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Two Too Shy

[banner removed by admin - please keep banners within 300px by 150px] What if you were too shy for your own good? How would you meet the love of your life is you barely spoke to anyone including your family? What if your soulmate had the same problem? This is a story about finding love when your definitely not looking for it. AU Edward and Bella Story!


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


I don't need to see the future to know what is going to happen for the next six hours. The same thing that happens everyday of my life. People are going to look at me and expect me to be dazzling, yeah that is not me. Give me a good book and lock me away from people and I will be happy. Charlie knows I am not a social person but for some unknown reason he always tries to talk to me. At least my mom gave up trying years ago and just lets me be. When she suggested the new custody agreement I was horrified that she would even think about sending me away but in the end she won and I lost. It's not as if I am really giving up anything since in Phoenix I didn't have any friends. Why should Folks be any different, right? I had my phone ready the minute I stepped off the plane. Charlie was standing right where he said he would so I greet him as my usual.

'Hi dad' I typed and hit the send key. He looked at his phone when it beeped and shook his head

"You know Bella…you could actually say it, did you really have to text it?"

I typed back 'Yep' like I said I am not a social person.

I learned along time ago that it was easier to just keep my head down and try to stay out of view of anyone who might want to get to know me. Seriously why would anyone want to get to know me. I am about as plain as they come starting with my plain boring brown hair and eye's to my lack of interest in man kind. I don't think I have to tell you the ride into Folks was quiet, like dead quiet. When we finally pulled up in front, I couldn't help but notice he hadn't changed a thing. It looked just like the last time I saw the place, well that was a relief. Once Charlie had retrieved my bags, he led me back to where my life had begun my childhood bedroom.

There were a few minor changes made but nothing I could not live with. One bonus he had replaced the Winnie the pooh bedding and replaced with a pretty purple set. My old crayons and paints were replaced by my old lap that I had sent ahead with a few other things that I did not want to drag on to the plane.

"Bella are you hungry, we could order in some pizza?" I just nodded before returning to putting my clothes away.

"Right…well, I'll leave you to it then," the nice thing about Charlie is he doesn't hover.

Dinner took about thirty minutes to arrive by then I was completely unpacked and reading my abused copy of Romeo and Juliet. I ignored Charlie's disapproving headshake when I read through dinner. Two pieces of pizza later and I was head back upstairs. I probably shouldn't have tried reading while I walked up the stairs, halfway to the top I missed a step and ended up rolling back down to the bottom with a loud thud.

"Bella are you alright?"

From the pain in my foot, I was going with a definite no, so when I shook my head Charlie knew. Great my first night here and he was already calling on his radio for an ambulance. That will get the tongues a wagging. It is not everyday the EMT's get called to the Chief of Police's house so you can imagine the spectacle they made of dragging me out. If Charlie did not stop going on about the best doctor he had ever seen working at the hospital, I was going to have to jump of the ambulance and run home screaming. I was finally wheeled away from Charlie so he could do my paperwork. Honestly, I needed the break from him.

"Isabella, my name is Doctor Cullen can you tell me what happened?" there was no way I was telling him about my idiocy.

"Isabella can you hear me?" After I nodded, he tried again.

"Isabella can you tell me what happened tonight?"

When he lifted my chin to assess my eyes I finally got a look at him. He was very beautiful for a man. The blond hair and eyes that looked like melted gold only enhanced his chiseled features.

"Good evening Doctor Cullen, I see you have meet Bella," Charlie smiled at me before I managed to duck my head back down.

"I guess you could say that, she is a little reluctant to fill me on this evening's events that led her here."

"Yeah…well, Bella is a little on the shy side. She not exactly talkative," Charlie's cell went off he chuckled and handed it to the doctor.

'Tripped on stairs & hurt r8 foot,' Doctor Cullen started chuckling after reading my text.

"I understand your situation my son Edward is too shy as well," I sighed I knew where this way going, the dad's were still sharing their stories as I was wheeled off to X ray. I knew I was a disappointment to him; thankfully, I did not have to hang around and listen to it.

