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Dirty Pretty Sounds

Bella saw Edward's mind the first moment he smelled her blood. She felt his hate, the bloodlust, and the kill. How does Bella manage to fall in love with the mysterious Edward Cullen when all she knows is that he wants to kill her? Can he resist? AU BxE Thank you to the amazing Oh Mike, how will I go on for the awesome banner! Go read her stories :)


2. The Pixie

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"Bella…. Can you hear me…? I think she's coming around…" I could hear voices swirling around in my head, fuzzy words making their way in. I started to regain consciousness, realizing they were talking about me. How long had I been out? I couldn't remember why I was here in the first place, and slowly fear began to trickle in. I slowly blinked my eyes, the lights in the drab hospital room brighter than I would have liked. I tried to focus on my hand first, realizing it wasn't hooked to an IV. Well this is a first, no IV in a hospital. Well at least I didn't have surgery or a life threatening sickness.I slowly trained my eyes to the other people in the room.

Charlie, a couple nurses, and a really good looking doctor. I smiled weakly at Charlie, trying to assure him that I was fine, but nothing would erase the permanent stress vein on his forehead. I looked to the doctor, taking in his name tag as he tried in vain to talk to me. I could barely process where I was, I was not about to listen to this doctor speak.

Cullen. Carlisle Cullen. Why does that name sound familiar?

…"Dr. Cullen?" I asked, noticing that the bronzed hair boy was facing my direction as a sudden pain swept through my head followed by a tingling. This damn headache.

"Oh, that's right, you don't know them. He's some kind of young genius doctor that moved here. Supposedly he got offered jobs all around the country but he choose Forks because his wife, Esme Cullen, liked it here." Jessica explained….

Then it hit me. Memories of what I had seen prior to my collapse rushed into my head again, the pain and terror flowing through my body. I began to shake, my hands and legs trembling from the fear. I quickly sat up, becoming disoriented with the sudden movement, and checked my body for the wounds I was sure to have. I checked my arms, and nothing. Next my legs, again nothing. I felt my neck, and not one sore muscle to be detected. Why did I remember the screaming and the blood and…and death… but there's no evidence on me to prove it real?

I began to realize that someone's arms were trying to hold me still, a smooth voice asking for my attention.

"Bella…I'm Dr. Cullen. You're okay Bella, you fainted at school and they brought you here. You're okay." He soothed, repeating every word as he looked into my eyes, forcing me to believe him. I was okay. I sighed heavily, slumping back onto the hospital bed.

"What…what happened?" I croaked out, my voice scratchy from lack of water.

"You fainted in your Biology class, and the nurse called an ambulance when you didn't wake up," Dr. Cullen explained. "We called your father, and he's been here the entire time."

"How long have I been out?" I asked, they made it sound like it was months.

"About 2 hours, you must have hit your head pretty hard." He said, trying to make light of it.

"I don't think it was the fall." I explained, his features shifting slightly darker before correcting themselves quickly.

"What do you believe it was a product of then?" He asked genuinely.

"I had a really bad headache all day, I don't know why really. Maybe it had to do with that?" I offered.

"Could be, I'd like to take a CT scan if that would be alright, just to make sure everything is okay up there," he said, lightly touching my head and walking to the hall to fill out some paperwork.

"Okay." I answered quietly. I looked over to Charlie, feeling guilty that I worried him so much, and it was only my first day. "Sorry dad, I should have warned you that you'd frequent the hospital a lot more nowadays. I should have a frequent flyer card here or something." I said trying to get him to relax.

"You scared me Bells, you really had me worried there for a second. Your mom was about to jump on a plane to come get you right before you woke up." He said.

"You called mom?" I groaned. "All she's going to do is freak out…and call everyday, 4 times a day."

"She's your mother Bells, she deserved to know." He grumbled, clearly wishing he had not called her in the first place."

"I know dad, and I love her to death, but you and I both know she has a tendency to overreact…a lot."

"You've got a point," he smiled.

After few more tedious and useless tests, they concluded that my fall was caused from a migraine. A MIGRAINE! Well, that was just another notch to add to the already long list of Bella ailments. It would fit in nicely next to uncoordinated and broken bones. After their conclusion, Charlie and I went back home.

