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Two Too Shy

[banner removed by admin - please keep banners within 300px by 150px] What if you were too shy for your own good? How would you meet the love of your life is you barely spoke to anyone including your family? What if your soulmate had the same problem? This is a story about finding love when your definitely not looking for it. AU Edward and Bella Story!


2. Chapter 2

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Disclaimer Stephenie Meyer’s owns the world of Twilight and I can only play with her toys!

Two Too Shy

Chapter 2

Alice’s POV

“Carlisle, please tell Charlie, of course, it would be a pleasure,” I suggested as I flittered through the living room. I giggled when his phone went off.

“Hello Charlie, how is Bella this morning?”

“I see - yes - Mason county - right. Of course, it would be Alice’s pleasure to help Bella get ready for school. Yes, she’ll leave right now. Anytime, bye Charlie,” I knew the questioning look he threw me very well but I wasn’t letting anyone in on what I had seen in my visions last night.

“Alice - does Edward know you are leaving early?”

“Yes, he growled but no texts, so…I’ll take that as a yes,” like I would take a no from him anyways.

As if on cue, he sauntered into the living room looking pristine in the black jeans and grey button down cotton shirt I had laid out earlier. With a jerk of his head, he signaled it was time to leave. Even though it was only 6:30, we still had to wake up and dress Bella.

I leaped out the moment he stopped the car in front of her house. I was really looking forward to meeting Bella in person. From my visions of her last night, I knew we were going to be best friends and I have been waiting a very long time to have a best friend. Do not get me wrong I look at Rose as an older witchy sister, not a best friend. I am fairly certain she feels the same way. I tried knocking but when a minute passed, I figured I would let myself in. All snuggled up on the couch was the star of last night’s visions, Bella.

“Good morning sleepyhead! Time to rise and shine,” from the way she screamed and fell off the couch maybe I shouldn’t have yelled.

“AAAHHHH!!!” Before I could explain anything Edward barged in and nudged me to the side; apparently, he didn’t like what he saw.

“SShhh…Bella, its okay - your dad sent us to help you get ready and to drive you to school,” I tried to clam her down but it was not working she cringed away from me as I tried to help her back up.

Ultimately, it was Edward who calmed her down without uttering a single word; he just took her hand in his and started rubbing her palm with his thumb. At first, she just gasped at him but within seconds, he had her breathing and heartbeat back to normal. It was so cute to see them interacting. Neither one of them did more than take a quick peek at each other through their lash-lined eyes. They were almost identical to each other in their body mannerisms always staring down, never uttering a word and yet they seemed to accept the other in an unspoken way.

Once she allowed him to help her back onto the couch, I made my way to her room to retrieve her clothes from the closet. I definitely was not impressed with what I saw, she needs me more than I realized. In the end, I went with black yoga pants and a pink chenille sweater.

“Edward, please bring Bella up to the bathroom so I can help her change.”

Edward’s POV

She eyed me suspiciously when I grabbed her cell phone off the table and started typing in my contacts but she relaxed when I handed it back. Once I took mine out I text her ‘K?’ when she nodded, I knew she wouldn’t freak out. The second my skin came in contact with hers, all I could feel was this unexplained humming sensation. It was quite wonderful. I always avoided touching anyone but for some reason touching her was something, I did not want to avoid. I could not help but noticed her scent was slightly off from last night.

Once she was in my arms, I headed to deliver her to Alice but when the time came to hand her over I suddenly realized - I did not want to. I knew I had to but somewhere deep down inside me; I wanted to stay and protect her, even from Alice. In the end - I leaned against the door jam and listened as Bella grunted and groaned in a futile attempt at getting Alice to stop messing with her. She would have to learn on her own that Alice was a force of nature. When the door finally opened,

I snuck a quick peek to see what all the fusing was about, big mistake on my half. She was absolutely beautiful, stunning even. Of course, I would never say anything but that didn’t mean I couldn’t glance her way and notice it on a regular basis.

When I held my arms out, Bella nodded signaling it was okay to resume my carrying job to get her back down the stairs, safely this time around. By the time I reached the kitchen, Alice already had the fixings for cereal on the table. When Bella hesitated I text her ‘???’ she replied ‘measuring cup’. I just shrugged and grabbed one off the counter. I watched as she measured the cereal then the milk before she started eating it. I had never seen a human pay so much attention to what and how much they ate.