When all was said and done I left the ER in a cast up to my knee and crutches, oh joy, I can start school with even more of a neon sign-screaming look at me! It wasn't bad enough tomorrow I was going to expected to actually speak to teachers no; I had to deal with seeing the nurse for pain medication on top of my diabetic testing and insulin. I begged Charlie via email not to tell the nurse but my mom took his side. I was sure Doctor Cullen was going to say something about it but he didn't. Therefore, my records have not arrived yet and Charlie did not write it down. Could I get that lucky tomorrow in school?

Regardless of the fact that the sofa lumpier then a then a camel I had no problem falling sleeping.


Who knew there was someone out there as shy as Edward I would never have guessed it. Listening to Charlie tell me about Bella was like looking back at the last century with Edward. He was shy as a human but even shyer as a vampire. I do not know if his capability to read minds help or hurt it. He eyed my cautiously when I arrived home late from my shift at the hospital.

"Good evening Edward," I know he hate when I read medical journals in German but it wanted to have a family meeting with everyone at the same time.

"Family meeting if you don't mind," well a slight growl was better then nothing.

Everyone filed into the dining room as I quickly hugged my wife. Esme is my beacon when it comes to navigating my life. I knew everyone was edgy with school starting tomorrow but I wanted everyone on the right page.

"Is everyone ready for tomorrow?"

"Everything will be fine, I've been watching tomorrow closely," of course, Alice would be watching it is her gift.

"Yay! Carlisle are you serious this is great news!" She could have waited for me to make my announcement because now Edward knew and was growling again.

"Edward, please calm down while I explain."

"Okay, what's the pixie talking about?" Emmett rubbed Alice's hair and earned a raspberry from Alice.

"There is a new girl starting and she's just like Edward! Ohhh, the poor thing broke her foot and is now on crutches, so Edward and I will be driving her to and from school since she cant drive a stick shift," well no one can rattle off like Alice.

"Wait are you serious you actually want us to interact with her?"

"Yes Rose, I would like for you all to get to know her, it won't be easy because like Alice said, she's like Edward and tends to stay out of the lime light. Actually I haven't even heard her talk yet and I treated her for two hours," that feat so far has only been achieved by one other person, my son.


After the family finally broke up, I took off for my nightly run. A major downfall to living with three pairs of mated vampires, they have healthy sex lives, which I avoid at all cost. I cannot really explain why I have an aversion to everyone. Maybe it is because I can read all their awful thoughts. Human and vampire's alike tend to say one thing and think another. It is really infuriating to say the least. It is a lot like the way humans react to vampires we draw their attention and at the same time we repeal them.

Alice's vision was harmless enough but I could not help think she shut me out before it ended. She loves to taunt me that way. It was a little unnerving watching the vision of me and Alice driving Isabella to school, I have never had a human in my car before. It turns out my feet had a mind of their own because I realized I had arrived at the Swan residence. After a quick listen I discovered the Chief was sleeping upstairs, the only other sound was the heartbeat in the living room. Amazingly, I could not see any dreams coming from the human in the living room so I decided to take a peak and see if I got closer maybe, I could catch a glimpse into their mind. It turns out the heartbeat belonged to Isabella, but why couldn't I catch on to her mental voice. Could she really not be dreaming at all?

I had to admit that for a human she smelled very sweet. It is no secret that when a human eats a lot of sugar they taste sweeter. But smell sweeter? I would have to ask Carlisle about that. When Bella rolled over, I forgot her smell completely and was awestruck by her beauty. I have never seen anyone so beautiful and I have seen enough to know. Carlisle cannot be right about her being as shy as I am, not looking like that. She must have a fan following back in Phoenix. Still the mystery remained to why I could not see her dreams. I knew it was time to go when she started shifting a lot in pain but before I left I placed a drink of water and her prescription on the coffee table next to her.

I just made it to the trees when I turned back the living room light turned on. From the sound Bella was making she had found my little gifts. I decided to hang in the woods around Bella's house incase she needed me again. By the time I ran home, to get ready I was somewhat excited to meet her in person not that I would tell my family that.