed their door.


“Slightly. It’s been over 2 years since we have seen him, and I know to us that’s not a long time, but I miss him. I don’t want to do something that will push him further away and for longer periods. I hate not being able to see him, Carlisle. And I hate lying to him. I just hope we are doing the right thing.” I laid my head back on his chest and he rested his cheek on mine.

“I am certain that everything will be ok. We have a mind reader in the house and she would have told us if there was anything to worry about. What time did Alice say he would be here?” I glanced down at my watch.

“In 4 minutes.” I said as he kissed my earlobe.

“Shall we go outside and wait for our son?” I turned around in his arms and kissed him with fervor. My love would never waiver for this man. She was the most loving and compassionate father and husband I could have ever asked for and I thanked God for him every day.

“I love you.” I said looking into his eyes.

“I love you more.”He replied.

“No you don’t,” I was shaking my head, “It’s not possible.” He chuckled and kissed my forehead pulling me into his chest.

“Let’s go wait for our son under the stars. I miss seeing your skin glow under the moon.”

“Such the romantic Dr. Cullen, “I snickered. He pulled my hand up to his lips and kissed it gently.

“Only for you, Professor. Come on; let’s go give our son the warm welcome he deserves.” He interlocked our fingers and dropped our hands to his side as we walked down the hallway, down the stairs, and out the door. We took a seat on the first step of the front porch holding each other. I rested my head on his shoulder and he rested his cheek on my head. Pure bliss, it was the only way I could describe what I felt at that moment.

Edward POV

It took me about an hour to get back to the house. As I approached it, I could hear the faint thoughts of my family and knew that Alice had already left.

I could spend eternity here in his arms. I did not know love until I met him and I will be eternally grateful for such an amazing man.

Esme. Those sweet thoughts could only be those of my mother. Never a negative or angry thought in her head, ever. I was thankful for all of her rational thoughts over the past decades. She helped to keep me sane when Alice was planning a shopping trip with Rose or Emmett was planning another practical joke or other “entertainment” activities. I slowed my pace as I started to emerge through the clearing. Esme’s eyes met mine. She was elated. Nothing but pure happiness existed in her eyes as a grin spread across her face.

My son! My beautiful precious son. I have missed you. Her mind flashed to the loss of her first born son and her pain then was the same as the pain when I left. I didn’t realize that she equated losing me with losing him. I would do everything in my power to never put her through that again.

Edward, we are so glad to have you home again. We all missed you very much. Carlisle’s tone was grateful and full of relief, for both Esme and me. Everyone else’s thoughts were suspiciously quiet. I knew they were trying to hide her from me, but I kept calm and quiet.

I was about 2 feet away from the front steps before Esme had me in her arms in a tight embrace.

“I know why you had to leave, but next time don’t let it be so long between visits, son. Our family is not complete unless you are here”

All I could manage to say was “I’m sorry Esme.” Carlisle was next in line.

“Thank you for coming back Edward.” His embrace was strong and short. He put his hand on my back to guide me into the house. “The rest of the family is waiting for you.”

I chuckled. “I know, Emmett’s challenging me to a wrestling match as we speak.”

“Oh no he is not! He’s proven he doesn’t know how to control himself.” I doubled over laughing as I saw the rock flying off his head and cracking the window replaying in Esme’s mind. To throw off their suspicions, I pointed to the cracked window. “I’m guessing he did that?” I felt a wave of calm emanate from Jasper. I’m guessing he was bringing everyone down a notch to throw me off.

Sorry bro, Emmett’s feeling kind of antsy. It’s good to have you back. I nodded in thanks. Nice try Jazz, but it’s not fooling me.

“Where’s Alice?” The wave of calm got fractionally stronger and I made no point to acknowledge it.

“There’s a fashion show in New York.” Esme started, but I could tell she had no idea how to finish.

“And of course she had to go, right?” I relieved her obligation.

“Exactly. She said she’ll be back in on Friday and you’ll be here for about a week, so that will leave her to spend 4 days with you and I’m sure she’ll want to spend it all with you.” Carlisle cracked a smile as the last sentence left his mouth. At least my family hadn’t lost their humor. As I was escorted into the house, I was bombarded with Welcome back, glad to have you home bro, and Moron.

“Love you too, Rose.” She scoffed at me and returned to reading her magazine.

“Edward, you reek of I don’t know what and you look that much worse.” Rose was right. I had forgotten about my shower when I saw her letter. I shook it off and started to walk up the stairs.

“For once Rose, you’re right.”

