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Inside the Lines

Jake is the star quarterback and the object of Leah's affections (his best friend's younger sister)


1. Chapter 1

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Leah's POV
This is the first time I've felt like this. Jake has been my brother Seth's friend for a long time and that's only how I felt about him, as the annoying kind of brother. He's been the quarterback on every team he plays with, and he does a good job of it.

But, I've never felt this way about him before. You know, waking up wishing he's there at school today and fearing he won't be there. Making sure to get as cose as possible to him in the hallway and re-routing the way youo usually go just to see him. And trying to catch his eye even though you know that he will never notice you. Even your brother told you that before, thaat he will never notice you because he's the one every girl tries to go out with.

So, let me go back to the beginning of this school year to catch you up properly. It was my first year in middle school- the onl year in middle school that I knew he was but didn't exactly KNOW him. I didn't even know who he was or what he looked like besides he name and the constant stories that my brother tells me about them acting out in class and getting in trouble. Until one day in the library, he asked if my name was 'Leah' and if I was 'Seth's sister' it seems that is the only reason people even knew I existed but at least he had a smile on his face when he said it, letting me know that at least he could see me, that I was wasn't invisible to him. You can't imagine how much that meant to me.

Especially since he was extremely good looking, but not limited to just 'good looking' trust me. He was also hot, sexy, tall dark and handsome. Haha it seems that's the way that everyone describes their crush. Back then he was as good looking to me as now. But believe me when I say that now he is the when I look for first when I walk into a room.

After a year, he was in 8th grade and I was in 7th and that's the year I REALLy noticed him. When I was in gym or music depending on the day, he was in gym, always sitting with Seth at the 'jocks' table and I would constantly make excuses like that I had to 'go to the bathroom' or 'get a drink' just so I could get a chance to pass the cafeteria and see him. I loved it when he would wave to me or point to Seth, telling him that he could see me. I didn't exactly the latter, but I would take what I could get, anything just to let myself know that he could at least see me.

On my way to study hall one day, I loved it because his class was right before mine and he usually would say 'hey Leah, how's it going' or something like that but I usually just uttered something or my face turned competely red with blush because I loved it that he was talking to me that I usually forgot how to talk especially when those sexy eyes caught mine. Looking back like I usually do, I make up alternating endings to things that happen to me thinking of what might've happen if I did or said something different. I wished that I said something more and since I know him a little, I have a feeling that he would've noticed me not so sutle attempt at conversation and would've struck up a conversation with me.