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anythings possible, well almost

edward and bella get caught up in a moment, and bella gets pregnant, how will the family react? what will happen when school starts? just read and find out! if you have any questions email me at luvs.him.mor@gmail.com (ex-bf but i had too many things set up at the mail to change it! lol) disclaimer: i own nothing but the words, the rest belongs to the brillant Stephenie Meyer! ok, chapter 3 still wont show so i posted it in the place of chapter 4 to read it you have to go from chap 2 straight to chap 4! thanks for your reviews those of you who told me about the problems! --Jessi

ok, so my imaginary friend, Billybob...lol... gave me the idea for this once again, i own nothing! its all Mrs. Meyers.. damn.. maby i could buy it from her... who wants to loan me some cash?

8. Chapter 8: Chapter 7: Roses are Red; Rose is blue

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"Bella is right Emmett, we cant just tell Charlie that we are all vampires. We need to take into consideration that the man is getting older, and therefore is more susceptible to have a heart attack or stroke..." Everyone was shocked as Rosalie entered the room, adding her opinion of the matter being discussed.

"That and the Volturi," said Carlisle, "It will be hard enough keeping Bella herself safe from them."

"Whats that? The Volturi? Edward, you never mentioned them before, whats wrong with them finding out about me?" I said and then remembering I could hear everyones thoughts I zoned in on Emmett's 'Oh no, Edward didn't want Bella to know about them, but come on she is going to be one of us, well at least she was, I don't know anymore because of the baby. That's so cool that they are going to have a kid, I get to be an uncle and I will teach them how to play pranks..'

Ok so maybe his thoughts weren't the ones to listen in on... I wonder about Esme 'Oh stupid Volturi, why do they have to exist! Its not like vampires really need a Royal Family, although Aro and his clan did help clean up around Jasper's early years... poor Jasper, he has such a hard time with all this it seems that he never gets a chance to take a breath, in fear that he might hurt Bella...' "Royal family? What does that mean? Like kings and queens and princesses?"

Everyone stared at me, the same sparkle of guilt in every pair of eyes, even Rosalie's eyes held a small amount. I suddenly felt my stomach drop, I rushed to the bathroom, Edward not two steps behind me to hold my hair back. After I finished I looked him in his sorrow filled eyes and whispered "What will happen if they find out about the baby? What if they hurt me, or kill me... or even change me before the kid is born, Edward? I couldn't bear to lose it, I know I haven't even met it yet but I love it just as much as I love you, and that is a god damn lot!" Tears were running down my face like a waterfall. Edward was shushing me and telling me how he would never let anything happen to me or the baby, and slowly the tears started to fade to a slight stinging behind my eye lids. I clung to him like my life depended on it, hugged him so close that there was no way a single air molecule could fit between us.

"Bella, sweetie, I know your worried but you need to understand that the whole family will help you, with anything and everything you need." came Esme's soft voice. She held her arms out to me and I slowly let Edward go so that I could seek comfort in her motherly touch.

"Thank you Esme, I know you guys would do anything for me, that's what scares me," everyone had gathered around by now and were looking at me with a puzzled expression, except for Edward that is, he obviously read my thoughts and his face was melancholy, "What I mean is that it would kill me to see one of you get hurt, just because I'm the frail human who needs protection..." I found myself once again in Edwards arms being shushed, I hadn't realized I had started crying again but I could feel the tightness in my chest and the tears sliding down my cheeks, now.

I started to feel wave after wave of calm wash over me and once my voice was within my grasp again I thanked Jasper.

"No problem Bella, hyperventilating can hardly be good for the baby at this point." I gave a small smile for his attempt at humor, and then a thought came to mind. Edward stiffened in my arms and looked at me, horrified.

"Bella, you cant do that! Do you know how badly you would hurt Charlie? He would be lost and blame himself, he wouldn't get over it for years!"

"What are you guys talking about!?!" Emmett asked us.

"Bella proposed to us leaving, faking her death and mine. After the baby was born we would change her and we wouldn't have to worry about anything, but just thi-" Edward was cut off at this moment.

"It would be best, Edward. Then we would be able to go on, without being worried for our safety or hers. The baby will already be half Vampire and we could raise it to an age where it can make decisions for itself and we could ask it if they wanted to be changed fully or if it wants to grow old and... die." My voice faded to a whisper by the end of my sentence and broke on the last word.

"Edward she's right." This came from Carlisle, "But there is also the option of changing them at a young age, Bella. I mean you would be able to keep it and never have to go through the pain of them leaving you, permanently." This I must say surprised me, I would think Carlisle would want the child to choose for themself, to be able to say yes or no.

"Edward, I agree also," said Esme, followed by the rest of them, all except Rose.

"Bella do you have any idea what you are saying?" She asked me.

"I have everything except personal experience to back my opinion." I told her. Her eyes closed and she looked like if she could, she would be crying right now.

"Bella, will you come with me on a drive? It wont take long, I promise. I just want to tell you my story, the story of why Carlisle had to change me." She whispered, as she started towards the garage. I looked at Edward and he motioned for me to go with her.

"Yeah, Rose, sure thing." I said and quickly went to follow her, but i tripped and when my face was not five inches off the ground I felt thin arms wrap around my upper abdomen- carefully avoiding my stomach- and help me back up straight. I looked at Rosalie and smiled, "Thanks."

"No problem," she held out her hand, "Come, hurry so we wont be late." I almost asked what we would be late for, but I heard it in her thoughts first. Sunset was in half an hour, and she wanted to take me some where special so we could watch it while she explained herself.