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Edward leaves Bella but stays in Forks. Bella turns to his best friend, Jacob, for the happiness that she always finds in him. After a time, though, Bella is confused with her feelings for Edward and Jacob. When Jacob and Bella are finally together surpassing all the pain and trials they had, they face another problem. A new pack comes along and claims that there has been a personal violation between one of the new pack's members and Jacob himself. Jacob and Bella are yet again faced with another challenge that, this time, cannot be solved that easily. It's life-threatening.


3. Start It

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I woke up to which I only thought was Saturday. I was wrong, today was a Sunday; maybe one of the days that I hated. I hated it because when I had unfinished homework, I would finish it today. And I also hated it because I couldn't go down to La Push today to hang out with Jacob. Only Charlie went there today, he was ticked off by work because he couldn't find the time to visit Billy.

I let out a sigh. Friends, I thought. I wish I had one. I already do, but I didn't have anymore now that he is gone. The cold, stone hard, and beautiful man that I still loved. Edward, I thought again. Saying it inside myself, thinking that he can hear it.

Edward, I called out in my head. Edward, why did you leave me? Why? I felt really stupid. Talking to Edward as if he could ever hear my thoughts.

I slumped on the floor, crying. I know he couldn't hear me, so why should I bother? I tried to pick myself up from the floor but I couldn't, so I lay flat on the cold, wooden floor. Regaining and recalling every single memory that I had with Edward.



Oh God! Why did these two people have to be best friends? Why couldn't my Dad be friends with a woman rather than the chief of police of Forks, Washington? If he wasn't, then I would be all free to go to Bella now. But I guess it would also be not-that-good to have female friends. It would be somehow irritating.

Crap. I screamed in my head such unintelligible words. I was in wolf form, so I think I bothered Leah and Seth who were in my form too.

No, Jake. I'm fine. I actually like listening, while my dear sister is cramping me up.

JACOB! What the hell are you? Why do you keep falling in love with the wrong things? Leah snorted. It was as if she never had a relationship with Sam.

Leah, that ain't any of your business, so if you want to live without my chatter then go back to Sam's pack.

Seth, will you allow Jacob doing this to me? Leah spat.

Well…. He thought of me and Leah… I think he should be doing that to you. I mean don't you even know how much it hurt my ears when I listened to you when Sam broke up with you? And now you're rejecting, the Alpha? I mean, come on.

Oh what kind of brother are you? I'm-always-with-Jake-whatever-happens side? This is so stupid! Leah was obviously angry, so she transformed back.

Wait, wait, wait. I was obviously laughing at you when you thought that it would be utterly disgusting to have women as friends. Seth suddenly chortled.

Oh yeah Seth. That would be irritating. You know how your sister talks to me? Well, she screams and talks in a high voice. Like she was flirting. That would be the same if Billy had those kind of friends.

Well, good thing Mom ain't like that. She's really…authentic. He thought about the logic of it compared to my relationship with Bella.

Naw, Seth. It’s not like that with Bella. It’s closely related to authentic. I used his term to describe it better.

I opened my mouth to talk, but I closed it again as I heard a woman calling on Seth. I let out a big sigh. Sue. Seth's mom.

Gotta go, Jake. I guess this is my cue to reason with Mom on what Leah has reported to her. Whiny Leah.

Yeah, tell me what happens. I laughed heavily that I ended up losing a breath or two.

Very funny Jake. Later dude. He changed back and I did too.

I was in the forest, and I was naked, not until I placed my pants on. I ran as fast as I can to our house. I felt the need to spend some quality time with my room. It missed me, I think.

When I entered the house, I heard roaring laughter and smelled Harry's fish fry. Sigh. This never ended, but I guess I have to forgive Billy. He was ranting like a little girl the whole week; complaining that Charlie couldn't come over. I got tired of it. I mean I was happy because I saw Bella everyday, but then every single speck of agony would come crashing whenever I saw her leave and when Billy would do that ranting.

"Dad, Charlie." I sounded like I was introducing them, but I wasn't.

"Hey." They said at the same time.

That was all they could say. A "Hey" would do just fine. I didn't like being cared off.

I lay in my room, relentless of what even happened between me and my own personal pack. I just thought of Bella. Bella, Bella. Could she ever think of me? I guess I could never find out. I don't have the guts to make the move. I couldn't even ask her out to a movie! So she was already lucky that I could play sports with her. Regardless of Seth hanging around.

I longed for her to be in my arms. I longed for a touch that meant nothing but love. I longed for her, yearned for her. She was my life now. It angered and hurt me when I saw Bella coming home with tears coming down her cheeks. I wanted to punch that bloodsucker in the gut until he dies. But no, he was already dead.

Then a sudden idea hit me, I could call Bella! Idiot, I thought to myself. You are so dumb not to even think about calling her. DAMN. Indeed I was foolish. To my excitement, I jumped off the bed (and almost peeling off the sheets) and went down the stairs.

"Jake? Are you alright?" Billy asked me. Probably suspicious of my heavy feet.