Alice cleaned up behind her while I went with Bella to settle her in the back of my Volvo. A moment later Alice fluttered out of the house carrying Bella’s crutches and backpack, before she settled into the passenger seat.

“Bella, can I have your phone so I can put my contacts into it, that way you can text me anytime you want,” I watched in the rearview mirror as Bella just shrugged and handed her phone over.

While Alice put the contacts of every family member into the phone, I watched as Bella searched her backpack. She sighed when she found whatever she had been searching for. I found I spent most of the drive to school sneaking peeks at my backseat, hunh…that had never happen before. Why was it I could not stop looking at her? Did I expect she would disappear on me? I parked, as close to the school as possible so Bella wouldn’t have to walk too far on her crutches. This time she did not shy away when Alice extended a hand to help her out of the backseat.

Together we escorted Bella past a crowd of onlookers as we made our way to the office to check her in. I could see out the corner of my eye she was scowling about the onlookers and I could not agree with her more. Why couldn’t people just leave us be? Mrs. Cope was as helpful as always offering to adjust our schedules so we could help Bella with her transition and her books. In the end, I ended up with her for half the day’s classes and Alice had the other half.

“Bella - you will need to see the nurse before you go to your homeroom,” Bella gasped at the thought of going to the nurse for some unseen reason.

I forgot about homeroom, because homeroom was determined but the alphabet neither of would be in there with her. No matter, I would fetch her before our first class together. Bella seemed to be hobbling even slower towards the nurse’s office as if she was taking a walk of shame almost. Maybe she had seen one too many nurses in her life, Carlisle had mentioned Charlie telling him she was slightly klutzy.

When we finally arrived in the nurse’s office, she promptly threw me out and sent me to my own homeroom. Having memorized Bella’s class schedule already I took her backpack with me knowing I would be collecting her from her homeroom shortly.

I text’d ‘CUL8R’ before taking off. I could not help the small smile that crept across my face when she replied ‘k’.

Bella’s POV

I was happy that Edward left before the nurse started questioning my about my diabetes. With the exception of my doctors and my parents, I kept my condition a secret. It’s not that I am embarrassed that I have it, it is just when people know, they treat you differently half act like it’s contagious and half act as if I’m a pity case. I preferred to avoid both halves.

“Let’s get a reading on you. Shall we?” With a single finger prick she would know everything I did and ate.

“Well, it’s at 243 so your going to need 5 on your insulin pen. Do you have the one to leave here?” I nodded and took the school kit out of my pocket; luckily, I had retrieved it in the car since Edward took my backpack with him.

“Your father tells me you’re not a talkative soul, so please, keep a journal of your food intake for me to read. I will also be calling Dr. Cullen periodically to keep him up to date with you readings and insulin use. Okay?” I nodded.

I knew that was coming I have had diabetes since I was seven. School nurses were my best friends in school. My school kit was the basics a glucose monitor, my insulin pen and all the needed testing strips, lancets, and alcohol wipes and of course my logbook. I of course, had an identical set up in my backpack and another one at the house.

Poor Charlie had to endure a training class before my mom sent me to live with him. Honestly, I doubt he knows enough about it to be of much help. Don’t get me wrong neither did my mom. Since I turned fifteen, I went to all my appointments alone and handled all my treatments except for during school hours.

Once the nurse watched me take my shot, she said she would see me later and I was off to homeroom. By now, the hallways were empty with all the students in their classes that made navigating with the crutches easier. Having every eye shift to me when I hobbled into the room was definitely unnerving. What were they expecting a horse and pony parade?

“Hello Isabella, welcome your new homeroom, please take the first available seat and I’ll continue with the class.”

When the bell rang for us to move on, I was so happy to see Edward had arrived. I would never tell him that but I felt safe with him for some strange reason. In addition, after he touched me this morning, I was in total bliss. I do not know why I tingled when he touched me. I was just surprised that I liked it.

It must have been hard for him to walk so slowly with me but he never complained or sighed, he did however keep his arm out, directing people away from us. Again, I was thankful for that, I didn’t need to be knocked over. Our morning continued with him walking me everywhere I went but I knew that would change after the third class.

Alice met us when we exited the class so she could take me to our next class and like Edward; she made sure no one got too close to me. Unlike Edward, she chatted non-stop about how her morning went.

When lunchtime finally arrived, I was starving. Alice dropped me off at a table and headed for the food line. I tried to get up and search out some food when I felt a hand squeeze my shoulder. I peeked up to see it was Edward shaking his head.

