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Aurora: Life After Breaking Dawn

It's been about 5 years since the Volturi swept through Forks, but now a new enemey clan poses a threat. Renesmee holds the body of a 15 yr old and is now living in Buffalo, NY with the rest of the Cullens. She is grieving for her friend who is stuck in La Push, and once most of her family, abandons her too, she feels lost. How will she get through this until she reunites with her family and is there someone else least expected there for her?


1. Chapter 1

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I was running through an open meadow, the sunlight dancing across the open field, as a wall of trees struggled to block its passage. I watched my skin sparkle, the little glints of glitter tickling my skin. My flowy white dress was billowing behind me as I ran against the wind, my long bronze hair swarming around my face. My bare feet hit the grass, hardly making a sound. At last, I slowed down my pace to reach the edge of the forest in front of me. I watched the shadow approach me from the dark passageways of the forest, creeping into the sunlight. I was as calm as could be, with impatience and excitement running through my veins. I looked up to find my vision hazy, unable to recognize the creature in front of me. The haze surrounding it was like that of an angel, a glorified halo sent from heaven. It was then that I was able to pick out the outline of a wolf glaring at me through the haze. I should have run, but my mind told me this was nothing to fear….


The screeching yell of my teacher broke me out of my daydream. I looked back at him in a daze.


“This is the fourth time today I have yelled at you to pay attention and to stop slacking off! Now, can you please tell me how Brutus died at the end of Shakespeare’s Julies Caesar?” yelled Mr. Flint.

Oh great! I still had not read our reading assignment from two weeks ago.

“Uhhh, Caesar killed him?” I answered back with the first thing that came into my head.

Mr. Flint didn’t even bother telling me if I was right or wrong. It didn’t matter, I knew I was far off and he knew I was aware of it.

“See me after class”, was all he said sternly with a look of disapproval.

I sighed and went back to thinking about my dream. It was the same dream that kept coming to me a few nights as I slept for a month. It always stopped at the same part too. I was just able to make out a wolf standing in front of me and then….. That’s as far as I got every time I had that dream. I tried several times to figure out its meaning, but all I got was a blank. I had even asked my dad to help me interpret it. He was a mind reader, so he was able to see my dream as I slept. When I woke up in the morning, he said it was just something silly and I should forget about it instead of dwelling on it, but I knew he was hiding something. I could tell from the look on my mom’s face as he told me to leave it alone.

The bell rang then. I jumped up out of my seat ready to bolt to the door to avoid another conversation with Mr. Flint, but I was too late.

“Uh, where do you think you’re going Ms. Cullen?”

I turned around and headed back to Mr. Flint’s desk. He went on and on about how I should be trying more in his class, but it only went out the other side of my ear. As soon as he was done, I sprinted out of the class, racing to get to lunch.

My mind was still so occupied with my dream as I ran off to lunch, that I hardly noticed when I bumped into a scrawny boy and my books were flown out of my arms.

“Darn it!” I yelled as I reached down to pick them up.

“Oh I’m sorry. I wasn’t looking when I turned the corner. Here let me help you”, said the boy as he reached down to help me.

I met the blue eyes of a boy with messy brown hair, the color of chestnuts. “It’s alright. I was in a hurry. Thanks Aiden.”

“No problem. So you looked completely zoned out in English today. You okay?” he replied back to me.

Aiden Montgomery was one of my closest friends in school, and I didn’t have many. Actually, I didn’t have any. Everyone acted as though I was weird and avoided me at all cost; all except Aiden. He wasn’t exactly in the “in” crowd either. He was what they all liked to call a “weirdo”, but not to me, I liked him. He was always nice to me and had my back.

“Yeah, I’m good. Just had a lot on my mind you know?”

He let out a short laugh. “Yeah I get you. So, care to escort me to lunch?”

This time I laughed. “Hmm, isn’t the male supposed to escort the lady?”

He let out a snort, “Wow, way to brush my gesture off!” he added kiddingly.

“I’m not one for traditions, but I’d love to walk with you to lunch.”

“Well then let’s go!” he said with the enthusiasm rising in his voice.

We linked arms and trotted down the hall as best friends would. I just laughed at the many nasty and disapproving faces we received, but they didn’t bother me and I know they didn’t bother Aiden in the slightest.

As we reached the edge of the café, I caught the eyes of someone sitting in the corner, all alone. I knew that was my cue to leave Aiden in his happy human life.

“See ya later Aiden. My lunch buddy is waiting for me!” I said as I waved goodbye.

“Yeah, see you in Biology, Remy!” he shouted back at me. The familiar nickname made me smile. Ever since my first day of school when our Bio teacher accidentally called me Remy instead of Renesmee, he had nicknamed me that. It was yet another thing that symbolized our simple friendship.

I made my way over to far table in the corner to see a familiar face, with short, pixie-like hair smiling at me, dangling an apple from her sleek hands.

“Hey Alice.”