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Dream Come True

They may not have been my biological parents, but they were my Mom and Dad. From the moment we lay eyes on each other, I knew that we were family. It's like I was created just for them, and they were created just for me. Rosalie has longed for a child for many years. So, one night when she and Emmett stumble across a little girl, abandoned and broken, they take her into their home, and she begins to soften Rosalie's heart, and Rosalie her's. This is a tale about a mutual dream come true; a family.

Stephenie Meyer owns the rights to these characters, and I am not she. I do, however, own the rights to Scarlett. She came from my own imagination:)

1. Love at First-Sight

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Sure, their blood doesn't run throught my veins. Sure, it wasn't them that necessarily gave me life, though they saved it. They may not have been my biological parents, but they were my Mom and Dad. From the moment we lay eyes on each other, I knew that we were family. It's like I was created just for them, and they were created just for me. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I have to go back to the beginning...

It was a cold, snowy evening. I was two-years-old, and I had no family. The only "family" I'd known, had been the cruel, cold workers of the orphanage I lived in, and they stayed so drunk and drugged out that they never even remembered my name. I didn't even know my own name. Pretty sad, huh? Anyway, so one night, I was sick. I had been throwing up, and was running a high fever. No one could take care of me, and everyone was running and screaming about inside the orphanage, so I ran outside, hoping to find some help. I got maybe two steps away from the front door, when I fell on my hands and knees, unable to move. I was so cold, so scared, so shaken. I cried out in pain once. And within two seconds, they were standing before me; a woman. A beautiful woman and a man. A man every bit as beautiful as she. I had heard them come dashing through the woods after I whimpered. But, I was just being silly. There was no way they could've heard me and gotten to me so fast. It was just my imagination. Or so I thought. The woman was tall, slender, with PALE, PALE skin, whiter than snow, and curly, golden hair that touched the center of her back, and golden eyes, with dark circles underneath them, lips red as the rose. She was so beautiful, I thought I would cry. Literally. The man was tall, big, not fat, but muscular, like a football player, with curly dark hair, the same PALE skin, putting the snow to shame, the same golden eyes, the same dark circles underneath his eyes. They were gorgeous. I smiled at them, They were angels! I knew that they'd come for me someday! The woman smiled at me kindly. She knelt down and took my hand in her's. She rubbed it with each of her hands, trying to warm it. "Hello there, sweetie. What's your name?" she asked gently. I shrugged. Even if I'd known, I wouldn't be able to speak, I was in such awe of her. She looked brokenhearted by my answer. The man knelt down next to her, placing one hand on her back, and he took my other hand in his. "You're such a pretty girl. I'll bet your name is ANGEL! Because you sure do look like one!" he noted, grinning. I laughed. I could tell that he was a silly man, and I instantly fell in love with his dimples. Even at two-years-old, even in such awe of these two beautiful creatures, I was a chatterbox of a child, so I gained by confidence back, by their kindness, and decided to talk. "How did you find me?" I asked, my voice low, I was so tired. They both looked kind of panicked. "Um...we heard you crying, so...uh...we just thought we'd come to make sure you're okay," the man said, still grinning. The woman nodded at me, smiling. I shivered. The woman took me in her arms. "Let's get you inside," she said. "Nooo!" I cried, throwing my arms around her neck. I was crying now. Really crying. "It's okay, it's okay, shhh. Shhh. It's okay. I won't make you go back inside. But, can you tell me why you don't wanna go back?" she asked me, her voice gentle. I was shaking. "I'm scared," I whispered. They didn't even have to ask. They could just see the look on my face, and they suddenly knew every detail. The man looked at the woman, and for the first time, unsmiling. "We're not taking her back in there. She'll stay the night with us, we'll figure out what to do in the morning," he said, firmly. She nodded in agreement. Then, without warning, they turned on their heels, and ran, me still in the woman's arms. I was almost scared, they were running so fast. A hundred miles an hour, maybe even faster! It wasn't long, though, before we were through the window, and into a fancy hotel room. The woman, without a word, carried me into the bathroom, and bathed me. My first bath in...I don't even know how many days.After she bathed me, she combed the tangles out of my hair, helped me brush my teeth, and dressed me in an over-sized tee-shirt, and tucked me into a bed, kissing my forhead. "Goodnight, sweetheart. I'll see you in the morning," she promised me. Then, she turned and walked into the next room with the man, and I could hear them discussing me. "...we can't take her to another orphanage, Emmett. It would raise too many suspicions about why WE kept her overnight, instead of going to the police. It's just too dangerous," she reasoned. Emmett was silent for a moment. "I know, Babe. But, we can't keep her, either. We just can't. I'm sorry, Rosalie," he explained. I saw her shake her head. "Where are her parents? Why hasn't anyone adopted her? She is a beautiful, sweet child, how could anyone not want her? What about her father? Mother? Are they drugged out in an alley somewhere, or what?" Rosalie was getting angry, her voice raising. "Shh...Rose, calm down. Let her sleep," Emmett soothed. Rosalie was silent for a moment. "Why them?" she whispered to herself. "What?" Emmett asked. "Why them? Why is it that they, who couldn't even raise her, even get the privledge on having her, just to throw away like garbage? Why is it that people like them can have children, and not me? I've tried to understand, but I just can't. I don't understand. One! That's all I'm asking for is one, and that's too much to ask? I don't get it," she whispered, her voice passionate. Emmett was silent for a moment. "She's our's," he said at last. "What?" Rosalie asked, clearly stunned. "She's our's. You're absolutely right. It's not too much to ask. We'll keep her, she's our daughter, and we're her parents. But, this is it, Rose. We will not do this again. It would be too dangerous if we brought more children into the picture. She will be our only child," he said, firmly. "Yes! Yes, oh, I love you, Emmett!" Rosalie screeched, excitedly, throwing her arms around his neck. He laughed and kissed her forhed. And for the first time in my entire life, I felt at peace.

I was christened Scarlett Elizabeth Cullen at a Church a few days later. It was the happiest day of my entire life.