“Edward, you’re room is to your left, second to last door at end of the hallway. I made sure to put all of your clothes and belongings in there.”

“Thank you, Esme.”

The first door I walked past on the left smelled of Emmett and Rose. I’m surprised their room was so close to the living room. There was a room on the right that smelled of Esme and Carlisle, the next room on the left reminded me of Alice and Jasper, and then I went to the next door which was mine. I couldn’t help but notice that there was a smell seeping out from the room next mine. It too smelled of Jasper, Alice, and freesias…lots of them. I had been so focused on her smell that I had not noticed how the whole house smelled of freesias until that moment, but this smell was…different. It was distinct. It was familiar. It was her.

Of course it made sense that her smell was strongest in there. Alice wouldn’t let Bella go that easily and it was only reasonable to believe that they spent time in her bedroom, but why did Alice need two rooms? The reason didn’t matter, I couldn’t resist.

I slowly opened the door and found a blue, gold, and black room. Not quite Alice’s style, but maybe it was what was in. Her smell was stronger, but still interlaced with other scents. I walked in and sat down on the bed and felt the embroidery and silk underneath my fingers. I wanted to lay there and revel in her smell. I knew she had been here. There was no denying it. No matter what they did to hide her presence in our home, there was only one smell that sang to me and it was singing to me now. In that moment, it was like I was smack-dab in the middle of the chorus. I decided at that moment that I would stay longer than just a week.

“I’m not going anywhere.” I spoke to myself. Not while my Bella’s around.


Alice POV

After Bella had finally fallen back asleep, I was able to drive at my normal speed. We had left the house about an hour ago and were now about half way to New York. I worried about Edward being at home and the rest of my family trying to keep our secret away from him. I knew eventually it would have to come out, but that would be Bella’s choice, not ours.

I suddenly blanked.

Edward was standing in the middle of her room. Shit. He was sitting on her bed. Double shit. He wasn’t angry and it didn’t look like he knew anything-he wasn’t angry or upset. A slight comfort. Then he spoke.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

Damn it. That brother of mine causes more problems than he’s worth. I scowled the whole way to New York attempting to keep my thoughts to myself so my frustration wouldn’t wake Bella. She deserved some sense of peace right now since I would have to tell her at some point that he was back. I was going to tell her when we got back, but now I would have to add on that he was staying.

“Damn you Edward Cullen.” I spat it loud enough to stir Bella as pulled up in front of the hotel waiting for the valet to open my door.

“Mmmm,” she moaned sweetly, “Edward.” A smile grew on her face. I rolled my eyes. Deny what you sis, you still will love him. Now, how exactly do I tell you that he’s back to stay?

Bella POV

So, our first day in New York started with sleeping in a ridiculously huge penthouse suite ordained in gold, red, and orange décor…expensively rich décor. The price for the suite had to be more than what I paid to attend FCC. When I woke up, Alice had ordered room service for me; bacon, eggs, blueberry muffins, orange juice, apple juice, mimosas, strudel, and French toast. Exactly how hungry did she think I was? I had my own room and bathroom on one side of the suite and Alice’s room took up the other side. Separating us was a huge living room with plush couches and chairs, a huge flat screen television, balcony overlooking Central Park, and a bar stocked with top-shelf alcohol.

I didn’t drink; it didn’t really appeal to me, but I got curious one night after Charlie and Billy were watching the baseball playoffs. They finished off a 6-pack of “Vitamin R” and I was making plates out of the fish Sue Clearwater sent. I walked into the living room with their plates and cleared out the empty cans. I took one whiff of that can and almost vomited. It smelled disgusting. There had to be something better out there for him. I couldn’t get him to lay off the steak and potatoes at the diner, as much as I had tried, but maybe I could be more successful with the beer.

The next time I went to the supermarket, I make it a point to check out what other types of beer and alcohols were available to suggest to Charlie. When he went for his Vitamin R, I suggested a “select” brand of beer that was supposed to be better for him than other beers. That didn’t go over so well-the chief’s non-drinking-age daughter suggesting what types of beer he should drink. He wanted to ground me for a lifetime, but I was able to convince him that I had never had a drink. It was almost like convincing him that I was still a virgin…I would take the beer talk over the sex talk any day.

After grazing and sampling a piece of all she had ordered, I reluctantly started to get ready. While letting the water from the extravagant shower, which oddly resembled my bathroom at her house (coincidence? I think not.), it dawned on me that I didn’t remember waking up and walking up here. I’d have to ask her about that.

