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Edward leaves Bella but stays in Forks. Bella turns to his best friend, Jacob, for the happiness that she always finds in him. After a time, though, Bella is confused with her feelings for Edward and Jacob. When Jacob and Bella are finally together surpassing all the pain and trials they had, they face another problem. A new pack comes along and claims that there has been a personal violation between one of the new pack's members and Jacob himself. Jacob and Bella are yet again faced with another challenge that, this time, cannot be solved that easily. It's life-threatening.


2. Motorcycle Ride

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"What? You must be terrifyingly crazy!"

"I have always been, Bella. So hop on."

"I thought you were kidding!"

"No, I wasn't." He gestured me to sit behind him.

"But I'm wearing a skirt!"

"You can cover it." He smirked. "Seriously, Bella. Hasn't that vampire ex-boyfriend of yours ever rode a motorcycle?"

"He rides cars."

"Whatever. Just, take a seat Bella."

I had no other choice. I had to get away from Billy who was staring at me right now. I hopped onto his back with great care. I didn't sit like bikers would, I sat just like how a lady should.

"Hold on, Bells. You've never experienced this one."

"Ohh yeah. I never did. And I never planned to." And my teeth are jittery, Jacob!

I was scared the hell out of him. I held onto him for safety. And at that contact with him, I felt hope. Hope that I would get out of this situation with Edward. I was scared too, that I would not keep my promise.

"Jacob! I am scared out of hell!"

"Don't worry, Bella. I'm only gonna drive at fifty kilometers."

"What? That's even more than the speed of my truck!" Crap.

He just shook his head and went straight on screaming in his ears that I was afraid. I always held his shirt, though he was werewolf-y hot, I didn't mind. It was my life on cahoots here. I really felt something different. I couldn't point out what it was.



She was scared? Of a motorcycle? Of all the things to be afraid, she was afraid of my cycling speed. Shouldn't she be more afraid of having a bloodsucker as a boyfriend? I made a big sigh of relief. Hasn't that bloodsucker ever driven a bike with Bella behind him? Sigh. Bloodsuckers.

I asked myself, shouldn't it be that having a vampire as a boyfriend be more creepy than riding a motorcycle? At 50 kilometers per hour? Nope. Not for Bella. It was so her.

For all I knew, bloodsuckers were our enemies. They drank blood. And that bloodsucker named Edward Cullen broke poor Bella's heart. I love Bella, and yet he broke her heart. I bet that I can be better for her than he is. I will never leave Bella.

We continued driving on the reservation, eager to meet Seth there. Seth was a great guy, I guess. Pushy little punk, but kind.

"Bells, do you want to eat? I eat at this place and it simply tastes great. We can bring Leah too if you want." Crap. Leah. Leah was the only one who I wouldn't want to share lives with. Ever.

"Uh, sure. Leah and Seth." I can feel it that she was thinking of her bloodsucker again. Uh, always the bloodsucker. Why couldn't she think of me, her best friend. At least I know for sure that I wouldn't leave her.

Bella kept on shivering while I was behind the wheels. It was driving me insane to the literal sense of the word.

"Bella, stop shivering. It's okay."

"Oh. Sorry Jake." Jeez, I was hotter than a kettle just set.

Sigh. Jake, I muttered to myself. That name made me look like I wasn't a six-five guy. It made me look like a decent person who was in love with a human named Bella.

It was hell's best gift to me when we reached the Clearwaters'. Seth was slightly puzzled at why we were here. It was too unnatural that we had to be here, both of us. It was a nice thing that Mrs. Clearwater wasn't around yet. I could steal the little mutt for a moment.

"Seth. Do you mind changing into wolf-form?"

"Yeah sure."

And with that, both of us changed into werewolves. Bella was already used to my transformation. It never bothered her, well, at least I think it doesn't. But somehow, she gets mad because it only meant that we were talking about something secret concerning her.

OKAY. What do you need me for today, boss?

Stop calling me boss. I spat at him.

Oh right. Sorry Jake.

Good. So I brought Bella with me today. I wanted to take her out to that shop just near your house. I always eat there and it's practically amazing.

Oh. We sponsor that. We bring them dad's homemade fish fry, Seth sounded like he was crazy for this food.

No, I ain't crazy Jake.

