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Two Too Shy

[banner removed by admin - please keep banners within 300px by 150px] What if you were too shy for your own good? How would you meet the love of your life is you barely spoke to anyone including your family? What if your soulmate had the same problem? This is a story about finding love when your definitely not looking for it. AU Edward and Bella Story!


3. Chapter 3

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Disclaimer Stephenie Meyer’s owns the world of Twilight and I can only play with her toys!

Two Too Shy

Chapter 3

Edward’s POV

“What do you mean we’re going to a county fair?” Rose seethed at Carlisle.

“Rosalie - I said, we - are - going - to - a - county - fair - on - Sunday!” it was funny watching her gaping like a fish.

“And - why are we doing that?” she was acting like a two year old throwing a tantrum.

“Because, I said we were!” I do not remember Carlisle ever getting this upset before; he must really want to go.

“Fine, but I am not having fun!” Alice giggled at her and traipsed by her dragging Jasper along.

“Aren’t you suppose to be picking up Bella, Edward?” Great, that is my cue to leave!

Believe me - I wanted away from there and the thought of seeing Bella again was definitely, okay with me. Once I was safely in the car I text her ‘BRT’

She must have been watching her phone because five seconds later she replied ‘K’.

I was a little perturbed that she was outside waiting for me. Didn’t she know I would come to the door and get her like every other day this week? Every morning this week had been blissful, thanks to driving Bella to school. I had always dreaded high school, until now that is. At least I still got the chance to touch her when I helped her into her seat.

The constant hum when we touch has become my favorite feeling in the world. I am definitely addicted to her touch. I do not know how I am going to make it through this weekend without my fix.

The worst part of driving Bella was handing her over to Alice when we left the nurse‘s office, I was constantly having to suppress my growl when she hobbled off. I don’t know why Bella won’t allow me in when she goes for her pills, it’s like she’s afraid she’ll drool or something.

“Good morning Bella, ready for class?” With one last glimpse she was off with Alice and out of my reach again.

It was hard to suppress the jealous surge I felt when I saw through Alice’s eyes that Bella was texting someone from her English class. That was until I felt my pocket vibrate; I knew it had to be her. ‘SOMY?’ How could she think I could ever be sick of her?

‘NNY’ I saw her shoulders shaking as she tried not to giggle in class.

‘RUG C FAIR S?’ Could she be going to the fair too?

I had to know, ‘YRU?’ The waiting was killing me.

The minute she replied, ‘Y PU SIAM’ I wanted to do a happy dance right there in class. I did not care if her father was dragging her, so was mine.

‘M2 W2MUT?’ Is she kidding, of course I want to meet up!

‘WTX?’ Whatever time she was going to be there, I would make sure the family went then too.

‘12-ish,’ Noon, I could do that.

‘SLAP!’ I eagerly agreed. I wonder if it would count as a date? I would have to ask Alice later.

Halfway through my forth class, I heard Alice screaming in my head.

“Edward did Bella say anything about leaving early today?”

‘WRUG?’ I text’d her quickly.

‘BRB,’ was all she said.

I saw Alice’s vision of her leaving the school with Charlie in the cruiser. It dawned on me maybe she was seeing Carlisle for a follow up on her leg, which would make sense.

Bella’s POV

Edward must have seen Charlie pull up to drive me to the doctors, I had hoped that no one would see me leave and I could have explained it as a visit to the nurse’s office, but no such luck. I don’t know when I got brave enough to ask Edward if he was going to the fair this weekend but I somehow managed to. I do not ever remembering holding my breath so much in my life. I kept waiting for him to tell me to leave him alone. He never did, in fact he said it was a plan! All I can hope is he does not think I am a total freak.

By the time, we reached Dr. Cullen’s office I was a basket case. What if he told his kids. Would they stop treating me normal or at least normal for someone like me? I don’t think I could stand it if Edward started looking at me as if I was a freak or worse like a pity case.

“Good Morning Charlie, Bella, how are you today?” After I gave him the two thumbs up Charlie jumped in to takeover.

“Carlisle, I apologize that these didn’t come directly to you before our appointment, but I didn’t know who her doctor was going to be when I ordered her records.”

“It’s fine let me have a quick look and then we can move forward,” I couldn’t tell if he was a really good doctor or a really bad one. The way he flipped through my record I could not imagine how he could possibly see anything written on the pages.

“Charlie, why was none of this on her ER paperwork?”

“It wasn’t anything to do with her diabetes, so I figured it didn’t matter.”

“Charlie, everything has to do with her diabetes. If she has a cold, it affects her glucose levels. It has to be on everything.”

“I didn’t know that, she’s always taken care of it herself, so - I never had to think about it.”