I had never been happier to be home in my entire life. I hated hospitals, the smell always made me nauseous, and people I had never met kept coming by to introduce themselves to the chief's daughter. I was just glad to back, busying myself with making dinner in the kitchen.

"Are you sure you're okay to make dinner Bells? I can just order pizza; I really think you should take it easy." Charlie said.

"I'm fine dad, it was just a migraine remember? It's gone now, and I don't, mind making dinner," I shrugged my shoulders, returning to the spaghetti I was preparing.

"Well, if you're sure…" He grumbled as he walked towards the living room to watch a baseball game.

I continued making dinner, thinking about my disastrous first day.

I had made friends, something that had not happened in the 17 years I lived in Phoenix, so that was an improvement. I liked my classes, well the one's I made it to anyway. And I saw the most beautiful Adonis in my entire life, but he looked like he wanted to kill me. That was when things began to go awry. I had a migraine the entire day, and I the minute I walk into Biology and lock eyes with Mr. Greek God, I have a complete freak out and faint. Then I spent the rest of the day in the hospital with said Greek God's dad, who just happens to be my doctor. All in all, it was a terrible day. I still couldn't figure out what had happened in Biology right before I fainted.

I served Charlie his dinner and gave it to him in the living room, then made a small plate for myself and ate at the dinner table alone. After I rinsed my plate, I walked up to my room and buried myself in my sheets trying to fall asleep. I was restless, unable to focus on sleep. It was only 7pm so I wasn't really tired, but I just wanted today to end so that I could start over tomorrow.

I stared at the ceiling, not letting my thoughts consume me. I turned on my stereo, letting my iPod shuffle just for the noise. I didn't even know where my backpack was, it was probably in biology class still with my homework assignments. I groaned in frustration, it was just my luck to leave all that behind, but then again, I was unconscious.

I heard the doorbell ring, and I ignored it when I heard Charlie's heavy steps walking to answer it. It was probably Billy coming over to visit Charlie, or a neighbor that heard about what happened. I was curious of who could be visiting when I heard steps coming up the stairs. They were lighter than, not as heavy as Charlie's, and I wondered who he had let up here when there was a knock on my door.

I sat up quickly, throwing on a hoodie that I had left on my old rocking chair, flicked on the light, and ran to answer the door. The person awaiting me was definitely not someone I expected.

"Hi Bella, I'm glad that you're okay," the small pixie in front of me said warmly, "I know we've never met but I told your dad that we were friends so that he would let me up here, and well I wasn't exactly lying, we will be friends, I just sped up the process." She chirped happily, allowing herself into my room. I was speechless, completely taken by surprise by her. She looked familiar, but I could not place her.

"How…how do you know my name?" I asked, closing the door behind her.

"Everyone knows your name silly, you're the chief's daughter," she laughed.

"Oh right, sorry. Well you know my name, but I don't think I know yours." I said, relaxing a little. She was very easy to be around, it was hard not to be relaxed with her.

"I'm Alice Cullen; I believe you met my dad earlier at the hospital." She said, looking at the pictures I had on my wall from Phoenix.

"Oh, then you're my new lab partner's sister then too." I said absently, looking for a topic of conversation.

"Yep, and that's the reason I'm here. My brother picked up your backpack when they took you to the hospital, and my dad asked me to drop it by. I managed to get you excused from doing the homework tonight, your teachers said to get well." She said.

"You didn't have to do that, but thank you." I smiled and walked over to sit on my bed.

"No problem, that's what friends are for," she said smiling, glancing at the closet a few times. "Well, it's getting late; I should probably go unless... you want me to help you decide what to wear tomorrow?" Her eyes glittered with an excitement that I sensed I would come to regret.

"Tomorrow? What's tomorrow?" I asked, wondering if there was a special occasion I had to dress up for.

"School silly, I just thought maybe I could help you pick out the perfect I-swear-I'm-okay-I-just-fainted outfit." She said, her energy building and causing her to bounce in place slightly, reminding me of a ticking bomb.

"Um…sure I guess." I said, the bomb exploding. In a flash and a smile, she was already sifting through clothes in my closet and drawers, holding shirts up to my chest and bottoms to my hips.

"Hmm… I think green would be a good color, what do you think? Do you like this top, maybe layered with this jacket?" She asked, holding up a green thermal long sleeve, and a brown corduroy jacket. "You have to wear that teal undershirt with the green shirt, and then I was thinking these dark wash jeans would look pretty good, oh and you should wear flats."

