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Dirty Pretty Sounds

Bella saw Edward's mind the first moment he smelled her blood. She felt his hate, the bloodlust, and the kill. How does Bella manage to fall in love with the mysterious Edward Cullen when all she knows is that he wants to kill her? Can he resist? AU BxE Thank you to the amazing Oh Mike, how will I go on for the awesome banner! Go read her stories :)


1. Prologue and Beginnings

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No one ever prepared me for the moment I would surely die. They never explained that not all the memories from your life would flash before your eyes, and in my case, they were only memories freshly created. When faced with death, you find out the type of person you really are. You learn if you’re brave or fearful, ready or unwilling, broken hearted or in love. I never knew that the hardest moment of my life would not be my death, but rather, leaving the only person that made life worth living…my love…my murderer.

Chapter 1: Beginnings

I could feel the cool leather against my forehead as I rested my aching head against the steering wheel as I focused on the light pitter patter of rain drops sprinkling around me, landing with light noises on the top of the rusty old red truck Charlie, my dad, bought for me. It was a welcome home present bought from his good friend Billy Black, whose son Jacob, fixed up into working condition. It was an older model, probably older than Charlie, but it ran and it was easily a vehicle that I could see myself driving comfortably around. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about car accidents; this was the type of truck that would leave the scene unscathed. With my luck, I’d need the extra protection.

I smiled to myself, thinking about little 5 foot 4 me driving around in this huge rusty truck, and decided to climb out before I was late to class.

This was my first day of high school at Forks high, not a fact that I would have deemed possible a year ago. But this was about starting new, and maybe giving my newly married mother a little alone time to enjoy her new and younger husband. Some people may say that I’m sacrificing my happiness for her own, and they’d be right. My mother spent the last 17 years raising me on her own in Phoenix Arizona, never putting her happiness above her own. I was happy that she finally found another man, aside from my father, that she could be happy with, despite the age difference.

Phil, her new husband, has big dreams of becoming a pro baseball player, a feat not reached by many. But she had faith in him, and I respected her for it. They married last summer, and had come to feel like the third wheel. I finally decided to move back to Forks, Washington with my dad so that my mom, Renee, could enjoy married life hitch free. Of course she doesn’t know that, and neither does my dad, they just think I really wanted to move back up here, but if it made everyone just a little more happy that I was here, then I was content to make them happy. I always had the rest of my life to make it up to myself.

So that’s why I found myself walking the slippery wet steps of Forks high in search of the office.

My converse squeaked on the tile and I opened the door leading me to a Ms. Cope, the office attendant.

“Hi, I’m Bella Swan. I’m here for my schedule?” I asked, fearing the look of utter excitement dancing in her eyes. Recognition… She knew who I was, or rather, whose daughter I was. Oh god.

“Isabella! We’re so excited to finally have you here! You’re father has done nothing but talk about how excited he is to have you move up here with him.” She smiled, placing a warm clammy hand on my own.

“Thanks, it’s nice to be here too.” I mumbled, smiling shyly back up at her. The only thing I hated more than trigonometry was attention. I’d rather just live life going unnoticed, like I usually did back in Arizona.

“Okay, well back to business. Here’s your class schedule, you have English first, and it’s just about to start so off you go…” She smiled, dismissing me.

I followed the map that she handed me and after a few wrong turns and a couple good guesses, I had found English, my first class of the day. I was relieved to say the least, English was my favorite subject, and I was determined to enjoy this class.

I managed fly through the entire morning unscathed, both physically and mentally. I had been befriended by a few students, but none that had me running back to Arizona. My head ache from earlier had still not let up, but I was becoming quite amazing at ignoring it. It was lunch time now, and I just needed to survive this then 2 more classes and I would be home free.

“A seat for milady.” An over eager boy named Mike Newton said as he pulled out a chair for me. I awkwardly slid into it, not liking the extra attention he bestowed upon me. At least the lunch food didn’t seem too terrible. I picked absently at my pizza, more interested in the new scenery than the latest gossip coming from Jessica Stanley’s mouth, a girl that I had met In Trig.

