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1. Chapter 1

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I was hungry and alone. For a wonder. He reluctantly left me at home to tend to his boisterous brothers who were tired of accusing him of being W-H-I-P-P-E-D. You know, by his slave driving wife. Their taunts had no effect on him and he continued to wait on me hand and foot convincing me it was more for his benefit than mine.
I finally threw him out of the house threatening to run away with Alice on a week long shopping fest if he didn t start balancing time between his family and me. I'm glad he fell for it. That would have been torturous for me too, in more ways than one.

So now I was fending for myself. I loved this house. Especially the aunthentic English country kitchen. I rarely got a chance to admire the lovely maple wood furniture trimmed with cherry wood here and there. And i had harly used any of the state of the art gadgets. What with us having a one track mind when we were together? So my mission today was simple. Make Pasta. Eat. Enjoy. Tend to garden. All thanks to Esme s green thumb rubbing off on me. Breathe. Appreciate.

So, I scanned the fridge looking for ingredients. Placed everything on top of my maple wooden kitchen counter. I began the process.
As I washed, peeled, diced e.t.c my mind wandered to Edward. What an obvious direction?
He was vital to my happiness. To my existence. I did not deserve his constant attention. Yet he looked at me, scrutinized my every move as if his life depended on it.
Isn't that what every woman dreams of? For a man to be so attentive to her every need. So attuned to her every move.

But I way as fascinated with him as he was with me. I wanted to know it all. I wanted to know his opinion on history, the profound effects it had on him, what took him by surprise, what mysteries he was able to solve.
He knew so much more than I did but it didn t intimidate me. It only made me more insatiable to learn. He oddly seemed hell bent on knowing what was going on in my very amateur mind too.

I came back to the present and saw my pot of water boiling on the stove. And proceeded to add the pasta.
"Bloody ell!" I cried and jumped back.


I was on my way to Carlisle's to spend some much needed quality time with my brothers, on request of my beloved wife. Well, it was more like a threat, really. Though if I'm right she wasn't really going to enjoy spending that much time with my out of control fashion obsessed sister.

But she was right. We needed to see what it was like being away from each other even if it did make me really crazy and apprehensive.

She had asked me once, about how Vampires fall in love. And how their love is so unchangeable. So strong. So binding.

"Everlasting love!" she sighed in despair.
"It doesn t exist, Edward." Ofcourse she didn t consider what she felt for me merely human love.
"It does in my world. Bella." I told her.

She was also curious as to how my hunger for her mind and body (especially body) was undying. We couldn't get enough of each other.

"It s not fair that we get to have it all. These strong intense feelings we have even now after so long. I mean I'm hardly complaining but what about all those people that experience it only briefly? Before it dies out and then they have to struggle to keep it alive only to find out it's all in vain."

My Bella. The burdens she carried on her delicate little shoulders. I had seen practically everything in my 80 years. But nothing the likes of my Bella's mind. She never ceased to amaze me, the direction in which her mind worked.

I told her that humans allow their mind to cloud their inner desires with other trivial matters on a daily basis.
"We Vampires act out of instinct. Primal instincts. Putting action to our feelings and desires. We didn't wait for the 'Right time' or judge if it was 'appropriate' or stop to check if other things were priority. It is natural for us to be intimate with our mates for hours on end, even days and weeks." It simply couldn't be easily shut off the way humans managed to do it.

"Then who am I to stop nature from taking its course?" she rightly ended our conversation and proceeded to deal with the matter at hand. The one where I couldn t get enough of her.

I was speeding on the highway when I picked up my cell phone a second before it buzzed. It was Jasper. He said something about them having an unexpected visit from Peter, his old friend. Unexpected because Alice saw Peter make the decision only just. So we postponed meeting up till a couple of hours later. All I was concerned about was getting back home to my irresistible Bella. I'm sure she would be annoyed at first but I could definitely take care of that.

I wanted to surprise her so I didn t park the car in the garage. I stealthily got around to the back door where I could see her hovering around the kitchen. Not very difficult for a vampire. I was about to show up on the kitchen window near the sink when I heard her.

"Bloody ell!" she squealed.
Was there someone with her? There was no new scent. No. She was alone.
Was that a British accent? Did Bella just blurt out a British accent?
So, she had hidden talents.
From what I could see of the boiling water on the stove, she must have popped the pasta in, only to be assaulted by the scalding hot water on her hands.

I wanted to go to her. To take care of her. But I reluctantly stopped myself. Something in her tone (not to forget the accent) made me realize I might be over reacting. She could take care of herself. She repeatedly reminded me.

So I leaned across the brick wall of the kitchen and decided to keep an eye on her. You know. Just for little while. I promised myself.

She ignored the burns and was now frantically scanning through cabinets and drawers searching for something.