"I don't think I own flats." I answered, surprised of her outfit choice. I really liked what she had put together, and I was surprised I had never thought about it before. I had bought my brown jacket years ago, and had forgotten I still had it, and the pants were a gift from my mom when she still tried to influence my fashion sense. They were a little too skinny for my taste in the leg area, but they were at least comfortable.

"Hmm… Then your converse will have to do until we go shopping." She said, furrowing her brow. "You don't have dresses, or denim skirts, or even shorts… Where are your blouses?" She asked confused, still looking in my closet.

"My blouses?" What was the difference, a shirt was a shirt.

"Oh my… We're definitely going shopping after school tomorrow in Port Angeles, at least until our shopping trip to Seattle." She said, plopping down on the bed next to me.

"Wait… Shopping? I don't think I really have enough money right now, and Charlie just bought me the truck…" I said, trying to get out of it and hoping my excuses worked.

"Nonsense, don't even worry about it. I invited you, so it's my treat, plus I had to go anyway." She smiled.

"You don't have to do that Alice, I'm fine, and I really don't need any more clothes." I reasoned, uncomfortable that she wanted to buy it all.

"Uh huh… You're going Bella, and that's that. I'll pick you up at your house right after school tomorrow." She said standing. "I should probably go now, it's getting late."

"Okay, thanks again for dropping off my backpack and the shopping trip, that's really nice of you. Tell your brother thanks for grabbing my bag. " I said, walking her down to her car.

"Oh, um… my brother's actually out of town right now, but I'll tell him when he gets back." She said, nervous now.

"Out of town? It's the middle of a school week." I said confused.

"Yeah, he does that sometimes. He's a little more brooding that your average boy. He's just hiking." She laughed.

"I noticed." I mumbled.

"What was that?" Oops, she must have heard me.

"Oh, I just noticed he didn't really seem to care for me, which is also why I was a bit surprised to hear that he grabbed my bag for me. He just…well, he looked at me like he hated me earlier, that's all." I said sheepishly.

"Oh Edward looks at everyone like that. But I promise you Bella, he most certainly does not hate you." She smirked, what was that supposed to mean?

"Um…well I'll see you at school tomorrow." I said, ending the awkward silence that was beginning to forge.

"Okay, see you later Bella! I have to get Rosalie's car back to the house before she realizes it's gone." She smirked, and I noticed for the first time what she was driving…. A cherry red convertible. Whoa.

I walked back inside, about to walk back up to my room still thinking about Alice's car, when I remembered my own.

"Dad! Where's my truck?" I asked, realizing I hadn't seen it outside.

"It's still parked at your school. I'll just drive you to school tomorrow and you can drive it home after you get out." He said.

"Okay." I muttered, not relishing in the fact that I had to ride to school in my dad's patrol car.

I fell asleep dreaming of a bronzed haired Adonis and a bouncing pixie…


School had passed in a blur and before I knew it, I was speeding towards Port Angeles with Alice Cullen.

"I know the perfect boutique that has everything we'll need to get you today!" She sang excitedly, grabbing my attention.

"Really Alice, I don't need that much stuff." I tried reasoning, something I quickly came to realize was futile.

"Don't be silly Bella, you need flats, blouses, and the perfect fit jeans. No wardrobe is complete without them."

"If you say so…" I muttered quietly.

"I heard that!"

"Sorry, geesh." I muttered, realizing we had reached our destination. It was a small boutique, the type that looked even too expensive to walk into. I moaned in defeat as I opened the car door and walked in slowly behind her. She screamed excitedly and ran over to a wall of folded jeans, exclaiming that I just had to get them. I rolled my eyes, this would be a long day…

Six pairs of flats, one pair of boots, fourteen pairs of jeans, thirty-six blouses and shirts, two peacoats, four hoodies, three pairs of shorts, one denim mini skirt, seven bruises, and fifty-six moments of embarassment later, Alice and I we're on our way back to Forks.

"Wow Alice, when you said you liked shopping, I didn't believe you liked it this much…" I said, furrowing my brow and looking ot the large mass of shoppiong bags in the back seat. There we're still more bags in the trunk as well.

