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1. Chapter 1

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I watched my daughter lying peacefully in her bed as the warm summers breeze flowed through the open window washing over her beautiful face. Edward squeezed my hand; I looked up to see the love and happiness in his eyes as he bent down to lightly kiss me on the top of my head and whisper into my hair.

“Three amazing years”.

I smiled up at him, I had been blissfully happy every day of those three years; excluding the dark area where the volturi nearly ruined everything .What nearly happened made me shudder, thank goodness for Alice saving the day. My sister could be annoying sometimes but I would be eternally grateful to her.

It was all just a distant shadow now, love and happiness filled every single day, with my family.

We walked hand in hand toward our sleeping angel; I leaned down and kissed Nessie on her rosy cheek. She stirred and slowly opened her eyes.She was so adorable, I could understand how Edward would watch me sleep all night in fascination.

“Wake up baby, it’s your birthday” I whispered.

She stretched and yawned massively. Edward chuckled beside me.

“Mummy, daddy”.

I leaned in to cuddle her closer, Edward scooped us both up and kissed Nessie on the forehead.

“Happy birthday sweetheart, you’re three years old”.

“I know” she reached out and touched us both on the face with her finger tips.

A quick flash of her last two birthdays danced through our minds and made a smile spread across my face.

“Do you want to open your presents now?” I grinned at her.

“Yes please”.

I smiled as I looked up at Edward and he passed me a thin, smooth parcel wrapped in silver foil.

Impatiently Renesmee ripped through the shiny paper and clicked open the black velvet box. Laying snuggly in the satin was a delicate charm bracelet with three different charms. She gasped as she saw the pretty bracelet.

I pointed to the small wooden, carved wolf nearly identical to my own.

“This is from Jacob”.

Then at the small silver high heel shoe.

“This is from your aunty Alice”.

We chuckled at how typically Alice it was.

“And this is from your father and me”.

I lastly pointed to the diamond heart.Nessie smoothed her finger over where it scattered rainbow lights around the room and then reached out for my hand to compare, it to glittered she smiled triumphantly. She kissed me and Edward.

“Thank you mummy and daddy, can I wear it?”

I clicked the links together and it dangled in place. We all watched for half a second

“Aunty Alice got you this too” I placed a large flat box on the bed in front of her. She lifted the lid off of it and lying inside was a very sweet blue dress.

“Wow! Can I put it on?”

“Of course, you can wear it for your party”

She smiled excitedly and hopped out of bed pulling the dress along with her. The label was a French designer I didn’t recognize, probably very expensive knowing Alice.

I brushed Nessie’s long hair as she admired the dress in the mirror and Edward hunted for some shoes.

As we walked down the track towards the house, hand in hands a brief wave of worry captured me as I looked down at my little girl and saw how fast she was growing up. Edward could see the worry in my eyes and squeezed my hand supportively. Before we had any time to further worry I could hear Alice whispering.

“Quick, hide!”

“I’m not going anywhere near that dog” hissed Rose.

“speak for yourself, blonde”.

“Stop it, they’re coming!” Alice shouted in a whisper like tone.

“Emmet, you’re on my foot” Jasper whispered.

“I know” Emmet breathed on his neck.

Jasper growled.

“Hey, no fighting” Esme warned in a stern tone.

Alice Whimpered.

“Sorry, dear” Jasper said apologetically.

“They are approaching the house, three, two…” Carslille added.

Just that moment we walked through the door, every one jumped up and shouted


There really was no surprise at all, we knew they were planning a party and heard everything they had said in the last two minutes. This had Alice spelled all over it.

Renesmee enjoyed it all the same and we played along.

“Oh, wow what a surprise, wasn’t it Edward” I said in a playful tone.

“Mmm, I was caught completely off guard” he agreed sarcastically. Every one chuckled and looked at Alice who was pouting, which just made us laugh harder.

“Never mind that. Today is about Nessie, and look how pretty she is” Carslille cooed.

“It’s a birthday present from Aunty Alice” Nessie shared.

Alice positively beamed at this complement.

“Let’s get this party started…” Jacob chuckled turning on the music and swirling Renesmee in the air.

I smiled at my daughter and Edward wrapped me up in his arms, kissing my temple.

I sighed, content. All the people I love in the same room, happy and safe. Could life get better than this?

Suddenly Edward turned me around gazing into my eyes, then his lips where moving softly with mine and I realized, yes, it could.