It was at that moment that I saw them. They floated effortlessly into the room, beautiful and as graceful as I dreamed I could be. They all were so different, but all so alike. I looked at all of them, taking in their good looks and beauty. My eyes fell upon who looked like the youngest, and handsomest, of the group, a pile of bronze disheveled hair, the kind that belonged in a hair product commercial. My head ached again, and I winced from the sudden unexpected pain.

I turned my head back to Jessica and whispered, “Who are they?” I couldn’t remember meeting them from when I would visit as a kid.

“Oh, they’re just the Cullen’s. They moved here about 2 years ago from Alaska. They’re Dr. Cullen’s foster kids.” She said, as if that meant anything to me.

“Dr. Cullen?” I asked, noticing that the bronzed hair boy was facing my direction as a sudden pain swept through my head followed by a tingling. This damn headache.

“Oh, that’s right, you don’t know them. He’s some kind of young genius doctor that moved here. Supposedly he got offered jobs all around the country but he choose Forks because his wife, Esme Cullen, liked it here.” She explained.

“Oh… Who’s that one with the bronze colored hair?” I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me. I wanted to know the name of the boy that made butterflies flutter in my stomach with just a look.

“You mean Edward? The one that’s staring right at you?” She giggled.

“Stop looking!” I hissed, my cheeks flaming with embarrassment.

“You asked. That’s Edward, he’s so hot. But he’s completely unattainable, I wouldn’t even try.” She dismissed, waving her hand. My head pulsed with the pain again, and I mentally kicked myself for not having Tylenol on me.

“We should probably get to class; I don’t want to be late.” I said, standing as the bell rang.

“I’ll walk you!” Mike said with a little too much enthusiasm, Jessica’s frown not escaping my notice.

“Sure, I don’t even know where it’s at.”

“It’s cool that we have the same class together, maybe Mr. Banner will let you be my lab partner.”He chirped, making me want to laugh. Who chirped? Obviously Mike Newton did.

“You don’t have a lab partner?” I asked.

“Well…I do, but maybe he’ll switch us anyway.” He hoped.

We walked the rest of the way silently, my head throbbing almost unbearably. This head ache would just not let up. Finally we reached Biology and I made my way to Mr. Banner, the teacher. Mike’s attempts at having me as a lab partner were I’ll fated, because Mr. Banner just told me to sit in the empty chair next to Edward.

Edward? Edward. It was the bronzed haired Adonis from the lunch room. My cheeks flamed when I realized that I would be sitting next to him the entire semester, and I wasn’t sure if I was happy or terrified of that fact. The nearer I walked to my seat, the more my cheeks blushed and my head ached. Just as I was about to reach my seat, I locked eyes with Edward Cullen as gush of wind from the heater behind me hit, and I was unprepared for what awaited me.

Pure, unadulterated hatred flashed through his eyes, causing the hairs on my arms to rise. I felt like a cat who had been frightened, hair standing on end, tail shot straight in the air. He looked at me like I was his prey, his eyes the darkest of black. I was terrified, and I had no idea why. He was just a teenage boy, one that sort of looked like he wanted to kill me…just a little. But just as I tried to push away my fear, my headache gave way to a flowing of messages.

All within in fractions of seconds, I would see, hear, taste, feel so many things, it was overwhelming. I could see pools and pools of blood, hear screams and cries for help, feel what it would feel like to snap someone’s neck in half and feel their dead body in my arms. I don’t know how I could know these things, but I did. It felt like death itself had opened up inside me, as if I had walked the nine circles of Hell with Virgil himself. It felt dark and cold inside my head, and I could see were the black eyes staring with pure hatred in front of me.

It was all just too much, I couldn’t handle it anymore. The pain and the agony were too much to take. My head pounded, and all I wanted was out of that room. Before I had any chance to run out of the class room, the only thing I remembered seeing was the tile coming closer to my face before I succumbed to the darkness…