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What happens when Edward's real parents want him back? alternate universe all human :))


1. Chapter 1

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Another rainy day in forks. The only bright spots in this dreary town are my family and my girlfriend. If it weren't for them, I'd be absolutely miserable.

My family is the best. My parents, Carlisle and Esme, adopted me shortly after I was born. They're good people. Carlisle is a doctor and Esme runs her own interior design company. The two love each other like nothing else; always touching each other, giving cute little looks when they think no one's watching, things like that. They were married shortly after high school, having been introduced through friends. Esme worked two jobs while Carlisle was in medical school. Once he started working full time, Esme quit working and then they adopted me and my brothers and sisters, before starting her own company.

Then there are my siblings: Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie and Alice. The four people who I love, and hate at times, with a passion. Each one of them adds so much to the family. Emmett is our protector and the biggest one of us. He loves anything that involves sports and alone time with Rosalie. Rosalie is tall, blonde, a bitch and a model for the the Goth Industry. She's a twin to Jasper. He's totally involved in US History and the Civil War. When he's not reading about our nation's past, he's spending his time with Alice, our little pixie. She's short and spunky and is compared to the Energizer Bunny on Red Bull.

I quickly showered and dressed and hopped into my Volvo and drove the short distance to my girlfriend, Bella's, house. She was the love of my being. My version of Esme. She was a few inches shorter than me, had long brown hair and big brown eyes. Her father, Charlie was the town's police chief and has recently married an elementary school teacher, Maggie. Bella's mother, Renee, is married to Phil, a baseball player in Florida. Shortly after I parked in front of her house, she emerged with Maggie. I waved as Bella hopped in the front seat.

"Morning," I said.

"Morning," Bella replied. She leaned in and planted a quick peck on my cheek.

"Maggie looks exceedingly happy this morning."

"She should be, she's pregnant."

"Really? That's quick."

"Tell me about it."

"You're not happy?"

"I am, really. But, they decided to use my room for the nursery, which means I'm being forced to live in the basement. I hate it down there."

"Well, would they allow you to decorate it?"


We drove to school in silence. I could tell this was really eating at her. She didn't even put up a fuss when Alice mentioned going to Port Angeles this weekend to look for homecoming outfits.


Forks County Hospital is my second home. I know the halls, the rooms, the people by heart. I know each doctor and nurse by first name. Since moving here eighteen years ago, I have worked my way up the reins and is now in the running for Chief of Staff of the entire hospital. I was already Chief of Surgery, but titles didn't matter to me. I just loved the practice of medicine. To be able to save a human life is like nothing else. Knowing that they're walking out of the hospital because of something I did still gets me. Yes, medicine was definitely my calling.

My personal office is a safe haven for me. A place I go to when I have a few moments of quiet, or when I'm pulling an overnight shift and need an hour or two of sleep. The shelf behind my desk is lined with books and pictures of my family, which were updated each year, with the exception of one: Esme and I's wedding photo. I could never touch that. She was so beautiful that day. Her hair pulled back, her eyes glistening with happy tears, her body silhouetted in a beautiful gown. It was too much, but yet not enough. The only other time she looked as beautiful was the day she held Edward in her arms. He was the only one of our children that we adopted as an infant. The way she was glowing as she held him close to her is something I still remember to this day.

A light tap on the door startled me. I had been reviewing files all morning.

"Come in," I said.

"Doctor Cullen, there's a courier here for you," my nurse Michelle said walking in.

Behind her was a young man holding an envelope and a clip board, to which I signed my name and the two of them left. Inside the envelope were documents that would change everything we knew.

After reading the materials twice, I stood, grabbed the materials, my jacket and waked out of my office.

"Michelle, something's come up. I need to leave for the day," I said walking past her. I couldn't tell you if she said anything.

A few minutes later I was back home. Esme worked out of the house, so I knew she would be home.

"Carlisle, what are you doing here," she asked behind her desk.

"We need to talk. Can you please call Aro and Marcus and see if they can see us today?"

"Sure. Why?"

"Just please make the appointment, Esme."

I didn't know how to tell her. What would we say to the children?


I don't understand why the notion of Charlie and Maggie have a baby was bothering me so much. I was happy for them. Really, I was. Charlie had never really dated anyone after divorcing Renee, so when he met Maggie at the diner, I encouraged him to see her. Hell, I even picked out a few outfits and made suggestions on what to get her for her birthday and Christmas. He even brought me with him when he picked out her engagement ring, and Maggie let me help with the wedding plans.

So why was this new addition bothering me? I always wanted a sibling. Maybe a little brother. I could help Charlie build a tree house and teach him that there were other sports than just baseball. But then again, a sister could be nice too. Maybe she would have long hair and dark eyes like me.

"Bells," Charlie called from the living room.

"In the kitchen," I said bringing back my attention to tonight's dinner.

"Bella, you alright," he asked hanging up his gun belt and jacket.

"Long first day of school," I lied.

"School's never bothered you before. What's really going on?"


Dinner was pretty much quiet..well more like I was quiet. Maggie was talking about the all the new first graders she had and how they were already looking for her substitute for when she goes on maternity leave. Charlie was just happy that she was happy.

"Bella, I thought maybe this weekend we could go up to Port Angeles. They have a new book store opening," Maggie said while eating dinner.

"Oh, um, sure. I'll have to cancel plans with Alice and Rose, but it's okay."

"Great. They have a new maternity store as well."

"Don't you think you're doing that a little quick? I mean, you just found out you're pregnant," I said.

"Bella, honey, some of my pants are starting to get tight. I need to be comfortable."

"Right. Sorry."

"Maybe the two of you could look for pain and what not for the basement as well. It's pretty drab down there," Charlie said.

"A full day of shopping, how fun! What, may I ask, were you shopping for with Alice?"

"Homecoming dresses. Nothing important, though."

"We can look for something, if you'd like," she said with a smile.

"Sure. That would be fun."

I picked up my plate and glass and brought them to the sink, then made my way upstairs, slamming to door behind me.

I found my cell phone and called Edward, but he didn't answer. As did Rose and Alice. I even considered calling Emmett, but that was going a bit overboard. I never called him or Jasper unless it was absolutely necessary. Instead, I called Renee. I hadn't talked to her in over a week and I missed the sound of her voice.

I spent the next hour telling her everything: about my classes; Charlie and Maggie; being moved into the basement. Needless to say she offered to bring me to Florida to see if I liked it there. But Forks was my home, even if my home made me depressed for some unknown reason. I refused to believe I was jealous of an unborn child.

Later that night I received a text message from Edward saying he wasn't going to school the next day, but wouldn't tell me why. He also didn't answer any of my calls. He just kept sending me text messages, which were short. Something was wrong, I knew it.