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Jacob Rape Messed Up Bella

Jacob and the gang have moved to Forks High. He seems to take a.....special intrest in Bella. Before long, she's drawn into the world of rape, and can't get out. Will the Cullens find out? How long will this go on? How will she be affected afterwards? Will we ever find the old Bella? Slightly AU-Bellalives at the Cullen HouseJacob Rape Messed Up Bella Banner


1. Chapter 1

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Jacob grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the cafeteria. The Cullen’s were already in there; Edward hadn’t had his last class with me. The Quileute’s school had burned down, so they now came here. Edward wasn’t happy when he heard, in fact, he considered taking me out of school so I wouldn’t be hurt. Silly, over-protective, Edward.

We were at a small shed at the back of Forks High. It was away from everyone.

“Why are we here, Jake?” I asked.

He looked over and grinned at me. “You’ll see.”

When we got into the shed, I blinked my eyes a few times so I could see. It was small and dark, and warm. I realized that the warmth was from the bodies pressing around me. Jacob, Paul, and Collin were here, as well as Mike and Tyler.

“Take long enough, Jacob?” Collin called. “We’ve been waiting for ages.”

“Dibs,” Jacob replied.

I was about to ask him what he thought he was doing, when he pushed me quickly against the wall, planting his lips on mine. I struggled to push him off.

“Jake, Jake!” I yelled at him. “Edward! Remember?!”

“Oh, but your bloodsuckers can’t save you now,” he murmured. In a flash, my top was off me, as well as my bra, lying on the floor. I forced my hands against his chest, hitting and slapping him.

“Stop!” I yelled, in between his kisses. He laughed again.

“Not now, Bella.” I felt something hot come across my chest, and screamed out in pain. Jacob had slapped me. This time I felt a fist ram into my gut as I continued to struggle. The others came now, fist and hands hitting me everywhere, mouths on me, biting, and suckling. Then Jacob ripped off his pants, and I knew what was coming.

“NO, Jake, no! PLEASE” I screamed as I felt my virginity being ripped away from me as he came into me. Edward. This was supposed to be the only gift I could give to Edward. My special gift. And now

Jacob had taken it, brutally, by force. Mouths were on my breast now, sucking, and Jacob was moving in and out of me as his mouth was in mine. I felt him stop suddenly, and whimpered.

“SHUT UP YOU BITCH!” Paul yelled as he slapped me across the face. It hurt, a lot.
“None on the face Paul,” Jacob gently chastened. “We don’t want Cullen finding out, do we?”

“You’ll never get away with-“I was cut off as Jacob pushed his penis into my mouth. He moaned in ecastly, as he commanded me to suck it. I had no other choice. Then I felt the vile liquid come, and gagged. But I was forced to swallow it. Someone else was in me now, and more hitting occurred every time I struggled.

When it was finally, over, I screamed out at them, even though I could hardly move. “Edward will kill you,” I screamed.

“But if you tell him, he might leave you....again” Jacob told me. “Or he and his brothers might just join in on the game.”

No. They wouldn’t. But then again I never thought this would happen to me. I never thought Jacob would do this to me either. Men would do anything.

“Should we tell him ourselves?” Jacob asked the other men in the tent. He was met with a chorus of whoops and cheers.

“No,” I gasped out. “Please don’t”

Jacob deliberated this fact in his head, before leaning down to me. “I’m a nice guy, Bella. We won’t tell him, just for you.”

“Thank you,” I gasped, before they left. I got up, and surveyed myself. There were numerous cuts on me, most bleeding heavily. I dug around on the floor, and found a needle, and a spool of black thread. Stitching them up myself, ignoring the pain every time the needle pierced my skin, I went to look around for something so I could wash myself. They didn’t need to smell the blood on me. There was a small tap. I turned it on, and it was cold. Good. No heat. None at all. It would only remind me of...I whimpered. I didn’t want to think of that.

At the end of the day, I made my way to Alice’s Porsche. I was riding with her, Jasper, and Edward. Men....I shuddered. As soon as I climbed into the car, Alice started babbling at me. Her and Jasper were already in there.

“So I was thinking we should go shopping on Saturday, and get you some more shoes. You really need some new ones, and your red ones......HOLY SHIT! Bella, what in HELL’S name happened to your FACE?!”

She climbed over the seat, looking at me. Fear for me was dominant in her face.

“What?” I asked. She showed me a mirror. A black bruise was beginning to blossom across it. “Oh, I fell....I guess.” I said. She didn’t look convinced, and I was terrified if I said the wrong thing, Jasper would start to rape and hit me right then.

“Jasper, can you go and tell Edward to go with Emmett and Rose. We’re going home,” Alice told him.

As soon as he was out of the car, I visibly relaxed, although I couldn’t let my guard down. I didn’t know who I could trust.

“Bella, tell me what happened,” Alice said, staring into my eyes.

“I told you, I fell!” I was getting defensive now. Jasper slipped back into the car, and I was immediately terrified again. He looked at me strangely, and then drove off.

The drive to our house only took a few minutes. I ran out of the car as soon as I can, walking up to the house. When I got in, I was abruptly terrified again.

Carlisle was there, and he was staring at me. No. No. Carlisle couldn’t do this, could he?

“Bella, what happened?” he asked. Then I realized it was about my face.

“I FELL people, okay. Clumsy BELLA FELL!” I shouted, and then ran up to my room, mine and Edwards. I put on my iPod, scrolling quickly to Tender, by Tammin. Sobs wracked my body as I listened to it on repeat.

I hadn’t realized I had fallen asleep until the nightmares started. Jacob was coming, and Edward with him this time.

“Dibs,” Edward called.

I woke abruptly to see Edward in bed with me. Screaming, I ran across the room, shaking, tears blurring my vision. Carlisle and Jasper were up here in a flash.

Edward started to walk towards me. “Bella, it’s just me, Edward.” He was walking slowly, but all I could see were more Men that could hurt me. They would rape me, and hit me again. I screamed, huddling tighter in my ball. I couldn’t see anything, and it startled me when a pair of cold arms wrapped around me.

“Bella, calm down,” Carlisle said. I screamed again. “Bella. We won’t hurt you.” Yeah, and Jacob had told me the same thing. And look what he did. All Men would do that to me.

I was struggling again, hitting and kicking Carlisle where he held me. “Bella, you’re only going to hurt yourself if you do that. Calm down.” He was starting to get a bit panicked now. “Calm down. We’re here.” And that was the problem. They were here, and they were going to hit me, and rape me. Suddenly I felt a sharp point in my shoulder, and a heavy fog of lethargy settled over me, sending me into sleep.