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Edward leaves Bella but stays in Forks. Bella turns to his best friend, Jacob, for the happiness that she always finds in him. After a time, though, Bella is confused with her feelings for Edward and Jacob. When Jacob and Bella are finally together surpassing all the pain and trials they had, they face another problem. A new pack comes along and claims that there has been a personal violation between one of the new pack's members and Jacob himself. Jacob and Bella are yet again faced with another challenge that, this time, cannot be solved that easily. It's life-threatening.


1. Prepare

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I still loved Edward. I never changed my mind. I kept my promise.

I woke up at three-forty AM from a very long and dreary sleep. I slept right after I came back from school. My truck needed that sleep too. I remembered that I had to play badminton with my best friend, Jacob Black. We always did it during Saturdays. But this time, I had to do it on a Friday.

I slept again. It was still too early. I didn't need to stay awake at this time of the day. I had to save my energy.

It was six o'clock. Damn. I was already running late. I woke up late . . . again. So I got up and got my attire from the shabby closet. I really wasn't needing the attire, it just so happens that Renee heard about my own festivities. I despised wearing it in its literal sense. I just wanted to make Renee happy by using it as often as I can. It may give Charlie some peace of mind too.

I packed my bag and went down right after. It was already six-fifteen. It was a miracle that Charlie was still here. I grabbed the bag of bread that I bought from the other day and grabbed some cheese spread—that oughta make my breakfast.

"Jacob?" Dad asked.

"Yes." I bit my piece of bread. Chewing hurriedly.

"Running a bit late, aren't we?"

"Yes. I know. I have to go, Dad. See you later."

"Bye Bells." I brushed my teeth, grabbed my equipment, my breakfast and left.

It was that unusually cloudy today in Forks. It had been all-rain for these past few weeks, and I was startled at today's weather. There was no visible sign of rainfall in the clouds, so that was good.

I didn't ride my truck today. The sports center was just near, a two-kilometer walk from here. I decided to walk. Maybe I could get myself some fresh air, not that I haven't been getting any lately.

I was finally a hundred meters from the sports center. I passed by Mike's parents' sports shop quickly. I tried to stay away from Mike after that incident at school. I disliked him for it. I didn't even hesitate to remember it.

"Hi Bella!" Oh damn. I imagined Mike having a dog tail; the way I thought of him during my first few days at Forks High.

"Hey Mike." I said sarcastically, but he didn't notice.

"How you doing?"

"Uhm, good. Uh, hey Mike, this is really gonna sound bum but—"

"What is it, Bella?"

"Hmm," should I tell him that he's irritating me to death? "I just have to go because I'm meeting Jacob somewhere. And I'm running really late."

"Jacob…." He tried recalling "Black? Oh.. See you Bella."

"Bye Mike." I was already a few meters away from him when I said it. "Sorry Mike." I said lowly.

I walked quickly to the center. Trying to compose myself because of Jacob waiting for me upstairs. He might be mad, I told myself.

No, you idiot. He's not mad, my other Bella said.

And what do you think he is feeling?

In love? Oh come on Bella. Don't be so stupid, the other said.

Shut up, just shut your mouth. You're getting on my nerves.

Well, that's my job, you see, she said.

I tried to tune out the voice in my head that has been driving me crazy. I asked a security guard that was in charge of the payments for the courts. I was told that later would be a good time to pay. I simply nodded and headed upstairs.

When I was up, I saw, through the window, three people on that one court that had been standing on the second floor. Going inside, I saw Jacob. Jacob was heading to the court himself.

Oh, there's Jacob, Bella, the voice in my head screamed.

Shut up.

Fine, she muttered.

He stared at me as he was going to the court. And I pathetically realized that he was the missing player of the game. So I just tossed my things near his and stupidly stood there, watching.

He was blindingly strong for a werewolf. Like he was a… vampire. A strong, fast vampire. Edward, I muttered to myself. What? Why was I talking about Edward again? I refused to think about him, even his kind I refused to talk about.

"Be safe, Bella." He kissed my forehead and took in a lot of air that was mixed with my scent.

I can't. I will not. I will never.

