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Golden Sunset

I was known as Jane Aylwin and looking back on it, my life was like a fairy tale until it ended, that is, I became a monster. Once upon a time, I was full of beauty and life, but now I am a disgrace. There is no beauty in my soul and I am dead inside, all that remains of me is this pale stone of a body. My name is Jane and this is my story of how I became what I am today and how my past has impacted the way I am.

Takes place around 1660 in England. In Jane's POV and she is of a noble family of wealth. Disclaimer: I do not own any original characters or ideas. All are part of the Twilight Saga and by Stephenie Meyer. This is purely fan-based.

1. Day Break

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Golden light began to stream through the dark sky, and in only a few seconds, the sun began to peek on the horizon. Its bright light turned the sky from a deep blue to a lighter color with spots of pinks and oranges. It rose up behind the rolling hills in the distance, like a child peeking up from their blanket in the morning after a long night's rest.

The crickets continued to sing below me in the garden, finishing up their night of music, while the birds began to fly overhead, singing their cries of daybreak. The wind whistled as the trees shook from the chilly breeze of April.

I leaned on the rail of my balcony, feeling the coldness of the morning dew on my skin. I felt the wind breeze through my long brown hair and ruffling my white night gown. I closed my eyes feeling the peace and serenity of the gardens fulfill me.

"Lady Jane!"

So much for peace and serenity, I thought as heard the calling of my nursemaid behind me. I rolled my emerald eyes as she busted through the door without even knocking and came to find me standing in the cold on my balcony.

"What are you doing out there?" she said aghast, "You'll catch a cold for sure!"

I turned around from admiring my garden and reluctantly walked back inside to my chamber. "Elsie, you over react," I muttered in a low voice to my Scottish nursemaid. Her ginger hair that stuck out under her cap, shone in the sunlight and her blue eyes danced when she talked. She was fairly young, only a few years older than me, but her obnoxious tone and chaotic behavior made her appear much older.

"Well how would you like to be stuck inside all day sick as a dog?" she rambled.

"Not very much, obviously," I answered unappreciative. I walked over to my canopy bed full of golden beads and threads and began to unbutton my night gown.

"Well, see it's a good thing I came and got you. Besides, your mother would never forgive you for coming down with a cold, especially now," muttered Elsie. She scrambled over to me, holding my corset. I lifted off my nightgown and let her put the lacy constrictor around my bosom and waist.

"Why does it matter if I have a cold now or in a month," I whispered, taking in short breaths as Elsie tightened up my corset and I felt like I was suffocating and gasping for air.

"Well because you would miss the ball that your father and mother are graciously throwing on your behalf," she said startled that I would even ask.

"Oh like that is even of any importance," I said in a disgusted tone once Elsie was tightening me into my corset.

"Well your parents certainly think it is, and far be it from me to tell them otherwise," she exclaimed. She went over to my chest in the corner of the room and grabbed my dress. I lifted my arms up so she could place it over my body.

"It's an evening I am dreading," I whispered.

"Why sweet Jane?" she questioned as she began to tie and tighten my dress onto my body. "I should think it would be a great deal of fun with plenty of handsome lads for you to dance with," she jeered.

"Which is exactly the part I am dreading," I shouted.

"But there are a handful of beautiful men who fancy you. I should think you would find at least one of them you fancy as well," she said.

"Absolutely none," I proclaimed.

Elsie then began to twist and turn my hair up into its usual bun that it sat in. "But choosing any one of them would be a good match. They all come from wealthy and noble backgrounds, especially Sir Kinsley I dare say."

"Ugh, he's the worst one," I groaned.

"No," she breathed doubtful, "But he seems like such a gentlemen."

"Trust me Elsie, I've had plenty of encounters with Sir Kinsley and nothing has swayed my opinion of him yet. He's nothing but a stuck up codfish," I moaned in distaste.

"Well if you say so Miss Jane, but I do think your parents are quite hoping you will fall for him," she murmured.

"I know, which is what confounds me the most," I answered.

"Well, come, come dear. You're due for a walk," Elsie exclaimed leaving me to fetch my hat.

I glanced at myself in the mirror and saw the vision of a young petite girl wearing a pale dress and matching hat, both of which making my emerald eyes and dark brown hair standout more.

I followed an excited Elsie out of my bed chamber, ready to greet the world right outside the comforts of my home, not knowing what would come of another typical day in the golden morning.