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All That We've Been Through

"You're really serious about this, aren't you?" "Yes" "Well, I guess there's nothing left to say." What if Edward left Bella................... but never left Forks? What if Bella freaked out................... and ran away? What if Jacob played the love-sick puppy........ but not forever? An Alternative New Moon

Disclaimer: I own nothing. At all. Especially not anything Twilight-ish (although owning Taylor Lautner would be nice... seriously, is he for sale?). Well, I have the books. I'm allowed to have the books, right? So, here we are, yet another Bella ending up with Jacob story - I didn't see the point of keeping the end a secret, we all knew where this one was headed! - but I promise there's at least one particularly intense tangent in the plot. I like it anyway :) There is a bit of OOC with Bella with a dip into an alternative back story Pre-Twilight... story wouldn't work otherwise!

3. Storm Front

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"Hey Billy, it's Bella."

"Of course it is," Billy replied before yelling over his shoulder for Jacob.

"Thanks, Billy." Bella laughed; he didn't even have to ask.

Jacob was at the phone in an instant.

"Hey, Bells." His smile was almost audible down the phone line. "What's up?"

"Jake, I cannot stress enough about the severe lack of anything here; never mind anything being up."

"Ah." Jacob knew where the conversation was due to head. "You know, Bella, you've been here almost constantly for the past three months - you don't have to keep calling to fish for an invite to La Push. You can always just come down. I'm never anywhere but the garage anyway."

Jake's garage: a place of solace and peaceful refuge from the nightmares which plagued her in the outside world. Nightmares of loneliness, of rejection, of sheer devastation - nightmares she endured daily at school while the Cullens still moved as gracefully as ever through the halls and classes. They sat, once more, apart from the others in the lunchroom, sparking off a dozen theories about why the most unusual couple in high school history was no more. Bella's close friendship with Alice had also gone. Another casualty of Edward's decision.

She was spending an increasing amount of time at the garage, helping Jake with the Rabbit and the two motorbikes he had recently acquired. She felt safe.

He had kept true to his promise of following her to school and being there afterwards, making sure any time she spent suffering Edward's presence was brief.

One of the motorbikes Jacob had been working on was finished and now served as his main mode of transportation, making it easier to get to and from Bella when she needed him.

He needed her, too. He had become her crux, her air, her sun, and her lifeline, but she had always been his entire world.

He had developed a childhood crush on her when she was 9, but by the time he was 11, she had gone, seemingly forever, as her annual summer visits stopped. At 16 she had clumsily crashed back into his life and the young fancy was gone.

It had been replaced with something more profound, deepening every time they were together.

He had just about survived Cullen's claim on her heart - being a regular, yet still emotionally distant, fixture in her life was enough at the start of her stay. But now he was too close.

If she was taken from him this time, it may well be the end of him.

He heard the rumble of her old truck as it pulled up at the top of the makeshift drive.

He ran up to greet her.

"Hey Bells," he said. He lifted her up in his customary hug as soon as she had jumped out the cab of her truck.

"Hey Jake," she replied as he put her down.

He took her hand gently and pulled her in the direction of the garage.

He led her to her usual spot: in the seat of the Rabbit, watching him work on the second bike. She had no idea where these bikes had come from, but it didn't bother her enough to ask. She just drank in the increasingly appealing sight of her best friend as he worked.

"So, how was work?" he asked, interrupting her thoughts.

"It was alright," she said, quickly composing herself. "Mrs Newton was trying to play matchmaker again, and Mike wasn't stopping her." She paused. "It was bearable compared to school, though."

When he'd gone to get her at school that afternoon, she was almost in pieces.

"Did I really deserve that? I mean, I know it's been months but he shouldn't be flaunting someone else in my face. Especially the new girl..."

The new girl, Bella thought. The newest addition to the Cullen clan, probably from Denali, expertly covered up as a transfer student, for Edward's pleasure.

"I think he just wants a rep for swooning every new girl who walks through the door of Forks High School." Jacob tried to make light of the situation as he sat down to work on his bike. He knew going too deep would only upset her.

"Perhaps," she conceded with a small smile. "Mostly I think he's just out to annoy me since I haven't cried over him in more than a month. Well, not in public anyway." She tried to laugh, while the first tear slid down her cheek.

It stung Jacob to know that even with the patch-up job he was doing with her, her thoughts were always with him.

"Bella, you're so much stronger than that," he said as he moved over to sit by the Rabbit, sliding her out of the car and onto his lap. He gently pushed strands of her hair away from her face and tucking them behind her ear before easing her body in to rest her head on his shoulder. "You've come so far; don't stop now."

"I just could have done without today, you know?"

