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Forever Changed

Bella POV: (exerpt from chapter one) “I love you Bella.” He said, his other hand cupping my face. He pressed his lips against mine, crushing them into my teeth. I whimpered, struggling to get out. It didn’t help. He pressed me against the wall and kissed me. I hate my life.

Dark themes, you have been warned.

1. One

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Bella POV:

"Jake stop!" I shrieked. He grabbed my daughter's forearms and shook her. She stood there helplessly. Jake turned toward me and let go. He smiled evilly and ran over to me and smacked me.
"She is my daughter too, Bella." He said. I winced at the pain of my cheek.
"Jessa, go to your room sweetie." I said, not wanting my 13 year old to see this.
"Get off my mom!" She shrieked and ran over to us. She punched Jacob. He turned and shoved her, her tiny frame bashing into a wall. Tears were evident in her eyes, but they did not show. She got up and ran to her room.
"Jake, why?" I asked, him grabbing my wrist. He tightened his grip, cutting off circulation to my hand.
"I love you Bella." He said, his other hand cupping my face. He pressed his lips against mine, crushing them into my teeth. I whimpered, struggling to get out. It didn't help. He pressed me against the wall and kissed me. I hate my life.

Jessa POV:

I sat on my small mattress. I cried my eyes out. My poor mom, my manipulative, sadistic dad. Sigh. I grabbed a pair of scissors and pressed it on my wrist, then slowly dragged it across. Dark red blood seeped out, staining my skin. I did this to the other side too then set it down. I tore off some bandage and put it on both wrists.
"Jessa? What are you doing?" my mom asked, right outside my room.
"Nothing mom." I replied, pushing down my sleeves. She came in and sat by me. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her fragile body close.
"Jake left." She said. I could hear the smile in her voice. I let go and looked at her. She looked young for her age, like she was 25 and not 31. She was beautiful, with brown eyes and hair that matched.
"Honey, Uncle Seth is coming to get you tomorrow and is going to watch you for a couple days. So you need to pack." My mom told me. I smiled, I liked Uncle Seth. I nodded and hugged my mom.

***The next day***

Seth POV:

I knocked on the door and waited. Shortly after, Bella opened the door.
"Hello Seth." She said politely. She looked worse than when I saw her last, she is slimmer, and had bruises everywhere. But I knew better than to ask.
"Hi Bella. Is Jessa ready?" I asked. Just as I said that, I heard a pair of feet coming down stairs. Jessa jumped at me, her brown curls bouncing. She was taller, but much thinner than I remembered.
"Seth!" She exclaimed, hugging me. I hugged her back gently, it felt as if I could break her.
"Hey Jessa! You ready to go?" I asked. She nodded.
"Bye mom I love you!" She yelled over her shoulder as she ran over to my rusty old car. Bella smiled.
"Goodbye Bella, see you in a few days." I said, picking up Jessa's bag and walking away. I heard Jake screaming at her all the way to the car...

Jessa POV:

I hopped into Seth's car, taking the front seat. He came in and smiled at me.
"Hey Jess, how have you been?" He asked. I looked down and replied with a ‘good'. I know he didn't believe me but he didn't say anything. It was warm, so I pushed my sleeves up, not thinking.
"What happened to your arm?" Seth asked, glancing over at my bruised and bandaged arm. I quickly put the sleeves back down.
"I... Fell." I lied. Seth frowned. We pulled into his driveway and we went inside.
"Jessa, you can tell me anything." He said. I nodded.
"It is nothing, I am fine. And so is my mom." I said.
"How about Jacob?" He asked. I clenched my teeth and started shaking. Tears came to my eyes and I ran outside. It was raining now, but I didn't care. Then out of nowhere, my clothes came off in an explosion of fur. Fur?

Seth POV:
I ran outside to look for Jessa. I walked around until I saw her clothes, in pieces, on the ground. There was also fur and massive paw prints. I gasped, and changed into my wolf form. I didn't know she was a wolf too. I ran around until I heard her thoughts.
‘What the hell?' she thought. I ran a little farther until I saw a small brown wolf.
‘Jessa, it is me, Seth. Why didn't you tell me you were a wolf?' I asked.
‘I didn't know I was.' was her response. I snorted. Of course she didn't, Bella would never tell her. Jessa whimpered. All of a suddden she changed back. She was standing there naked. She blushed and ran behind a tree. I ran to the house, shifted back to human form, and got some of Leah's old clothes. I put on my clothes and ran outside to the bush. I tossed over some clothes and left. 5 minutes later, Jessa came in.
"Jessa. The Quileute's are descended from wolves. And a few lucky people from our tribe are wolves. Jacob is a wolf too, that's where you must have gotten it from." I told her. She gasped.
"I think I am going to go lay down for a while okay?" she said. All of a sudden she looked really tired. I walked over to her and lifted her gently over to the couch. She was out before I could set her down...