"Well, you can never have enough clothes, and you were in dire need of them Bella." She joked.

"Ha. Ha." I said, not being able to restrain my smile. "Thank you for this, it was a lot of fun. And thank's for the clothes, I really did like most of them." I said sincerely.

"Most of them?" She asked.

"Well… the skirts and shorts may be a little too short for my taste." I admitted.

"And here I thought they we're a little long." She laughed jokingly. "They looked fine Bella, you looked great in them."

"Thanks." I smiled, realizing that this was the first shopping trip that I had ever enjoyed. It was easy to relax and have fun with Alice. "I haven't had this much fun in a long time."

"You didn't have fun in sunny Phoenix?" She asked.

"I did, it was just that I was more of loner I guess you could say." I admitted, looking out the car window and frowning at all the damp colored moss and tress on the other side.

"You didn't like the people there?"

"It was more them not liking me, I never really fit in I guess. It was weird my first day at Forks High because it was almost as if everyone wanted to be my friend, and I am definitly not used to that." I said, looking back at Alice, then back out the window. "I never had a best friend, aside from my mom."

"We'll, if you let me…I'd like to be your friend Bella." She smiled, placing her ice cold hand on my arm. A chill ran through me, and a nagging anxious feeling swept over me. It was almost as if my body were afraid, but my mind wasn't. Odd.

"I'd like that." I smiled, turning to look back at my driveway. "Wow, that was fast. That was like a 25 minute drive…"

"I like to drive fast." She laughed, and I did the same. "Here I'll help you with the bags."

"Thanks." I said, grabbing armfulls of shopping bags and hauling them to my room. By the time we had finished unloading the car of bags, my entire bedroom floor was covered, not one wooden floorboard to be seen.

"Hmm…I guess I may have gone alittle overboard." Alice, giggled.

"That's an understatement." I snorted.

"What the… Bells, what's all this?" Charlie said surprised, taking in all the shopping bags on the floor.

"Hi Chief Swan," Alice greeted my dad, "Bella and I went shopping today, she needed more cloted appropriate for Forks weather." She said sweetly, and I snorted again. Like those shorts were Forks apprpriate.

"You must have spent all of your Phoenix money Bella, or used that credit card I gave you for emergencies." He said, frowning slightly.

"It was nothing Chief, I'm a regular customer at the boutique we went to and they just charged my account, it's a welcome to Forks present." Alice smiled again, melting my father like butter.

"Oh…uhm, well that was very nice of you Alice. I'm sure Bells is very thankful for that." He muttered uncomfortably.

"No problem. Okay Bella, I have to go, but I'll see you at school tomorrow." She said, bouncing over to me and giving me a hug before running down my stairs to her car.

"So… Alice Cullen bought all of this?" He asked, confused again.

"Yep, she wouldn't even let me open my wallet." I explained.

"That was…um, nice of her," He said, scrathing his scruff. "I'm gonna go to La Push and watch the game with Billy, you wanna come?"

"No, it's okay, I have to unpack all of this and still finish my homework." I said.

"Alright Bells, I'll see you later. Are you okay on dinner?" He asked.

"Yeah, Alice and I stopped and grabbed burgers on the way home."

"Okay, goodnight Bells." He said, closing my door and leaving me to unpack enough clothes for me to start a small business.


The days droned on, an endless supply of homework and clothes filling my time. Alice and I had quickly become friends, which meant that I had become a permanent fixture at her family's table instead of Jessica Stanley's. I wasn't as warmly received by her siblings, Rosalie's automatic dislike and Jasper's cool indifference, while her brother Emmett seemed to enjoy my clumsiness. It had begun to feel comfortable sitting with them, something that I had never felt in Arizona.

It was Monday again as I made my way to my now usual lunch table. I carefully balanced my pizza and lemonade on my tray, praying for grace, as I weaved in and out of the maze of chairs and tables. I looked up; to make sure I was heading in the right direction when my eyes landed on a mess of bronze hair. Edward Cullen was back. My heart began beating faster, and I couldn't tell if it was from fear or excitement. I kept walking to the table where he was seated as Alice waved to me, and I couldn't help but notice how his back went rigid at the mention of my name.

