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A B.A. in BS

Dear Edward, I have finally gotten over you No, that won’t work. Dear Edward, It’s been 3 years now. You never returned. At least you could keep ½ of your promise; I never saw you again, but the whole thing about life being as if you never existed is a large heaping load of horse sh— GAH! How do you tell your high school sweetheart, the man you stole your heart never to return it, the man who obsessed over keeping you safe, the man who left you broken in a forest because he did not love you anymore…how do you tell him that that you are finally over him and moving on, kinda-sorta. How do you tell him if he’s moved away with his family and you have no way to contact him? You write his sister’s husband, that’s how! What happens if Edward really never returned and Bella went on with her life? What happens if she was able to get over Edward, leave Forks, go to college, and make a life of her own? Would his heart break if he knew she was over him and could surive without him? Would she ever see him again? What about is family-could she really live with out her best friend, forever? What about the wolves? Jake? And oh, dear....what about Victoria?? This story takes place after Edward left. Bella was too much "into" herself (her depression was too strong) that she never did any of the extreme sports, never jumped off the cliff therefore leaving on reason for Alice to come back or for them to go to Volterra. This should be interesting. (BTW the title essentially means ABachelor of Arts inBull Sh--) FAIR WARNING: THERE IS SOME OOC ACTIVITY (Out Of Character) Also, there's some senuality coming up so be prepared :-) I have this "book" finished and the second "book" started and hopefully finished by the end of my holiday vacation. Thank you for allowing me creative license with what's in my head which will soon be on "paper".This Story is rated ADULT for language, future fight scenes, and sensuality. I just wrote a scene in one of the chapters that warranted a change in rating, sorry.Updat: this book is finished-on to the next!

You guys rock and I hope you'll fogive my months-long absence. School owned me for a while. I have a total of 23 chapters in this book and two more "books" after this. I hope you all enjoy!

20. Chapter 20

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Bella POV

“We’ll I’ve found the culprit for your pain when you put pressure on your foot. You see this, Bella,” Carlisle asked as he held up a thin, but pointy white stick with tweezers that he pulled from my foot after put a fresh, dry sock on my injured foot.

Alice had pants, a new shirt, socks, and some furry bear paw slippers waiting for me. The slippers were from Emmett and apparently each time you walk, they roared. I had her yank the batteries out while I got dressed.

“Yea,” I scowled, “what is that.”

“You’ve left that snake out there partially defenseless. That’s his fang. It’s likely it broke off while trying to get away.”

“Alice,” I turned my head her direction as we sat in Carlisle’s office, “you didn’t see this happen?”

“I did, but I also saw part of what happened the end result would be. I didn’t all of what would happen because you hadn’t made the last decision, but I knew it would happy. So, I thought what’s a little pain if the end result was your happiness.”

“Yea, except it wasn’t your pain, it was mine!”

“You’ll live.”

“Heard you had a run in with a snake,” boomed Emmett as he walked in the room and laughed at me.

“Sure did and look there,” I said pointing at the spot on the metal tray where Carlisle had placed the fang remnant, “I wounded it, too. So bring on your blasted cobras, Emmett! I’m the snake warrior!”

He doubled over as I flexed my biceps and the house was in a laugh riot. Carlisle finished up with putting a small bandage on my foot with some anti-biotic ointment and told me I’d be fine. I started to hobble my way back to the living room as my foot was still sore when I felt a cold hand take mine and walk with me.

“Thought you might need something to help you keep your balance.”

“What a perfect choice.”

When we got to the living room, everyone was there and doing their own thing. Edward handed me the remote so I could find something to watch. I turned on The Breakfast Club as Edward put a pillow in his lap and I curled up on the couch after kicking off the slippers and laid my head on it. I yawned wide and he grabbed the throw on the back of the couch and swept it over me resting his arm on top of mine. His other hand mindlessly played with my hair. I was dozing off and then wake up and move slightly to keep myself awake and watch the movie. I felt Edward bend over so his mouth was over my ear.