I got out of the shower and dried off, leaving a towel wrapped around my head and slipped into the expensive silk robe left by the hotel staff. I walked out of the bathroom to find Alice sitting in the center of my bed; she had already made it and was reading a fashion magazine…like she really needed to.

“Morning Bella.” She closed the magazine and looked at me with a great smile.

“Morning. Hey, Alice?”


“What’s with all the organic soaps and shampoos?”

“We can smell the crap put into the other stuff. The organic versions are their purest form, so instead of smelling all the fillers and detergents, we smell the fruits, oils and flowers put into it. Plus, it’s better for your hair and skin. If you could only smell the way the other bodywash you use smells-ugh it’s like a chemical plant.”

“Which is your favorite?”

“The lavender; it’s calming.”

“Hey, how did you get me up here last night?” I said as I pumped the softest and most beautiful smelling lilac lotion on my hands and massaged it over my arms and legs.

“The bellhop.”

“The bellhop?” I was severely confused.

“Yes, the bellhop.”

“You mean to say you put me on one of those luggage carts and had the bellhop roll me into the elevator and then into the room?”

“Bella, you’re always so over dramatic. It was obvious that I could not carry you, so I made the bellhop do it. He carried you while I checked us in until we got to the room and the valet pushed the luggage cart. Don’t worry; I left them a large tip, Cullen style.” I turned beet red. She giggled.

“That must have been a sight.”

“Oh, Bella. It wasn’t that big of a deal. You are quite light, even to humans. You were so soundly asleep that I didn’t want to wake you. And he was very happy to do it, seemed somewhat taken aback by the new buxom Bella. Of course I knew they wouldn’t resist my ‘charms’,” she used air quotes, “so I asked for help and they obliged.”

“You should have just woke me up.”

“Get over it already and get dressed. I laid your clothes out over there on the chaise under the window.”

I walked over to the right side of the room where the burgundy red chaise was set under the 8-panel window. Designer jeans, she was learning-a good compromise, a light blue v-neck tunic which seemed to be cut a little too low for my liking, a thick black rhinestone belt, and a pair of black suede 3” heel booties. Shouldn’t an alarm be going off somewhere saying “Alert Alert-accident waiting to happen Alert Alert”? I was bound to fall on my ass in those. There was also a pair of black sheer boy shorts and a black molded plunge bra: A bit sexy for a shopping trip. I looked back to her.

“Um, Alice, are the undergarments, or at least those types of undergarments really necessary?”

“Bella,” she was now standing right next to me, “You need to learn what it feels to be sexy and how to strut your stuff. And that my dear sis is exactly why I’m here.”

“Can’t I be sexy and ‘strut my stuff’ in the underwear and bras I brought….crap, Alice. You packed my bags.”

“Exactly, which means unless you can find a store that sells your granny panties—“


“--you are stuck with what I packed.” I had to give up as there was no real way out of this one. So I moved onto another issue: the shoes.

“And how exactly do you expect me to walk all over the city in these shoes?” I pointed at the booties in horror of the accidents that could happen.

“Walking? Bella, that’s what limos are for. Besides, don’t you think I would be able to see every time you tripped or lost your balance? You need to learn to exude your sexiness; you’re a woman on the prowl!” She was making me sound like cougar.

“I am not, Alice! I’m not on the prowl.” Was I saying too much? I should clarify. “I am not looking for a man or anything. I just want to get my degree right now, that’s my focus. And a limo? Really?”

“In Forks or at the university, they would have stood out, but here, they don’t. So, I figured when in Rome. Now hurry up, 5th Avenue is waiting for us!” Before I had time to turn around, my door was already closing shut. This was going to be a long day.


We spent the day shopping EVERYWHERE. I thought the day would never end. We, I mean I, ate at some of the most posh restaurants in the city, shopped at the most expensive clothing stores, and rode around in a limo all day long. We even went to that fashion show Alice thought I’d like. She was right, of course. Isaac Mizrahi’s clothes were comfortable and some were really cute. We even went in the back to meet the designer and she bought some of the outfits I liked right off the models. So, this was the life of a Cullen-or at least Alice Cullen…minus the sucking the blood out of animals. I hate to admit it, but it was nice…and this was only Wednesday.

By the time we got back to the hotel, Alice wanted to change and head to a club, but changed her tune when she saw that I was falling asleep in the elevator. It was almost midnight after all.

“Sorry Bella, didn’t mean to tire you out like that. Tomorrow I’ll take it easy on you.”

“TOMORROW? You mean there’s more shopping tomorrow? Alice, we hit almost every store in the city!”