My palms began to sweat, becoming clammy at the mere thought of sitting with him at lunch. I finally reached the table, setting my tray in between Alice and Emmett. I smiled and greeted everyone at the table, avoiding Edward's gaze, as I rubbed my hands on my jeans to dry them. I sat there at the table, quiet as I realized I had lost my appetite, and could only pick apart my pizza as Alice and Rosalie discussed a recent shopping trip that I had avoided.

I could feel his gaze on me, the power of his stare melting me. I didn't want to look up, remembering what happened the last time I looked him in the eye, and the beauty of his face that I surely would not be able to hide my blush from. What had happened last week when I looked into his eyes, what had I seen? I could remember hurt, pain, and death, but I couldn't think as to why or how I could feel it. I was curious to know that if I looked into his eyes once more, if I would feel that again, or just the swirl of butterflies that a pretty face can create.

Slowly, I looked up, barely meeting his golden gaze before I dropped my eyes again. He looked… confused, maybe even a little intrigued. He definitely didn't look angry like the last time, or scary. And I didn't feel that rush of feelings again, but I still felt scared for some reason. It was like I subconsciously knew that I was in danger, but I wasn't. I did notice however, how my stomach began swirling with what I can only assume to be the figurative butterflies, and my heart beat faster as I thought about the way his eyes seemed to look into my soul. I looked back up, entranced in his shouldering golden gaze again. Strange…

"Earth to Bella…?" Alice sang, clearly trying to get my attention.

"Oh… um… yes?" I asked, realizing I had missed the entire conversation.

"Well, Rose and I we're just saying that we wanted to drive up to Seattle this weekend for a shopping trip, and I asked if you wanted to go. But if you would rather stare at Edward, that's fine by me." She smiled devilishly, raising an eyebrow. I blushed furiously, embarrassed that I had been caught red handed.

"I'm busy that weekend, thanks anyway." I muttered, hoping the floor could swallow me up. With my cheeks still an embarrassing shade of red, I stole a quick glance to Edward, and was surprised to see that same look of disgust on his face again, before he quickly rose from his seat and took off towards the doors.

"Someone's still moody." Rosalie commented.

"I can't believe you said that Alice." Burying my face in my hands, a death from embarrassment a possibility at this moment.

"What? It's not like every other girl in this school hasn't been caught ogling my brother too." She laughed.

"But I'm not like other girls, I don't ogle, I blush then fall flat on my butt." I muttered.

"And here I thought you just fainted at the sight of my brother." She said.

"Even worse…" I mumbled. "There's the bell, I should get going."

"Okay Bella, see you later!" Alice sang as I gathered my things and walked to Biology.

I half expected Edward to be missing again, just as he was absent the previous week, but to my surprise he sat in his original seat again. I walked over, trying to pretend my heart wasn't beating faster than a hummingbirds', and just act normal. His body went rigid as I sat, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw him slowly relax. He seemed as if he were relaxed but ready to spring.

I opened my books, pretending to look over the homework that was due today, anything to avoid an awkward moment, as if that were possible.

"Hello Bella, I'm Edward… Alice's brother, but I'm sure she told you that." He said, smiling timidly as me. I couldn't believe he was talking to me, when moments before in the cafeteria he looked at me like I was the foulest creature on earth. I was at a loss for words at his sudden mood change. "My sister never mentioned you were mute." He smirked, an edginess dancing behind his eyes.

"Uhhhmm…Sorry… Yeah, hi, I'm Bella. No, I'm not mute; you just, uh, caught me off guard." I stammered, blushing at what an idiot I must have sounded like. Ohh, that smirk

"It's perfectly fine, my actions must not have sent the most welcoming of feelings, and for that I must apologize." He said, and I was struck speechless again at how mature he spoke. It was like talking to a gentleman, something very rare in current society. He reminded me of a character from one of my books. "I suffer with very bad headaches, and sometimes due to that condition, I can be quite the moody bastard my sister Rosalie so lovingly puts it." He smirked again. Swoon…

"Really, it's fine. I get it if I smell; most people are turned off by that too." I said seriously, smiling when I saw the confusion written all over his face. "Kidding." I smiled back, lightening the situation.

"Oh..." He said, slowly smiling at my ridiculous attempt to be funny. "Trust me Bella Swan, you most certainly do not smell, well… not bad atheist." He said, smirking again. That smirk was easily becoming my favorite thing in the world.