Before I knew it, Jacob and his friends were done playing. He stooped near me and waved his hands to see if I was mentally present.

"What?" I said without a hint of irritation for the first time.

"Late, aren't we?"

"Why does everyone keep on saying that?" I realized. Irritated now.

"Woah, easy Bells. Come on, let's just play."

He pulled me by the hand towards the court. I took my racquet, which was surprisingly out of the bag. Badminton was fun. Time flew and I eventually liked sports. I remembered myself as a junior who was the "shiny new toy" and the one who detested sports.

I always felt safe when I was with him. I felt calm when I was with him. Just as calm as I did with Edward.

Stop talking about Edward, that little voice commanded again.

That's what I've been trying to do! Help me with this one, will you?

Me? You want me to help you? That's surprising.


The voice never responded again. It was just me now.

The game passed breezily. With me having no trouble. No clumsiness for today. I sighed with relief and chuckled at my thoughts.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing," I chuckled again "it's just that I didn't feel the need to be so clumsy today."

"Oh, jeez Bella. That's unusual. Hmm. Never mind. Let's go."

"Where exactly are we going to go?" What? Where? When? WHY?

"Seth, remember? I told you yesterday at school."

"Oh yeah, I remember. Come on, let's go now."

I changed my shirt and as always, Jacob was done first. He was too fast a werewolf.

"Have you paid already, Bella?" He was behind me.

"Uhm, no. The guard told me to pay later. So I guess later is now. Have you?"

"Yeah, I did. For two."

"You paid for me?" He just nodded. "Thanks Jake." I smiled a very big smile but I was sure that he didn't see it, but if he did it would just be a smirk to him.

"Yeah, anytime."

It was still cloudy with no sign of rainfall, but it was cold. Undeniably cold. I shivered and like a werewolf friend would, he put his hand on my arm. And I instantly felt warm.

"I run a toasty one-oh-eight, Bella."

"Thanks Jake."

"Can we pass by my house first? These shoes are killing me."

"Yeah sure."

"And we're gonna use the bike."

"No way, Jake. Do you think Charlie will let me out if he finds out? And news flash Jake, Chief Swan knows everyone and everyone knows him. Better yet, the townspeople will see me riding with a younger insane boy. And best, he'll take out that license of yours."

"We don't need a license to ride a motorbike here at the reservation, Bella."

"I know. But consider my other reasons, Jake."

We continued walking side by side up to his house on the reservation. When I saw his house, the first thing I saw was Billy. He was out on the road.

"Crap. Oh great. Billy's here to add to my why-I-shouldn't-be-riding-with Jacob-on-a-motorcycle list."

"Yeah. He's washing a few things. Like. . . the dogs."

"You got dogs? Wow. So you have a companion now. A brotherly companion, sort off." And a distant relative too, I wanted to add. He let out a booming laugh that I think even Billy can hear one-hundred meters away.

"Yeah, guess you could put it that way Bells."

Reaching his house, I saw Billy. And said hi to him. I should be polite, after all I was simply visiting him since the last time I went up to him screaming after Jacob told me that Billy told him that I should break up with a… vampire.

I went inside, and it was always white. White and clean. I sat down on the couch while he was grabbing a glass of water and doing what he was supposed to do, like getting into some slippers.

"Bella, you want some?"

"No, thanks."

He went off upstairs to get his slippers and held a bundle of keys. He went down immediately. He left his things, while I still lugged around mine.

"Come on."

I followed like a sick puppy. Probably because of the racquet hitting my face before. He was out of the door before I even was. When I got out, he went to his garage. Probably out to get something.

"Woah, Bella. Be careful of the steps. They're wet." Billy told me. Wait, Billy was talking to me?

"Uhm, okay. Thanks." And I still walked like an imbecile. Not even fully aware that the steps were really wet.

"Be careful, Bella."

I was on the road now. Waiting for Jacob, who was still at the garage. He was riding his motorbike. Jacob, I don't want to ride that, I screamed at him in silence. I gave myself a moment to think that maybe he could simply be placing the bike in order, but not necessarily using it. But I was wrong, he took it out and placed it out on the road. He made it roar to life.

"What? I thought you were only kidding?" I told him.

"Hop on."