Didn't say anything.

Yeah, you did.

HEY guys! Leah here! Leah was too nice. To the extent of irritation.

AWW SIS! Why do you always have to ruin everything?

She always does, Seth. She always does.

Why do the two of you always make me look like the villain?

Because, dear oh powerful sister, you butt in at everything that Jake and I do.

Shut up, Seth. I'm gonna tell Mom about this, you know.


LEAH, RESPECT. PLEASE. AS ALPHA? Sigh. I wasn't going to get used to that last word.

Whatever. Guys are so immature.

"Uh, guys. Can you please be human again? This is making me agitate." I howled at her, so she would exactly know what my answer was. Okay, I howled at her.

"Thanks Jake." She smiled that prettiest smile that always made me melt. But somehow, I can't see what smile I was looking for because it was always lost since she lost that bloodsucker of hers.

Ohhh JACOB. I'm gonna SO tell Bella. Leah started jumping up and down like a puppy. I wonder how long it will take for some human to notice the forest grumbling.

SHUT UP, Leah. I'm the Alpha here. So learn to respect.

Jacob? Do you always have to call them 'bloodsuckers'? Seth asked, I mean, they are friends. Of mine.

Yeah, I have to Seth. Those reeking vampires hurt Bella. Even though I knew it was just one reeking vampire.

Oh whatever. Have your guy talk there. I'll go human now. And with that, Leah transformed.

Thank goodness she's gone. Your sister is driving me crazy.

Well, Jake, why do you think I hate her so much?

I dunno. So now, we have to go to the house. Human form. NOW. I waited for Seth to transform back. And after he did, I followed.

I was obsessively embarrassed every time I transform back in front of Bella. I end up naked.



I turned so as not to look at Jacob. He always ended up naked whenever he transformed back. But what I do hope is that Jacob and Seth were not talking about me. I always knew in the back of my mind that it was impossible.

"Okay, Bella. Done now." So now I turned to face him. He ripped up his clothes earlier because his former shirt lay in the ground in tiny bits and pieces. I supposedly am sure that he didn't notice it.

"Thank goodness. I thought it took long because you were planning to assassinate me."

"I would never." I heard him mutter under his breath.


"Nothing, Bella. Seth and Leah would be right out."

We waited for a few minutes. We were both staring into the dark forest when I saw Seth coming out first. Looking haggard but better than before. He always had a bad sense of fashion for a werewolf. While Jacob looked . . normal. Nothing of him gave away his being a werewolf.

"What?" he told me. I instantly knew that I was staring directly into his eyes.

"Nothing. Look, here comes Seth. You didn't notice, did you?" His eyebrows formed a small crease on his forehead and I thought that yes, he was hiding something. . or maybe just concentrating real hard.

"Notice what? He went back to get something."

"Yeah, I guess you could put it that way." Then he shoved me playfully by the arm.

"Ouch." It really did hurt. When I moaned in pain, all I could do was stare into his eyes.

"Sorry, Bells." His eyes met mine in that second.

"Okay, Jake. Let's go. Motorcycle, right?" Seth came out again, with his shirt on his left hand. He was half-naked.


I rode behind Jacob, again. This time holding tighter. I wasn't sure on why I was holding on tighter. But I made sure that it was only because I was afraid to fall even though Seth was behind me, playing as a body guard.

"Wait. Shouldn't we have to wait for Leah?"

"No. She didn't like to, Bella. I had to follow her. Sister chicks, you know?" Seth said, a bit uncomfortable in his position on the motorcycle.

"I know exactly what you meant, Seth."

I suddenly noticed that the motorcycle was so big that it was enough to fit two humongous werewolves and one fragile human.

We turned north and headed in quite a speed. Crap! Jacob was going sixty! Finally, we reached our destination, I think. I wasn't even sure. We stopped in front of a little cozy-looking house. It was blue in color and there were different signs that I couldn't comprehend at first. There were signs like 'Pizza for Sale. We accept orders' and 'Cakes made to order.' Unmistakably, it was a food shop.

"Bella, you could get off now." It was then when I realized that I had been staring and staying at his bike for a long period of time already. It was rather disturbing.

"Sorry, Jake."

"S'okay Bells. C'mon." He took me by the hand. And again, I had this feeling that I could not describe.