"Thanks, I think." We turned our attention to the board as Mr. Banner explained the day's lesson. Occasionally, I would see Edward stiffen beside me, and slowly calm down. His headaches must be pretty severe, poor guy. Once, I thought I saw Alice walking by the classroom, but as I looked again, she was gone. That's odd… The minute the bell rang, he was up and out of his seat and out the door before anyone had a chance to get out of their own seats. Maybe I really did smell…

By the end of gym, I was ready to go home. I limped towards my truck, my ankle being my latest injury from Volleyball. How I managed to fall over tennis balls even amazed my teacher, we didn't even have tennis courts! I didn't even know we had Tennis balls, but just my luck, my foot decided to step back onto one, and I went falling towards the floor, my ankle twisting in the process. They had tried to convince me to see the nurse, even go to the hospital, but I assured them all that I've had much worse. If I could just make it to my truck, I could drive home and put some ice on it.

I limped and hopped my way over to my truck, exhaling when I finally reached the gigantic thing. I fumbled with the keys in my backpack, trying to find them amidst the mess, finally pulling them out of my bag. Just as I was about to unlock my door, my keys slipped from my grasp right into a puddle. Oh great! I bent down to get them just as a flash of white reached down to get them first. I looked up to see Edward Cullen holding my keys, shocked at his close proximity and losing my balance at the same time. I lost my footing and began to fall straight back, his hand reaching out and catching me before I hit the floor. He pulled me in close, my body flush against his. We stood there, both shocked at the sudden closeness, and he quickly stepped away, keeping one had outstretched to steady me.

"What…" I began to ask.

"You dropped your keys; I just thought I'd help you." He quickly answered.

"Thanks." I said awkwardly.

"Why are you limping?" He asked, trying to get rid of the awkwardness.

"Volleyball. I tripped over some tennis balls." I reluctantly said.

"We don't even have tennis courts?" He said.

"Don't rub it in." I pouted, still embarrassed.

"Wait a minute… you managed to trip on something that we don't even offer here? Alice wasn't lying when she said you were a magnet for disaster." He laughed.

"I'm glad I can be so entertaining." I mumbled. "Was there a reason you came over?" I asked, irritated that he had the nerve to tease me. His smile faltered, an emptiness filling his eyes again.

"I'm sorry, that was rude. True, but yet still rude. Alice wanted me to give you this." He said, handing me a small box.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Probably another closet, knowing Alice."

"It's a little small to be a closet." I smiled.

"Alice is also a little small to have that much energy." He said right back.

"Touché." I said, opening the small box. Inside of it was what seemed like a folded up piece of paper, and I looked at it confused."What is it?" I asked, lifting it out of the box. It was fatter than I thought.

"It's a paper fold out theatre." He said, folding it out and popping it into place. Sure enough, it was a mini theatre, reenacting the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. "You see, you look into it from the front, and it looks like a vintage theatre, each row adding more depth to the scene." Edward explained.

"It's… amazing. Where is she, I want to thank her." I said, looking around.

"Alice had to go home early; she gets the same headaches I suffer from. I'll let her know you like it." He said, moving away from me. "You really like it?" He asked curiously.

"Yes, it's my favorite scene in the play, I love it. It's definitely something different." I smiled, holding the paper theatre delicately. Edward smiled, something else hidden there beneath the surface.

"I'm glad you like it. See you tomorrow Bella." Edward said, walking towards his Volvo.

"Bye." I said, climbing into my truck. I looked at my gift again, smiling at the thoughtfulness of the gift. I looked it over, admiring all the little details. In the far left bottom corner, I could make out the artists initials… EC… Edward Cullen… My jaw dropped and my breath stuck in my throat as I realized this wasn't a present from Alice, it was a present from her brother. I looked up, feeling eyes upon me. From across the parking lot, Edward Cullen was looking intently at me as he leaned against his Volvo, waiting for his siblings. I blinked, wondering why he would give me a gift. As if the heavens had answered me, I felt something fall on my lap. I looked down to see a small slip of paper that had fallen from a fold of the theatre and picked it up, it read:

I'm Sorry.

-E. Cullen

He was sorry for the way he acted, and I smiled knowing he didn't hate me. I looked back up to smile at him, but he was already gone, his Volvo exiting the parking lot.

So Edward Cullen did have a heart…