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anythings possible, well almost

edward and bella get caught up in a moment, and bella gets pregnant, how will the family react? what will happen when school starts? just read and find out! if you have any questions email me at luvs.him.mor@gmail.com (ex-bf but i had too many things set up at the mail to change it! lol) disclaimer: i own nothing but the words, the rest belongs to the brillant Stephenie Meyer! ok, chapter 3 still wont show so i posted it in the place of chapter 4 to read it you have to go from chap 2 straight to chap 4! thanks for your reviews those of you who told me about the problems! --Jessi

ok, so my imaginary friend, Billybob...lol... gave me the idea for this once again, i own nothing! its all Mrs. Meyers.. damn.. maby i could buy it from her... who wants to loan me some cash?

3. Chapter 3: Charlie

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Chapter 3: Charlie

I woke up on Edwards couch, when I opened my eyes he was right there, “Oh!” I exclaimed. Edward chuckled.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said in his beautiful velvety voice.

“What happened?” I asked.

“You fainted, when Carlisle said that you still had to tell Charlie about the pregnancy” he said, lightly amused. I gulped. “Don’t worry Bella, Carlisle and Esme said that they would come with us if you wanted, and Alice said she was going weather you want her to or not,” he laughed, “and Jasper offered to come so that if needed he could calm Charlie.”

“All right. When should we go?” I asked him. He shrugged.

“Now’s as good a time as any.” he said, getting off the couch, I just rolled onto my back and sighed. “Come on Bella,” he said, I just sighed again, then he realized what I wanted, he leaned over and kissed me more patiently than he had since that night, over 2 months ago.

When he broke it off I was gasping for air but I pulled his face back to mine anyway but after a few moments there was a knock at the door. “Come on in Mom,” Edward said standing up and pulling me off the couch, Edward smirked as Esme opened the door, “or should I say Grandma.” he said. I could hear Carlisle’s laugh from his office.

“As long as you don’t call me Grandpa!” he yelled, obviously just for my benefit.

“Are you two ready to go?” she asked, in full Mom mode now. She smiled at me and held out her hand. I took it and before I knew it we were in the car driving to Charlie’s house.

It took us less than 3 minutes to get to Charlie’s. it was the longest 3 minutes of my life. Jasper who was sitting up front next to Carlisle sensed my panic and sent a wave of calm over me, I smiled at him, he nodded.

On our way up to the house I turned and tried to run, Edward grabbed my arm, “No you don’t,” he said pulling me back toward the house, “Bella, we have to tell him sooner or later, and it will be better if we do it sooner, trust me, please?” by no we were at the door Edward unlocked it and ushered me in followed by Carlisle, Esme, Alice and Jasper.

“Bella?” he looked up, “Dr. Cullen, Mrs. Cullen, kids!” Charlie said, getting up from the couch.

“Please, call me Carlisle, this is Esme, and I don’t believe you have met my son, Jasper.” Carlisle said, Charlie shook all three of there hands.

“So what brings you all to my home on this fine evening?” Charlie asked.

“Dad, I think you should sit down.” I said. Grabbing Edwards hand.

“Bells, what’s going on?” he asked eying Edward.

“Charlie, please listen to Bella.” Edward said, Charlie sat back down on the couch and I began.

“Dad…um…I…umm….you see, Edward and I…..umm…uh--” Edward cut me off .

“Charlie, Bella’s pregnant” he said.

Charlie’s eyes widened in horror, I was suddenly glad that Jasper had come with us.

“How?” he asked, what was with that question today?

“The stork sent it,” I snapped, “How do you think it happened Dad!” Charlie turned to Edward, his eyes full of pure hatred.

“You did this!” it definitely wasn’t a question.

“Dad, it wasn’t just Edward.” I said.

He turned to me. “how could you, Bella?” his face was pained.

“Its not like I planned to get pregnant, Charlie!” I yelled and then I ran upstairs to my room and cried. I could hear Carlisle and Esme trying to calm Charlie, and I wondered where the others went, but then there was a soft tap on the door, “May we come in?” Alice asked.

“Yeah, come on in, you guys.” I croaked out through my tears, I was suddenly very calm and the tears stopped.

“Thanks.” I whispered to Jasper.

“No problem, any time.” he said, Edward came over to my bed and sat down pulling me into his lap.

“That didn’t go so well, I guess.” he said, while chuckling.

I looked up into his beautiful topaz eyes, “No fricking duhhh!” I said, irritated.

“Alice, Edward, Jasper! We’re leaving!” I heard Carlisle call up the stairs.

“All right!” Alice called back, “Be there in a minute!”

“Your coming back tonight, right Edward?” I asked in a soft whisper.

“Of coarse, Charlie wants to talk to you, but I’ll be waiting in the forest, listening, so I know as soon as I can come up… is that all right?” he asked.

“Of coarse!” I exclaimed, too fast, and he laughed, then he swept me up and kissed me before walking out the door. A couple minutes later I heard Charlie coming up the stairs.

“Bella,” he said “can I come in?”

“Sure, Dad.” I muttered. He came in and sat down in the rocking chair.

“Bella, you know I don’t approve of this.” he said “You know that this is going to be a lot of trouble, but you don’t know how much this us really gonna effect you.”

“Dad, I have a pretty good idea how this is going is going to effect me,” I said “how much it already has effected me, and Edward and I can handle it, we truly can, Dad.”

“I know you can Bella, its just, I’m not ready to give you up yet, you just got here!” he explained, “I’m not ready to be a grandpa, or a father-in-law, I haven’t even gotten time to be a good dad yet!”

“Oh, Dad, you’re a great father, look how I turned out! I don’t mean to brag or anything, but up until recently, I’ve been a model child-- ” he cut me off, he took hold of my jaw and made me look him straight in the eye.

“Bella, you are still a model child, well I guess you’re a woman now, but you’re the best daughter a man could have, and don’t you ever let anyone ever tell you different.” he told me.

“Alright, Dad, thank you, I love you.” I said, “I’m tired dad, could you let me get ready for bed now?”

“Sure, Bells, goodnight, I love you.”

“Good night dad.” Charlie left and I got up to take a shower and all the sudden Edward was next to me, “Oh! God you about gave me a heart attack!” I whispered. He chuckled.

“Sorry.” he said.

“I need a human moment” I told him and walked to the bathroom to take my shower.