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Left Behind

The wedding is finally here! Edward and Bella will be together after all they've been through! Or...not. Edward has a few tiny eenie secrets tucked away....can't say much, I don't want to spoil it! Enjoy!

Disclaimer:I do not own the Characters of this story! they are all Stephenie Meyers! Also, her plot story behind Twilight! I only own the twists to the story!

1. surprise....

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There I was getting ready for the big day, getting ready for the wedding, my wedding

There I was getting ready for the big day, getting ready for the wedding, my wedding. I was getting married with Edward. He had been acting strange lately, like distant. I remembered how it felt the last time he had hugged me tight, and looked at me in the eyes, eyes in which all I could see was love. Alice, Rosalie and Esme were done with me. I was feeling a little nervous, it was almost time. I grabbed the picture Alice had taken Edward and me a week ago. I looked at it and saw something I never wanted to see again looking at the picture the glass suddenly broke, and I dropped it.

I was alone in the room. In my white beautiful dress.

I walked in through the aisle in my beautiful black dress. There he was my angel. My miracle. He was getting married but not with me.

I saw the girl, it was Tanya. She looked at me and smiled. I saw him kiss her, kiss her with those soft lips of his, he was kissing her with love with passion. Seeing him with her killed me.

I ran out, out of that place. I was running through the forest tripping on the way, until I fell to the floor on my knees.

I was there and I was here. Comforting myself. I kept crying, crying until my eyes ran out of tears. My white dress ruined, stained with mud all over it. He didn't want me he didn't even seem to notice me. He kissed her and married her in front of my eyes.

My life was over, all hell had broken loose, I couldn't breath, I stayed there, and I did not resurface.

I came back to reality and there I was in front of Edward, we were getting married, he wasn't looking at me he was looking past me. I turned around to see Tanya standing there, she was winking at him. I turned back to Edward and he was smiling at her.

I suddenly thought about Jacob. Did I really wanted to be damned for eternity with a person who didn't love me? Or at least it seemed like that to me now. I looked at him, he was about to place the ring on my finger and I made my decision. I took the ring out of his fingers and threw it at his face. He looked at me wide eyed, he was surprised. He put his hands on the bridge of his nose in frustration. I screamed at his face.

"I won't cry for you Edward Cullen! Go with her!" and I started running out. People tried to stop me as I went, but I pushed them away. The Cullen's didn't move. I heard people gasp but I didn't care. Edward didn't want me. Tanya could keep him.

A few hours later

I had been on the floor in the forest for hours. And there he was, right in front of me. Leaning down at me. I thought he came to apologize, or at least to ask me if I was OK. Instead I felt his lips on my ear.

"I never loved you Bella," he whispered softly, then I heard him chuckle. I raised my head to see him but when I did I saw Tanya, right behind him.

"Wh-what do you mean Edward?" I heard him laugh out loud. It wasn't like any other time I had heard him laugh, not the sweet beautiful velvet enchanting laugh. This time it was a rough high peach ed and evil laugh. He wasn't my Edward.

"Bella, of course I never loved you, you think I ever could, you are the most disgusting human I've laid my eyes on, all of that time I was pretending! it wasn't real don't you get it? Every time I had to touch you, every time I had to kiss you it was all so...so...disgusting! "

"And what about when you saved me from Tyler's van? why did you do it if you never loved me?" I said looking away from his humorist face.

"Bella, I did that because I couldn't let you die, we were sent here from the Volturi, they want you, they knew you had some kind of special power, all I had to do is get you to fall in love with me, so I can figure what your power was. Then I would change you, I never wanted to change you before because I didn't know your power yet. Or else I would have. Your power is getting stronger as your changing date approaches."

"Edward...I...don't understand...then why didn't you leave before?" I flinched away as he let out another laugh.

"Bella you make me laugh! When I left it was all a show of course, I left to go with Tanya because my plan wasn't working right and I had to take a time off."

Another blow to my heart, if this kept going god! I would fall to pieces. I felt like I was falling apart. Edward couldn't probably have done this, it all sounded way too cruel.

"What about James? and when you killed him, why didn't you just let me be transformed?"

"I told you Bella it wasn't time yet. James got on the middle of my plan, I had no other choice." he said with a smile. This was just too much. I couldn't bare hear one more thing. So all the time when Edward had yelled and cried dry sobs for me in the hospital was all a lie.