"Yeah. Uhm, I need to talk to Bella about an English project that's due Wednesday. It's really hard and I haven't even lift a finger." A sudden gust of wind went out as I explained, lying.

"Yeah sure." And he turned his head back to the TV. Charlie on the other hand, never peeled his eyes of our TV.

I dialed Bella's phone in a very quick manner. I bet if this wasn't made for werewolf hands, it would've broke ages ago. At last, a voice so soft like an angel's spoke to me.

"Hello?" It alarmed me a bit; her voice sounded a little hoarse.

"Bella! Hey it's me, Jake."

"Hey Jacob! I'm so glad you called!" She did sound so excited, I wonder why. Bada-bing bada-boom.

"I was kinda hoping you would teach me some English. Been falling asleep lately, you know?"

"Yeah, I actually threw a few paper airplanes at you while the teacher was writing something on the board. You wouldn't budge. Sorry." She was apologizing? Wow. Modest, I thought.

"Can you come over?" And my heart started to beat fast. I hope she couldn't hear it.

"Ok, sure," she became silent for a while. Puzzled. "what's that sound? It's so loud." Thump-thump-thump. Crap! She heard my heart thumping. What the hell should I say?

"That's my heart. I ran with Seth today. Still exhausted." Again with the speak-fast-when-Jacob-lies attitude.

"Oh, so are you sure you could come? I mean, aren't you at least tired?" NO! I wanted to throw a book at her right now.

I could never stay away from you, Bella. I can even spend the whole night awake just to protect you from the things that lurk in the dark—such as that bloodsucker of yours.

She waited what seemed to me like hours. I hated making her wait. It was just wasn't so typical of me to do it. She broke the silence, and that was what I liked about her.


"Uh, yeah. I could come. I just have to go and tell Billy. Bye." Oh and I love you.

I was desperate to get to Bella's house as fast as I could, but Billy would go up being a tell-me-first-before-you-leave father. Sigh.


"Yeah, Jake?"

"Bella asked me to come over. Can I go? Is that alright with you too, Charlie?"

They both glanced up from the TV, throwing me stares that said, what the hell are you gonna do there, Jacob? But eventually, Charlie snapped out of it.

"Sure Jacob. I mean, I told Bella that Sundays were no-going-out-on-weekend day. So I guess if she couldn't go to her friends," I flinched at the word friends. "then maybe they would consider doing the other way around."

"Billy?" I asked him. He was probably dumbfounded. That, I never understood at all.

"Sure kid. Be back when Charlie is. You should keep Bella company." I threw Charlie a meaningful stare.

"Don't worry, Jacob. Be back in a few hours. Five hours at the very most."

I nodded and then went out of the house. Grateful for the fresh air. When I reached the porch. I heard a loud thump and ow. Charlie, I thought. I laughed and then ran and ran to Forks.



Jacob was coming over. I didn't know what to do. I was supposed to know what I was going to do because I shouldn't be fussing over this! He was just my best friend.

I grabbed my English books and my laptop in case Jacob needed help with that paper that was mandatory for all year levels. Freshmen to Seniors. I called five minutes ago, and I think Jacob will be here a little later. He runs fast like….Edward. I slapped myself for thinking of Edward. I couldn't allow myself to do that.

I heard a knock on my door and someone calling my name. Jacob. And again, my heart did beat for a feeling that I still couldn't name.

"Hey Bells." Jacob in perfect condition.

"Hi Jacob." That was all that I was able to blurt out. I gestured him to come into my house and settle for whatever help he needed from me.

"I need help with those mandatory papers. They're killing me."

"Yeah sure. I'm done with mine."

"Wow." It sounded like he was mostly mocking but I tried to block it off.

"You could check out mine if you need any information."

"Yeah, sure."

Jacob just smiled at me. I didn't know what that smile was for. I was completely dumbfounded.

When Charlie got home, we were completely done with the papers. While we were working on it a few hours back, he explained that he needed to leave the moment Charlie gets back home.

"Hey kids. You done with that?"

"Yeah. Wanna look?" I responded.

"Uh, no. Papers give me a headache."

"Okay." Me and Jacob laughed at his statement.

"So I guess it's my cue to go. Bye Bella, Charlie." Jake waved both of them goodbye and ran with speed towards home. He wasn’t holding anything, so where’s the…

Oh crap. He left it here. Oh well. I could come to school tomorrow and give it to him. Never much time to waste.

I was completely exhausted and I needed to go to bed. I told Charlie that I would be going early, so I did. He decided to cook bacon and eggs for dinner. For himself, actually. But I didn't mind. I was even surprised that he could finally cook. He missed eating those.

I brushed my teeth, got into the shower, changed into my pajamas, and turned off my lights. I was exhausted that I could probably sleep sound without that rain outside bothering me.

I noticed that everything had changed. I wasn't bothered by the rain anymore, I helped more people, I slept early. And I was feeling an emotion that I really could not name. It was, I guess, meant to be left there until it was ready to introduce itself to me.

I began having these thoughts in my head, and I immediately knew that I was falling asleep.