"Yeah, I know."

They sat like that for hours; him sitting with his back against the Rabbit with her cuddled up on his lap, his arms protectively around her as she absentmindedly traced the scar on her arm.


Some time later, she woke up with a fright to find that a) it was dark, b) there was a thunderstorm raging outside, and c) she had fallen asleep sitting in Jacob's lap with him also fast asleep, his arms wrapped loosely around her as he leaned back on the Rabbit. None of this looked good.

But he did look sweet as he slept.

"Jake. Jake, wake up," she whispered to him, sweeping strands of his hair back from his peaceful face.

His light snoring subsided as he opened one weary eye and then the other.

Momentarily, he wondered if he was still dreaming. Yes, it was cold and wet outside, and there was a fair chance the shed would collapse from the storm, but he had just woken up with Bella in his arms, whispering his name - surely it was a dream.

It wasn't.

"Bella, are you okay?"

Bella nodded mutely.

"Did the storm wake you?"

"No," she teased. "I didn't even notice there was a storm until you stopped snoring."

"Now, that wasn't very nice." He feigned sadness.

"Aww, is the poor baby upset I called him on his snoring?" she teased in a small voice.

"No." Jacob pouted his lower lip.

"Well, he probably should be, it was so loud I thought it was a fog warning for ships across First Beach," she continued in a flippant tone.

"Oh really?" Jacob replied in a mock-menacing tone as he reached around her, grabbing her waist and shifting her to the floor before an assault of countless tickles began. No space between her neck and hips was safe.

"Jake, stop! Stop it!" she squeaked between laughs and shallow breaths.

"Unlikely," he laughed at her.


"No way, Bells."

She was helpless with laughter.

"Enough! Enough! You win! You don't sound like a fog horn across First Beach," she managed before he relented. He let her go and sat back on his heels, satisfied with his victory.

"Yeah, right," Bella muttered before lunging up, catching Jacob off-guard and knocking him over. She struggled to pin him down as they rolled down a slight slant on the garage floor. Bella's pathetic attempts to wrestle him got her nowhere.

They came to a complete stop at the opposite side of the shed from where they had started. Jacob, the inevitable winner, pinned Bella down by her arms on the cold, hard floor.

"Now that was uncalled for," he panted.

"That was totally called for. Bully," Bella replied breathlessly.

"Bully? How so?"

"Who tries to win an argument by tickling?"

"You have a point there, Swan," he tried to sound authoritative

"Damn right I do, Black!" She laughed back.

His eyes locked on hers with the all-too-familiar look of longing and desire. However, this time he could swear the look was mirrored in hers.

That is, until Jacob began to lower his head, just for a second, just to gauge her response.

She didn't move. She didn't resist. She didn't even blink.

He started slowly dropping his head down further, his eyes never leaving hers.

Bella felt the softest, most gentle lips touch her own. Warm and smooth, he carefully moved them against her cooler, slightly chapped lips, radiating heat through her body.

She tried to move her hands to touch him, to run them over his toned, muscular arms and draw him closer to her. Then she remembered how they had ended up there.

He took this movement as resistance; that she wanted him to stop and release her. He pulled up, moving away from her far enough so that his hands no longer trapped her wrists. Once removed, he started backing further away.

What is he doing? she thought.

Her newly-free arms wrapped around the back of his retreating shoulders with a force that surprised even her.

What was she doing?

Bella pulled him back to her. She wanted him in that moment. Needed him. Needed him to take the pain away. The electricity sparking between their lips as they danced against each other sent shivers through both of them.

Teenage lust coursed through both of their bodies, rendering them helpless to each other. As the storm moved directly overhead, Bella focused just enough energy to push Jacob over onto his back to be on top of him, his arms tight around her waist as her hands knotted in his hair.

"Bella, I love you," he mumbled against her lips.

She felt her heart skip a beat.

"Good. Be happy."

The words interrupted her moment of bliss, but the voice didn't belong to her. It belonged to Edward.

She pulled away from Jacob with a gasp. There was a simultaneous flash of light and roll of thunder overhead.

Is he here? Is he here for me?she thought.

She looked all around her - they were all alone.

"Bella?" asked Jacob. His arms now sat more relaxed around her body. "Bella, what's wrong?"

She quickly moved off of him, realising how selfish she was being. She loved Edward more than any other being on the planet. She couldn't do this to her friend.

Why am I doing this? she thought.

She turned around, grabbed her jacket, and ran towards the door of the garage, a look of guilt and shame all over her face.

"It's late; I've got to go," were her last words to him. He lay on the floor, leaning back on his elbows, totally bemused, as she ran out into the storm to her truck.