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A B.A. in BS

Dear Edward, I have finally gotten over you No, that won’t work. Dear Edward, It’s been 3 years now. You never returned. At least you could keep ½ of your promise; I never saw you again, but the whole thing about life being as if you never existed is a large heaping load of horse sh— GAH! How do you tell your high school sweetheart, the man you stole your heart never to return it, the man who obsessed over keeping you safe, the man who left you broken in a forest because he did not love you anymore…how do you tell him that that you are finally over him and moving on, kinda-sorta. How do you tell him if he’s moved away with his family and you have no way to contact him? You write his sister’s husband, that’s how! What happens if Edward really never returned and Bella went on with her life? What happens if she was able to get over Edward, leave Forks, go to college, and make a life of her own? Would his heart break if he knew she was over him and could surive without him? Would she ever see him again? What about is family-could she really live with out her best friend, forever? What about the wolves? Jake? And oh, dear....what about Victoria?? This story takes place after Edward left. Bella was too much "into" herself (her depression was too strong) that she never did any of the extreme sports, never jumped off the cliff therefore leaving on reason for Alice to come back or for them to go to Volterra. This should be interesting. (BTW the title essentially means ABachelor of Arts inBull Sh--) FAIR WARNING: THERE IS SOME OOC ACTIVITY (Out Of Character) Also, there's some senuality coming up so be prepared :-) I have this "book" finished and the second "book" started and hopefully finished by the end of my holiday vacation. Thank you for allowing me creative license with what's in my head which will soon be on "paper".This Story is rated ADULT for language, future fight scenes, and sensuality. I just wrote a scene in one of the chapters that warranted a change in rating, sorry.Updat: this book is finished-on to the next!

You guys rock and I hope you'll fogive my months-long absence. School owned me for a while. I have a total of 23 chapters in this book and two more "books" after this. I hope you all enjoy!

5. Chapter 5

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I could not believe Bella was in my arms again. I would have cried rivers had I the ability. I loved her as if she was my own daughter and mourned her when we had to leave. We sat in my office side-by-side in the chairs facing my desk. She had her hands in her lap and I had my hands on hers. I just couldn’t bear to let her go.

She relayed intricate details about her life, but it was easy to see she was holding some things back. She was fidgeting with her fingers under mine. She told me about the wolves and how they make Forks safe for her again and for this I was very grateful to them for this. She was also aware of the treaty between my family and the wolves. I was surprised by this, but it seemed she had a close relationship with the pack and a few of it’s members in particular.

She inquired if I had a new flower garden and if I had been restoring or building anything new. I told her about my garden in the backyard and that I was designing a cancer research lab. She was genuinely interested and curious about how I had been spending my time. I was disappointed that she did not ask about the children. I understood why she didn’t, but there was a hope deep down that she would ask about Alice or possibly Emmett. I knew Edward would not be addressed in our conversation. Having to leave her took it’s toll on all of us and it was at his assertion that this would be the only way to keep her safe that pulled us from her life. Alice was told to never look for her future and the rest of us were told to stay away.

Then he was gone. We heard from him from time-to-time as he would not allow his mother to go without knowing he was ok. As much pain as he was in, as much as it hurt him to have reminders of his love, he still gave us this small part of him. It was the only thing I asked from him when he left us. He refused to let us know where he was, just that he was ok. I had always thought he would return to us, to her, but that has yet to happen. It was only a matter of time before my son returned home. For if Bella could return to us, so could he.

She mentioned her graduation from Forks high and FCC and her phenomenal grades. I could not be prouder of her than in this moment..

“Bella that is fantastic! I always knew you were a smart, beautiful woman. I am thrilled to have you in my classroom. I have no doubt that you will excel in my class. I try not to be too hard on my students, but I want them to understand just how important an education is.”

“I’m glad you have faith in me, Esme. It feels nice to see a familiar face here.” I chuckled lightly. “Brittany on the other hand, I’m not sure if she and good belong together.”

“Oh Bella, she’s just a tad wound up. She’s got a very good heart. Just give her some time. How long have you been on campus?”

“Just got here yesterday.”

“Ah, that would explain it.”

I was puzzled. “Explain what.”

“Why no one else has mentioned seeing you.” She froze. The blood ran from her cheeks and her heart started to pound. I frightened her. “Bella?”

“They are here….the…others? Oh, that sounds stupid. Of course they are here. Where else would they be?” She started to shake slightly.

“Bella dear, it’s ok. Most of us are here. But seeing as us meeting was unexpected, if you would like me to keep this between us I can.”

“But what about Carlisle? I know you can’t keep anything from him. I don’t think I could have you lie on my behalf.”

“I think I could manage this for you, sweetie. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. You deserve some privacy after all we have put you through.”

“Thank you Esme. It took me so long to manage on my own and to be strong enough to get over things and deal with everything. I don’t know if I could get through that again; if I would be strong enough to survive it.”

“Bella, I would do anything for you and you are much stronger than you believe you are, dear.” Her smile started to fade and she was staring at me blankly.

“But wha—wouldn’t—he can—your thoughts! He’ll know.” Her face was solid and stern, but her body was almost hyperventilating. I wouldn’t dare break her heart again by bringing him up. And I certainly could not risk losing her again. My son was gone; my daughter was temporarily forced from my life. I refused to let it happen again.

“I am older than I look, sweetheart and have much practice at blocking out certain inappropriate thoughts from him. I will watch my thoughts when he is around, but you do not have to worry. When I said that only some of us were here, I meant it. Ed—he is taking an extended vacation for the time being. He seems to be enjoying his freedom.” Immediately her tensed body relaxed and her stomach growled.

“It seems that three hours of talking has lead to a human moment for you.” I chuckled. “I could take you to lunch. It’s only 11:45 and I don’t have another class to teach until 1 p.m. Do you have time?

“Actually, I should head back to the dorm to get books for my next class and I can just pick up something at the union.” She stood up with me and wrapped her arms around my waist. I mirrored the same action with my arms around her neck.

“Oh Bella.” I squeezed her tightly into me. “Would you mind doing me a favor? Could we made this a weekly thing? A mother daughter time of sorts?”.

“I would love that Esme. I missed you very much. You always treated me like I was one of your kids, like a member of the family.” She pulled back from me.

She bent down to pick up her backpack and leave. She smiled back at me as she opened the door and started to walk out.

“And Bella,” she turned around, “I treat you like you are one of my own, because you are. I, we, treat you like a member of this family because you are.” We waved good-bye and she continued out the door.

After she left, I prepared for my classes at 1 and 2 this afternoon then worked on lab sketches until I had to leave to teach and after that it was time to drive home. I took in every flower, tree, and structure on the way home. I pulled my Mercedes into the garage and saw that Carlisle’s car was the only one there. I wondered where my children ventured to as I grabbed my purse and briefcase and walked in the door where I met my ever-loving Greek God of a husband.

He smiled as I walked through the door. “Welcome home darling. Good first day?” He pulled me into an embrace.

“A wondrously, amazing day.” I cooed and kissed him long and lovingly. It had been only nine hours since I had seen him, but anytime away from him was more than enough time apart.

He pulled back and placed his hands on my cheeks. I missed you too, but I do believe you have something you need to explain Professor Cullen.” He was looking at me with a serious grin.

“What do you mean dear?” I asked him innocently. He laughed at my innocence.

“What I mean is that you need to explain why you smell like a very familiar human with a very particular scent of freesias.”