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Two Too Shy

[banner removed by admin - please keep banners within 300px by 150px] What if you were too shy for your own good? How would you meet the love of your life is you barely spoke to anyone including your family? What if your soulmate had the same problem? This is a story about finding love when your definitely not looking for it. AU Edward and Bella Story!


4. Chapter 4

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Disclaimer I wish I owned Twilight but not all wishes can come true, Stephenie Meyer’s owns Twilight and I can only dream.

Two Too Shy

Chapter 4

Alice’s POV

“Carlisle, can I have a moment with you and Esme?”

He smiled warmly and gestured for me to take a seat across from him, “What’s on your mind Alice?”

“I’ve had Jasper take Edward and Emmett hunting so I could ask you something and I am hoping you’ll be honest with me,” Esme sat next to me before I started speaking again.

“Are you two trying to set up Bella and Edward?”

“You need to understand…,” I held my hand up and cut him off.

“You can save the explanations, I just want to help, they’ll be very happy together, once we get them rolling, so tell me what you’re planning and I’ll do anything I can to make it work out between those two. They really are perfect for each other, they are already falling in love with each other but they are also planning on never telling the other how they feel,” I know I was pouting but it was sad to think they would get in their own way.

“Cheer up Alice, we have already finished stage one, the introductions have been made. Now - stage two, tomorrow we’re going to the fair and we have arranged with Charlie to bump into each other and spend the afternoon together,” I liked seeing him grin like the devil incarnate. Who knew he could be so sneaky when he wanted to be?

“Arranged, as he’s in on it?” From the broad smiles they were both wearing, I was going with a definite yes!

“Yes Alice, he’s in on it. However, I have not told him we are vampires yet. I think it would be better not to bring that up. Don’t you?”

“Carlisle, I think you should know the night you told us to buddy up to her, I had a vision that I kept from Edward. I saw Bella as one of us and she was happy, we were all playing baseball in the clearing,” I think he planned on changing her whether Edward agreed or not but that was speculation of course.

“Was Edward there? Was he happy?” Esme’s interest was almost giddy.

“Yes, he was there, he was teaching Bella how to swing the bat,” I couldn’t help but smile when I replayed the vision again.

“Okay Alice, that is great news, now - we need to keep this between us, if they get wind of what we are planning it could ruin it all,” both Esme and I nodded in agreement those two would definitely ruin it if left in charge of their futures.

When I finally left the office I was dancing, I was so happy to be apart of Operation Edward. I’m not one for sitting around when there it so much to do before tomorrow, first things first I needed to text Bella.

Okay girlfriend tell me what you are up to, ‘WUU2?’

I swear she was sitting on the phone when she relied in one minute ‘NMJC’ nothing much just hanging, hunh, not for long. This was the tricky part, I’m okay with abbreviating since Edward discovered texting but he was better at it than me.

‘WAN2H?” And by that I mean hang at the mall and spa. Now that’s how I want to hung out!

She had no idea what she was in for when she replied ‘KWE,’ whatever indeed.

I had to strike while the iron was still hot, I could not have her changing her mind on me ‘SYS,’ and by soon I meant in about five minutes.

I grabbed the keys to the Mercedes and was out the door on my way to her house. She was still inside when I arrived so I walked up and knocked on the door. Charlie was quite surprised to see me.

“Hey Charlie, is Bella ready? We’re hanging out today for some girl time,” when I winked he just smiled and shook his head.

“Bella, Alice is here, are you ready?” I was waiting for one of our phones to go off but instead she hobbled to the top of the stairs and slid down them on her butt. Charlie could not contain his chuckle as easy as I could.

In true Bella form, she never said a word on the ride to Seattle, I actually had to check and see if she was sleeping but she wasn’t. I did laugh however when we pulled into the mall, she was not expecting that one. I did not even look when my phone went off. I saw her typing.

“Trust me Bella, you’ll love this,” if I have to beat her to have fun - I would.

First stop was the hair salon. I did not think Bella could cower behind me anymore than before, I was wrong. She just followed me like a lost puppy as I walked out back to find Stefan. He was a master at the art of hair. Once Bella was in the chair, I turned over complete control to his expertise. Bella finally relaxed when he started babbling about trimming, highlights and conditioning. I think she thought he was going to chop off her long locks. As if I would ever let that happen, I have seen Edward staring at her hair. I would not dream of taking that away from him. Stefan was very patient with her and for that, I was grateful. I did not want to traumatize the poor thing after all. She was not overly joyful at the loss of her bangs. Undoubtedly, she was worried about adverting eye contact with people. Regardless of her reservations, she was beautiful when he was done blow drying and curling her mahogany locks.

