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anythings possible, well almost

edward and bella get caught up in a moment, and bella gets pregnant, how will the family react? what will happen when school starts? just read and find out! if you have any questions email me at luvs.him.mor@gmail.com (ex-bf but i had too many things set up at the mail to change it! lol) disclaimer: i own nothing but the words, the rest belongs to the brillant Stephenie Meyer! ok, chapter 3 still wont show so i posted it in the place of chapter 4 to read it you have to go from chap 2 straight to chap 4! thanks for your reviews those of you who told me about the problems! --Jessi

ok, so my imaginary friend, Billybob...lol... gave me the idea for this once again, i own nothing! its all Mrs. Meyers.. damn.. maby i could buy it from her... who wants to loan me some cash?

7. Chapter 7: Chapter 6: What the Hell!

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Chapter 6: What the Hell!

"Yes, yes I can! This is awesome!" he exclaimed.

"Would someone care to explain why Edward is dancing circles around the living room?" Carlisle asked, appearing at the foot of the stairs.

"Beats the hell out of me! Maybe cause… he's gay!" Edward stopped just long enough to punch Emmett square in the jaw, before returning to dancing around the room.

"He reminds me of Carlton from Fresh Prince" I heard Esme say.

"Hey, Esme, you right, he does look like Carlton… well except for the part were he is white as virgin snow…" I said while laughing.

"What!" she said, looking as if no one was supposed to hear that.

"You said 'he reminds me of Carlton from Fresh Prince,' didn't you?" I asked.

"No, but I was thinking it!" she looked like if she could she would be blushing redder than I could ever dream of reaching on the color scale. Edward froze as soon as Esme said that.

"What the hell!" Emmett said, "Well I was gonna play X-Box, but this is soooo much better!"

"Bella, can you hear me?" Edward asked wrapping his arms around my waist from behind.

"Of coarse I can hear you, Edward, I may not have vampire hearing, but I'm
not deaf." I said.

"Bella, I wasn't talking out loud, you were reading my thoughts." he said.

"Don't joke with me right now Edward, I'm not in the mood!" I said turning
around in his arms.

"This isn't a joke." he said, but his lips never parted.

Oh, oh my god! This is strange! How is this happening!?? Can I read every ones thoughts? Of coarse I can I just read Esme's! I think I'm gonna fall over, I need to sit.

As soon as I thought this, Edward picked me up, and carried me over to the couch, at human speed, not wanting to shake me more than I already was, and set me down.

"Bella, sweetie are you ok?" Esme asked me.

"Ya… umm…yes I think so." I said, "Carlisle, how is this happening?"

"I'm not completely sure, but I would guess it was the baby. They have inherited Edwards power, and for some reason, that gave it to you, probably just until its born, and it also seems that it took down the wall that has always blocked your thoughts from Edward. I'm not so sure if that's going to go back to normal later though. Edward may be able to read your thoughts forever, now." he said. "Of course that is just my theory."

"This is awesome!" Edward repeated his earlier comment, 'Are you
listening to my thoughts Bella? Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella! I love you Bella'
he thought in a singsong 'voice'.

"Edward, I love you, too. But could you please get out of my head? I need to

"Hehe, sorry," he fake-chuckled.

"It's all right" I said. Ok, so this baby has the power of mind reading. How am I going to go back to school, I would be completely overwhelmed by the thoughts of students! How long did it take Edward to learn how to block out peoples thoughts? I am beginning to get a headache by just listening to the family think!

'I hope Bella will be alright, she is such a smart girl, she doesn't need all
of this right now, its not good for her or the baby…' Esme was thinking

'I still cant believe that Edward got Bella pregnant, now we cant tease him
about the 100 year old virgin stuff! I hope Bella's alright, though, hey
wait Bella are you listening?' Emmett thought.

I looked up at him and smiled halfheartedly 'Are you ok, you seem kinda…' I
don't want to here this right now.

'Bella I love you so much, but I don't think your going to be able to go back
to school, at least not until you can block the thoughts of others…' Edward was going on.

'Bella, maybe it would be better if you and Edward went away for a while, Carlisle's thoughts I held onto, he could teach you how to control this
power, and then you could come back in a month or so, Edward can 'home
school' you, that way you can come back and not be behind on anything in school.
What do you think, Edward?'

'The kids at school are going to get suspicious if Bella and I just disappear
for a month. And Charlie would never agree to it… 'Edward debated like this to himself for a few seconds.' I guess that we have no choice,
Bella cant be overwhelmed with that many voices right now.' "What are we
going to tell Charlie?" he asked Carlisle, "For some reason I don't think
telling Charlie 'your pregnant daughter and I are going to run away for a
month because she's hearing voices in her head,' is going to go over very

"Well, Esme could go with you, or at least that's what we could tell
Charlie. But whats a good excuse for a 17 year old to disappear with her boy
friend and his mother…" he pondered aloud.

"I know a perfect excuse!" yelled Emmett.

(I was going to stop here, but since you all have been so faithful, i will go ahead and tell you what Emmet thinks)

"HELL NO! Emmett, Charlie would have an aneurysm!" I yelled. Everybody just stood there looking stunned. "What?" I asked although I already knew the answer.

"Emmett, would you like to tell us what you think we should do?" Carlisle asked.

"I say that we tell Charlie the truth!"