“We hit almost every clothing store in the city,” she clarified, “we still have shoes and accessories.”

“Alice, tomorrow is a holiday, Thanksgiving. I’m not going to take people away from their families on Thanksgiving. Can’t we hold off for a day?”

“Fine, I guess you’re right. OH, I know! We’ll go to the spa! Don’t worry, there are people already scheduled to work the spa tomorrow. It’s not like I’m taking them away from their families. And if it will make you feel better, I’ll leave them really nice tips so they’ll have an extra special Thanksgiving, ok?”

“I guess, but only if you swear that they were already scheduled to work. And you have to call all the stores you bribed to be open right now and tell them to tell their employees to enjoy the day off.”

“I promise Bella, they were and I’ll call my contacts once we get to the room. We’ll get mani’s, pedi’s, you’ll get a massage and a facial, and we’ll do mud baths, the steam room, and get our hair done. I can’t wait Bella. And then we can go out for a late dinner. It’ll be so fun!” It sounded like a relaxing day, but I knew from experience it would tire me out.

We made it up to our floor and into the penthouse. Alice hugged me good night and I went to change into pjs; a pair of black capri cotton pants and a sage green tank. As I lay back on the pillows, the only thing I remember is the back of my eyelids as they closed.


Thanksgiving went exactly as Alice had planned; another grandeous breakfast (even if I did wake up around 11am), shower and change, then to the spa. I have to give Alice her due as that was the most relaxing 6 hours I had ever spent. I felt pampered and extra-girlie. It didn’t feel like me, but it felt so good so dealt with it.

After the spa, we came back up to the room and I called Charlie, Jake, and Renee from my cell phone to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and to assure them that was fine “by myself” for the holiday. I didn’t call from the hotel phone because, as Alice had pointed out, would have given my location away and I wasn’t about to explain all this to them. Not yet, if ever.

After I was done, Alice called Carlisle to let them know that we were having fun, by her standards at least. I spoke to him briefly and he told me that the rest of the family was out hunting, but that he’d relay my Happy Thanksgiving message to them once they got back. When I gave the phone back to Alice, I caught onto something she said about all of them doing hunting. Something was up. She finished her conversation with Carlisle and turned back to me. My arms were crossed, lips pursed, and eyes glaring straight down at here.

“Alice, why did you ask if everyone was out hunting?”

“You heard that? I forgot you were used to hearing talk that fast and could catch on.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

She guided me towards the gold plush faux suede couch in the living room. This was going to be bad.

“Well, we already had the trip planned before I had seen him coming home. Actually, we were on our way here when I saw him sitting in your room.” She was not looking at me.

“My-my-my room? My dorm room?!”

“Hold on, your room at our house. While you were sleeping, before we left, Jasper and I moved all of our stuff into your room so it looked like it was our room. All of my clothes are mixed into your closet, not that he’ll look anyway. I moved your books and pictures and replaced them with my pictures and magazines and put freesia’s all over the house, especially in that room to mask your scent. I saw him sitting on your bed. You were asleep in the car when it happened.”

“Alice, I –I-I can’t go back there! He’ll smell me! He’ll know I’m there. Why didn’t you tell me!”

“I saw him coming back, I just didn’t see when, not until Tuesday night. He was only supposed to stay for a few days. I was going to tell you before we left tomorrow to see if you maybe wanted to fly down to see your mom or Charlie; I didn’t want to ruin our trip. It didn’t seem as if he knew you were there. He was just sitting in my room touching the bed saying he wasn’t going anywhere. Bella, do you want to come home? Do you want to go back to Forks for the weekend or Florida to see your mom and Phil?” She was talking like the micro-machine man.

“It really looked like he didn’t know I was there? And what do you mean supposed to stay?” I was starting to freak out.

“Yes. It was like he was set in his way to never leave the family again. With planning this trip, I didn’t concentrate on seeing his future, only our trip. I’m sorry.” I exhaled loudly, annoyed. I had to calm myself. I could handle this. I knew I could. I had to.

“He made a decision for me, without consulting me, Alice. I will not let him control my life like that anymore.” I closed my eyes took 2 deep breaths. “We’ll both go back. If he finds out, he finds out. I won’t be mad if any of the family slips. What happens happens. And I’ll assume that you know I can’t come by the house anymore. Not for a while, at least. Besides, he has an unfair advantage, stupid mind reader. Alice, I need you to do me a favor. Could you look into my future and tell me what you see?”

“I’ll try. Bella, thanks for being so nice and not hating me.”