Next stop was the cosmetics store for a much-needed makeover, unlike the hair salon she resisted there. After countless hand swats the sales woman had finally managed to teach Bella how to apply the make up she didn’t know I was buying. I have to say she looked good in pale pink eye shadow and matching lipstick. Honestly, we almost had a brawl when she realized I had purchased her $300 in cosmetics but after a few foot stomps, she pouted her way off to the next store. I know my expression was smug but damn, it felt good to win, she is too stubborn for her own good.

After lunch and a restroom break, we were off again. Three clothes stores and five hours later, I was dropping her back off at her house. I should have guessed this was where Edward was spending his nights. He cannot hide from me I saw him in the trees, not to mention I could smell him.

“Do you like what you see Edward?”

Edward’s POV

I was furious when I got home and found out Alice had taken Bella shopping in Seattle. Why didn’t she tell me? I could have come up with a reason to tag along. As far as I was concerned, a hangnail was a good enough excuse to be with Bella.

Instead, I spent my entire Saturday pacing the house until I could not stand it any longer and ran to her house hoping to catch a glimpse of her when she got home. In addition, what a glimpse I got!

When she got out of the Mercedes and the breeze blew the hair away from her face, I think my jaw hit the ground. From twenty feet in the air that is a feat and a half. She was beyond stunning, I could not think of word that would truly describe how breathtaking she was. The subtle hint of color gracing her face had me in awe. If she looked that good in black skinny jeans and a dark grey hoodie, I could only imagine how she would look dressed for a date.

“Do you like what you see Edward?” Um…yeah, I am not blind!

The moment I entertained the thought of it, my mind was flooded with images of all the different places I wanted to take her. Even though it would never be possible, I could not stop thinking about how she would laugh and giggle happily in my arms as we took a walk, or dancing around the dance floor at the prom. Those were just pipe dreams, something I would never have.

Even if I were willing to attempt such a relationship, my family would never allow it. Just thinking about it caused my stomach to clench in pain. I have spent a century searching for someone who understood me and now she is out of reach because no one could love a monster like me.

Why did Alice feel the need to torture the love of my life, the reason for my existence, the beacon to my harbor, my Bella. Bella’s not like other girls; she has a natural beauty that I have never seen before. She does not need to be primped and plastered with junk, granted it looks good on her - but she does not need it. I mean, all it is going to do is make the vile minded pubescent boys at our school ogle her. Is that why Alice did this? Did Bella want all the guys at school to drool over her? She couldn’t possible want that! She cannot want them! She has me and I would give her anything she asked for…if she would only ask.

To divert my attention from my jealous thoughts I decided to just watch Bella as she put all the stuff Alice bought her away. I had to admit she was going to look very good in the outfits she was placing in the closet. Oh, god she is going to look too good in those outfits! I wonder if Jasper will allow me to rip Alice to pieces, if I promise to put her back together when I was done? One can only hope! I had to do something to show Bella she did not need anyone other than me so I took out my phone and sent her a text.

She practically fell off her bed and hopped on one foot to get to her phone on the desk. I chuckled with her when she read ‘THT,’ because I always want her to think happy thoughts. ‘RBAY,’ how could I not, when all I think about is her? We spent the next hour while she got ready for bed texting about her shopping trip with Alice. When she started yawning, I knew it was time to let her go. ‘SWTDRMS,’ Sweet dreams I whispered when she read it before shutting off the light. ‘U2,’ was the last thing she sent before I heard her breathing even out.

Once Charlie started snoring, I slipped into her room to find her cuddling with her phone next to her ear. She looked so cute. After avoiding a century of sexual stimuli it was now something I couldn’t avoid, sure I blocked out everyone’s thoughts on the subject but my body was developing a mind of its it own.

Just when I didn’t think I could love her anymore she blew my mind. If I didn’t know she was asleep I would have thought she was talking on the phone, she whispered my name so caressingly. I left the rocking chair and sat on the floor near her bed to watch her more closely and hoped she would say it again. She did - two more times, each time you could hear a light sigh at the end. I wish I knew what she was dreaming about when she muttered my name.

In less then a week she had managed to melt a hundred years of ice that had formed around my heart. How did she do that?

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WUU2? What are you up to?

NMJC not much just chilling

WAN2H want to hangout

SYS see you soon

THT Think happy thoughts

RBAY Right back at you

SWTDRMS,’ Sweet dreams

U2 you too

I thought to him before I drove off.