“Go to sleep, love,” he said right before he started to hum my lullaby.

Within the first few notes, I was out.


Jake POV

It had been about three months since I found out that leech was back in her life and that she lied to every single one of us. I knew she had not said a word to Charlie because when he would come to pick up Billy to go fishing, he was happy and beamed about his precious little Bella.

Sam and the others were upset that they had been lied to, but there was nothing that could be done. I suggested that we rescind the treaty so they could not be allowed back in Forks, at all. The elders, and Sam, agreed that the bloodsuckers had done nothing wrong and there wasn’t any provocation to deem rescinding the treaty acceptable. He said the treated was not violated, but I didn’t agree. We had been lied to, all of us.

Sam tried to say that Bella lied to me, not the Cullens, and even if they had that was not a cause to take the treaty back. They had no responsibility to tell us whose life they were involved in, even if it was Bella’s. The only thing that was covered by the treaty was that they were not to feed on any human life while in Forks and had to keep off Quileute land. They had not violated either of those. I had half a mind to assume my birthright to get what I wanted, but the Elders had to agree with me for it to happen. They sided with Sam, so I had to take things into my own hands.

I flipped open my cell phone and dialed a phone number. “Hey, it’s Jake, can we talk?”

After I phased I ran to Forks stopping at the tree line so I could put on some shorts. I approached the station carefully. I had to make sure I had stayed far enough out of view of everyone. I walked casually out of the forest and into the station without incident.

“Hey, Charlie,” I greeted.

“Hey Jake, what’s going on? What do you need to talk about? Is everything ok with Billy?”

“Yea, everything’s ok with Billy. I need to talk to you about Bella.”

“Oh. Ok. What’s on your mind, kid,” he said crossing right leg over the left leg and leaned back in his creaking chair as he sat behind his desk.

“She lied Charlie.”

“What are you talking about, Jake?”

He’s back, Charlie.”

“In Forks? Did you see him,” he asked sitting up reflexively.

“No, not here. He’s back in her life in New Hampshire.”

“When did she tell you? Did she call,” he asked, his words filled with anger.

“No, she didn’t call, but-“

“Jake, she’s halfway across the country, you just can’t assume he’s back,” he interrupted, “I know that you care for her and her feelings, but just because Alice is back in her life doesn’t me he is. She’ll say, she’ll tell me if he comes back.”

“But that’s just it, Charlie! He is back! She lied to me-to you-to all of us,” I screamed as I pounded my fist on his desk causing everything to rattle.

“Jake, that’s just speculation, how do you know?”

“The day she flew back to school, I was helping her back and found an envelope with a letter addressed to her. It was from him-it was signed ‘Edward’.”

“Jake,” he chortled, “who’s to say that it wasn’t from another guy named Edward. Maybe she was finally moving on. It could be a coincidence-they just might have the same name,” I could tell that the trust in his daughter was ruling his conscious.

“Charlie! She told me if I told you she’d have no contact with me anymore. Told me it was none of my business. Why else would she react like that? Who else would she get so defensive over? Who else would she hide from us? HE’S BACK, Charlie. The bl---Edward’s back.”

Everything seemed to finally click. He called to his deputy and told him that he had something to take care at home but would be back shortly and to call him on the radio if he was needed. I tried to go with him as he hopped in the cruiser, but he told me this was something he had to do alone and then thanked me.

He drove home and I ran back to the tree line and phased and took my own personal route back to their house. I was going to hear exactly what he said to her. That was before I was bombarded with the thoughts of the pack. They ridiculed me for my actions and Sam commanded me back to the reservation and I had to obey. I changed my heading to the res ready to defend my actions.

Bella POV

“Alice, I’ll wake her myself. You don’t have to shake her like that.”

“Edward, she has to know. You have no idea how upset he was.”