For the next half hour, they went over the general rules. Honestly, I tuned them out and start texting my mom. After what felt like an eternity, Charlie finally went out to wait in the waiting room.

“Bella, do you your meter?” Once he had breezed through the memory, it was time to talk.

“Bella, do my children know about this?” I shook my head.

“You know they really should know. What if something was happened?”

This time I took out my cell and sent him a text. ‘No way! They will think I am a freak!’ I do not normally type it all out but I was not sure how much his kids abbreviated to him.

“Bella, my kids would never think that, they like you for you, but if you don’t tell them - they’re going to think you’re lying to them,” yeah, I thought about that too.

‘IDK,’ at least I was honest about it, I didn‘t know.

“Well - think about it. Can I ask why you’re not on an insulin pump?”

This one was easy to answer. ‘Charlie’s insurance hasn’t approved it,’ he just nodded at his phone.

“Okay, well I will call them and see if I can push them along, so let’s do your regular exam okay?”

I was not lucky enough to get back before lunch ended. For me that could spell disaster. I could only hope the crackers I ate on the way back would hold me over.

Poor Edward looked so sad when I saw him sitting in class, but he sat right up and smiled when I entered the room. I couldn’t help but wonder why he was so sad. I have only known him for a few days but I think that was the saddest I have ever seen him. I did not like it one bit, he is too beautiful to be sad.

Once I was in my seat next to him, he surprised the hell out me. He grabbed my stool and slid me closer to him. I was surprised, but not in a bad way. I just assumed it was a friend thing; friends like to sit close. Right? I know Alice and me lean towards each other so we can pass notes.

I probably should have been paying attention to the teacher because when he noticed I was not he decided to call on me to answer a question.

“Ms. Swan, would you like to tell us the answer to the trigonometry question on the board?”

“Sinc 0,” but it came out as a whisper.

“I’m sorry, what was that? I don’t think everyone heard you,” I was on the verge of crying when I realized he was not going to let it go.

I felt Edwards hand on my knee encouraging me to say it louder, “Sinc 0.”

“That’s right, that’s the correct answer for Euler's infinite product. I would suggest if you don’t want me to be call on you, then pay attention next time.”

I think I might have whimpered when he removed his hand and dropped it back in his own lap. However, I did like the tiny smile playing across his ruby red lips. Oh god, did I seriously just think about his lips?

Carlisle’s POV

Bella’s medical records explained a lot about what Edward had asked me earlier in the week. Because of her diabetes, her blood would smell different depending on if her sugar levels were high or low. The kids really wouldn’t have had a chance to know that because they were not used to spending prolonged periods of time up close to with humans. They have always tried to avoid getting too close to anyone.

When Esme and I came up with the plan a few years ago, we called it ‘Operation Edward.’ The plan was simple really, we were scouting for anyone as shy as Edward was, and it did not matter human or vampire. We knew Edward would never be attracted to anyone extremely outgoing. Once we found someone who meet the criteria’s we would play matchmakers. I found that person in Bella. I could already see Edward was bonding with her, but the question was, is she bonding with him? Moreover, if so, how do we get them to see and act upon it? Alice had a vision of us at the fair, you could see Edward and Bella’s attraction to each other. Therefore, with Esme’s blessings I instructed the family we were going. Now, we just needed to make sure Charlie was on the same page. As soon as my shift ended, I head to the station to talk to Charlie.

“Carlisle, is everything okay with Bella?” I felt bad to cause him undue worry.

“No Charlie, everything is fine. I was just hoping to have a father to father chat.”

“Sure, have a seat. What’s on your mind?”

“It’s actually about my son and your daughter. I have noticed they are becoming fast friends.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed it too. Do you have a problem with that?”

“On the contrary, I was hoping to help them along. Edward has been alone his whole life and Bella has as well. Esme and myself were hoping that maybe if we as a family socialized more with your family then maybe that would help them along the right path,” I made sure to give him my best smile in the hopes he would join our little endeavor.

“Carlisle, I have to tell you when I agreed for Bella to come and stay with me, my biggest fear was that she wouldn’t make any friends. And your kids are great for her. So if it will help her break out of her shell even a little bit, I am definitely interested. How do you think we should proceed?”

“Well - for starters I was thinking about fair on Sunday. Maybe we could sit near each other, off to the side so they’re comfortable not being securitized.”

“Okay, that could work; we were heading there about noon. How about you?”

“Noon works well for us also. We’ll have to make it look like it’s a casual meeting and not a planned one or else they may see what we are doing.”

“Okay, noon it is, under the patch of trees behind the gazebo.”

“Don’t bring a picnic lunch, I’ll have Esme make extras then we can ask you to join us.”

“Sure thing, as you learned earlier foods not my thing,” we both chuckled.

“Sunday it is Carlisle, see you there.”

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