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This is my versoin, of where in New Moon Bella Jumps off the clif, in to the water. It starts off at were she is prepareing to jump. Please review, or at least put a dot so I know you read it! Thanks!! Enjoy!


1. The end

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I felt the rough edges of the cliff beneath my feet, "This is it" I thought the end has come. Finally I would put an end to my pain and suffering. I would not have the gapping hole that constantly reminded me of him. He would not care, he does not love me anymore.

"Bella stop no!" the velvet voice that I so craved for screamed.

"You don't love me, you lied!" I screamed hysterically back into the whipping wind, "I mean nothing to you!"

"You promised me" he answered

"You promised you loved me!" I sobbed back, "And now I will not be a burden in you thoughts" I added in a whisper. I crouched and sprung as far as I could off the edge. The wind ripped a my hair and clothes.

"Bella!" I heard him scream.

I scliced throught the water like it was butter, the frezzing cold temperature just added to my high. I am going to die! All the pain will be forever a bad memory.

"My Isabella" he said softer now. I saw a light figure come up from the depths with an outstreached hand and bronze hair flowing. "I love you" he reached out for me.

"Edward!" I screamed, only it made no sound. All of the air I had left whoosed out of me leaving in bubbles. My eyes stung from the water, and the waves were crushing me. I kicked and Kicked, I have to get to him I thought, I just have to!

"My Isabella, my love" he echoed

My lungs burned, aching for air but I had to get to him. All my anger pushed aside, I was so close to him. I have to make it!

"Isabella" He said as I reached him, I reached to embrace him, to feel that electricity shoot through me at our touch one last time.

He smiled I was inches away, then black every where. He was gone, forever! I tried to scream but nothing came out. I was so close! So close to him, to us!