“Not possible Alice.”

Her eyes focused on something across the room and she was silent and still, then active again. “I don’t understand that.” She was annoyed with heself.

“What? You don’t understand how I can’t hate you?”

“That’s not what I mean. I had a vision, silly. You were throwing something at the wall above your bed. I couldn’t see what, but boy were you mad. I’m sorry I couldn’t see more. There are a lot of decisions yet to be made and that’s why I can’t see that far into the future. ”

“I don’t understand that either. Alice, you have to tell me anything else that you see that has to do with me from now on, understand?” My stomach growled. Seems like it’s time for the human to eat.

“Yes, Bella. Pinky swear.” I rolled my eyes and chuckled at her expense. “Now let’s get dressed so you can eat.”

And with that, she gave me another makeover and we went out to eat at yet another expensive restaurant. Alice insisted on going to a dance club. I, of course did not tempt fates by attempting to dance, but we did get into the VIP section. I relaxed on the couches and people watched for a bit while Alice danced. She was having way too much fun. She came back VIP and sat down next to me looking upset.

“Alice, what’s wrong?”

“Dancing with anyone but Jasper just isn’t right.”

“We’ll be home soon,” I consoled her and yawned, “in the mean time, can we go back to the hotel? I’m tired and you have this day full of shopping planned before we go home.”

She blanked again.

“Alice, what is it?”

“He’s coming here.” I froze. She grabbed me by the arms and rubbed them while trying to coax me out of my trance.

“Bella, he’s not coming here, here. I mean he’s coming to New York. He’s going to some store. I saw him buying something at a store that had the words ‘New York City’ behind the cash register. He won’t see you or us. He’s coming to buy something, and then he’s heading back to New Hampshire.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, positive.” I took a moment to myself and nodded.

“Ok, let’s finish out our trip and then go home.” There were so many thoughts swirling in my head and I couldn’t pick one out. They were all jumbled together.

We went back to the hotel and I yet again was out as soon as my head hit the pillow and I’m glad because the last thing I wanted to do was think. The next day was filled with packing, which Alice had already done most of, shopping for shoes and accessories, some of which I liked and were acceptable much to Alice’s delight, more expensive meals, make-up shopping, and then the drive back to New Hampshire. It had actually been a fun weekend-minus a few spots here and there.

It had been a crisp few days, not too hot or cold and overcast so Alice and I could go out at all times of day. Before we left, I made Alice swing by the New York Zoo so I could get Emmett a stuffed snake. While in the gift store, I felt like someone was watching over my shoulder, but every time I looked behind me, there was no one. My mind reverted back to the days when he would sneak into my bedroom at night or watch me from across the parking lot at school, but Alice specifically said that he would not see us, so I chalked it up to being paranoid. I slept most of the drive home, which was cut in half thanks to Alice. She dropped me off at the dorms and helped me up the stairs with my bags, but was in a hurry to get home to Jasper. Although she didn’t say it, I knew she was excited to Edward, too. I knew it had been a while since the family had been together; a couple of years I would venture to guess.

I put my key in the door and was able to push it open enough that I could slip my duffle bag in. I pushed it the rest of the way in and picked up the bags Alice left me which would have no doubt clothed a small country. I walked through the door and approached my bed.

“What the hell is that?”

There was something sitting on my bed. I gasped, dropped all of the shopping bags and covered my mouth with my hands. After dizzily turning in circles, 4 times verifying that no one else was in the room-at least at the moment; I picked up the item on the bed.

“NO,” I shook my head furiously in disbelief.

I dropped it back on the bed and rushed over to the desk that held my laptop. I threw open the lid, now adorned with a Cullen Crest laptop skin that Emmett had given me for my birthday, and frantically logged on and opened an internet window. I typed a search engine address. I quickly typed a phrase into the photo option of the search engine and waited in anticipation while tapping my fingers impatiently on the desk.

“It can’t be, it just can’t be,” I whispered to myself shaking my head repeatedly. The search engine granted my request after a few seconds and I stared at it stunned using the scroll bar to browse through the pictures.

“Son of a BITCH,” I screamed. I felt almost defeated.

I swiveled my desk chair back to the bed to look at my new present. I hunched over, bending at my stomach, which was now queasy, and picked it up. I noticed the tag. That son of a bitch! “New York Zoo”, it read. I toyed with the tag and angrily threw it at the wall at the head of my bed and crossed my arms over my chest in disgust. Well, at least we know Alice’s vision came true.

“Stupid stuffed spider monkey.”