He headed for the food line and text’d me, ‘Nugs, slice, ???’ Well mystery meat was out of the question, pizza was too many carbs. and chicken nuggets were just too greasy. ‘Salad?’ I typed back. I looked up when he read it he just shrugged and moved to the next section. Once there he replied back, ‘ap, ban, pine,’ easy choice there, ‘apple,’ he nodded again before moving on again. ‘Soda, lemonade, milk?’ Again easy question, ‘diet.’ When he read it he looked at me with his eyebrow cocked but shrugged, proceed through the register and back to where I was sitting, with Alice hot on his tail.

I nearly fell off my seat when I peeked up to see three others had joined the table.

“Easy Bella, we are the rest of the Cullen’s,” the blond male said with his hands out in surrender.

“Bella, that’s Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, they’re the rest of our family.” Five of them? Someone should have warned me about that.

I glanced at Edward when he slid the try of food towards me after taking off his selections. When I saw him typing, I looked at my phone as the text came in, ‘UOK?’ I nodded. I was just surprised, I did not expect anyone else to sit with us.

You would think by the way Edward watched every bite I took, that he had never seen anyone eat before. He really did not eat his; he just picked his food apart. As soon as I was done eating,

I tried to make my getaway but Alice was standing before I had a chance to adjust my crutches. Damn…I was hoping to go to the nurse alone. Reluctantly, I let her lead the way back to the nurse’s office secretly hoping the whole way that she would think I was going for pain meds.

“Hi Bella, head on in, I’ll be right there, Alice why don’t you wait outside it will only take a second,” I think the nurse saw my discomfort.

Efficiently, she pulled out my bag leaving it for me to begin and gave me a bottle of water and the Perocet for my leg. My level was 203, which meant another 5 from the pen dispenser. Happily, she had not said a word the whole time I was doing what needed to be done. That meant Alice would not know what was going on behind closed doors.

“See you tomorrow Bella,” I waved back and headed off with Alice to the remainder of our classes.

When the bell finally tolled signaling the end of the day, we happily went to meet Edward at the car. I couldn’t help but wonder if he would watch me as he had on the ride to school. It was probably the first time I hoped someone would watch me. Crazy - right? What could he possibly see in me, he was one of the beautiful people you saw, the ones you know immediately were out of your league. He was truly gorgeous with copper colored hair and eyes that looked like melted gold, just like Carlisle’s. Personally, I think Edward is more beautiful than even Carlisle and he is walking perfection.

I thought I even saw a hint of a smile when he saw us coming but it quickly faded when the bouncy brunette from my homeroom stopped to chat with him. Even though he kept shaking his head, she just kept trying. My heart started thumping in my chest just watching her obvious attempts to flirt with him. I could see she was making him uncomfortable just being so close but when she raised her hand to touch him - he cringed away, luckily we got there first.

“Jessica…I hope your not hitting on my brother again. Didn’t - I already ask you to stay away from him?”

“Well…since when are you his boss? He can choose who he wants to date or do you have a sick fetish for him like you do with Jasper?” Ouch, that was a low blow!

“Don’t - push - me - Jessica, you wouldn’t like me when I’m mad!” Edward held her shoulder back with his hand, preventing her from getting any closer than the foot she was already from Jessica’s face.

“Please squirt, I can take you - all - too easy!” Alice almost sounded like she was growling back at her.

“Alice, is this loser messing with Edward again?” I do not think she liked Rosalie joining in on the conversation.

“I was just leaving, see you around Edward,” Jessica was definitely scared of Rosalie. The expression she wore when she left was of pure hatred.

“Bella, I’m going to grab a ride home with the others. Edward will get you home safe. Okay?” I nodded and headed for the passenger side.

Of course, Edward surprised me when I got into the house; instead of leaving, he took a seat in the living room. I got a text from Charlie when I was just about to sit down; he was going to be late getting home tonight. When I showed it to Edward, he just shrugged and smiled softly. It gave me the impression he was not leaving until Charlie got back. In the end, he did stay until Charlie got home.

“Hey Kiddo, you still up?” I waved from the couch. Edward then text’d me ‘CUL8R’ I waved to him as he left.

“Bye Edward thanks for taking care of Bella,” he just nodded and headed out the door.

“I see Carlisle was telling the truth, he is as shy as you are, I didn’t think that was possible,” Charlie muttered as he went to get a take out menu.

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