“I get that it’s important, but you don’t have to wake her in such a violent way.”

“Fine you wake her and then send her to my room,” she said, her voice trailing off.

“What on Earth was that about,” I asked stretching as I woke up from my nap.

“I knew she was going to wake you up. I’m sorry love,” he whispered kissing my forehead.

“It’s ok; it’s probably about time I wake up anyway. So what was Alice going on about?”

“She had a vision while you were sleeping.”

“Oh, so this one she tells me about? Great. What is it now? I get struck by lightning and my hair gets fried and falls off?”

He chuckled, “No, it’s actually a little more serious than that.”

“What? What is it, Edward,” I questioned sitting up and turning around to face him.

“Charlie knows.”

“Charlie knows what?”

Edward just raised his eyebrows.”

“What,” I gasped, “When? How?”

“We don’t know. Her vision just showed him driving back to the house and calling every hospital out here looking for Carlisle.”

“Looking for Carlisle? Why was he looking for Carlisle?”

“We think he assumed that if Edward and Alice were close, so were the rest of us.”

“So what happened?”

He took my hand in his and intertwined our fingers, “He found the hospital Carlisle works at and told them it was an emergency. Carlisle wasn’t working, but he was on call so they paged him. When Carlisle called back, the nurse gave him the number that Charlie left and he recognized it immediately.”

“You said Alice had a vision, so this hasn’t happened yet, right?”

“It’s happening right now, Bella. Your dad would have just called the hospital. He already knows. There was no way to stop it otherwise we would have woken you earlier.”

I lowered my head then jerked it back up asking, “Wait, how did he find out?”

“We don’t know. It was a little fuzzy. He was talking to someone, but she couldn’t see who, as he was getting into his cruiser at the station.”

“It was, Jake! I’m going to kill him!”

“Jake? Jacob Black?”

“Yes, he found the note you left me the magazines I read on the flight to Forks the day before I flew back here. He freaked out and I told him to keep his mouth shut. He didn’t listen,” I knew he already knew this because I had told Alice, but I was glad he was letting me vent.

“It’s ok love. We’ll figure something out,” he cooed as he stroked my hand. “Alice is yelling at me to tell you she wants to see you. She’s in her room.”

“Gah! Alice, stop yelling at your brother. I’ll get up there when I want to. I’m still mad at you for—,”suddenly Edward was kissing me softly and I closed my eyes to experience it properly, but his lips were pulled from mine and when I opened my eyes, I was sting in Alice’s room.

“Damn it, Alice!”

“Bella, there will be time for intimate moments later. Right now, we have to figure out what you are going to do so I can see what will work out best.”


It took us about forty minutes to find a good solution. Well, a solution as there was really no good one. Every choice I made, every decision we made ended in a fight, yelling, screaming, disappointment, and tears. I couldn’t let that happen. I couldn’t have my families torn about again. And there was only one choice that left room for healing again.


“Edward, you understand why you have to do it.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then why the hesitation?”

“Because it’s your father.”

“Ok, and?”

“He’s your father, Bella. Next to your opinion, next to your approval, next to your forgiveness, his is the one I want the most. I need his approval. It’s the only way I would feel one hundred percent comfortable being back in your life.”

“You’ve seen what Alice has seen. He’s obviously not going to just give it to you. You have to earn it from him like you earned it from me. Eventually, you’ll get it, but you are my choice, not his and at some point he’s going to have to realize that.”

“I will not break your family up, Bella.”

“You won’t. He loves me and he will eventually get over this. Alice has seen it, you’ve seen it. We’ll all be one big happily-ever-after, fairytale family with a big ‘The End’ at the end of our story.”

“Happily ever after,” he chuckled.

“Edward, you-your family are my fairytale and I’m living it and I’m hoping for that great forever after at the end. I hope you are too.”

“I am, I do, more than anything.”

“Then call him, please.”

He pulled out his Blackberry and dialed my father’s number.