"Where oh where oh where is the ..ahaaa!" and she whipped out a steel colander.
"Merci bouku." she said to the drawer and closed it with a gracious nod.
My my... She was so animated today. I couldn t believe it.

Maybe she was tired of being a mental mute and took a break from keeping it all in. She finally decided to give voice to some of her insignificant thoughts (as she preferred to believe). But at that moment I thanked the merciful creator for my eternal existence. I would need forever to delve into her ever puzzling and astounding mind.

I returned to my innocent spying and saw her drain the pasta and set it aside. She was an expert in the kitchen. So organized. It was so domestic. My recently discovered heart could have cried from elation. Bella had convinced me that a love like ours could not exist without a heart. She had changed me, my beliefs and my head strong opinions of this wasteful unyielding life.

"Aaackkk .!" Her sudden shriek brought me back to see her standing in front of the blender, lid in hand, fully drenched. From what I could recognize to be some kind of pureed sauce. The increasing pressure built up due to the hot tomatoes in the blender must have caused the contents to burst out on its sudden opening. I'm sure I learnt that some where. Maybe science class. Or Food Network. Hmmmm.
She frowned, looking at the mess on the floor, counter and herself. Most of her lavender t-shirt was brutally assaulted and now dripping. I'm sure she didn t want spills all around the kitchen so she pulled at her t-shirt hem and raised it over her head. Well that's why I hoped she did that.

This was clearly wrong. I was being rewarded for selfishly invading her privacy. What kind of twisted justice was I being dealt?

Now, I guessed, we were both thinking the same thing. NOW WHAT?

I was thinking how best to take advantage of the situation.

And she was looking left and right with the wet t-shirt in her fist deciding whether to do the rest of the cooking in her new avatar or quickly run up and change.
Well I knew my Bella and she was far from confident so she tossed the t-shirt in the machine and ran up the wooden staircase to our bedroom.
Should I surprise her in the bedroom? No, she was clearly enjoying herself and I was guessing she would be famished after all the work she had had to do. So I decided to be selfless and let her be Bella sans Edward for the day.

Selfless. Indeed. Seeing Bella so uninhibited was so refreshing. I could watch her for hours but I needed to give her some privacy and this was not the way to do it. So I promised myself I would stick around only till the hazards of cooking were out of the way and then promptly leave to meet the boys.
She returned, walking down the stairs in a pink t-shirt which was strategically ripped in several places. I guessed she was expecting more damage.
How appropriate!

She paused on the staircase staring at the stone walls scattered with all our pictures. I could just see her touching upon each moment in her mind, tracing back to how it brought us there. She broke out into a reminiscing smile and I reminded myself how lucky I was to have this angelic creature wake up each morning in my arms. Her heart so pure, innocent and fresh ..

Setting back to her original pace she attacked the scene of the crime with fervor, mopping, wiping and cleaning whatever was required. She finished up the dishes while her raw ingredients simmered in the pan on the stove. She tossed in her pasta, stirred a bit and put it all in a big serving bowl. Was that all for her? My little hungry human.

She pierced each morsel with gusto and stuffed her cute little face, sitting down at our little breakfast table for two.
I was right. She was famished.

Before I realized it, she was up and about again and I finally willed myself to leave, when the cutest little burp escaped her petite lips. It was one of the most endearing sounds I had heard her utter. Clearly I was not feeding her enough.
"Bella, what was that?" She was reprimanding herself.
"Thank goodness Edward isn't here, otherwise he would have run for the hills by now!" she told herself.
Far from it. I would have run to her that very moment and locked her in my embrace. If it wasn't for my promise.

And with a heavy heart I left.

I returned from my testosterone filled afternoon of bowling with Emmett and Jasper only to find my beautiful bride in the garden. She was on her knees gloves on, pulling out some offending weeds.
Humming Pink Panther theme song.
Adorable! Could I be any more in love with this woman? Impossible is nothing. With Bella that is.

I couldn't hold back the desire to hold her anymore. I ran behind her and grabbed her by the waist and swung her around. She screamed in delight and when I set her on her feet she turned around to face me and I was overcome with such uncontrollable love when I saw that breathtaking blush color her iridescent face. She hopped on her toes to kiss me and I swooped in and made it longer than she expected. Much much longer.

(To understand train of thought: What did pink panther do when he stepped on an ant?

: He started singing DEAD ANT, DEAD ANT, And DEAD ANT DEAD ANT )


I was out of breath by the time we finished greeting each other, French style.

"So? How was your day, my darling husband?" I asked him, still blushing from the kiss and in awe of my ethereal Edward in the evening sun.
"Umm .Very Educational .What about yours? Any accidents?"

"Yeah, I bet Emmett is dying to know that one."

"I believe his exact words were 'fall down much?'." he dazzled me with his naughty crooked grin.
"It's getting old, you know, Edward."

"I think it's very endearing. It's very you. May I say that there could be nothing more satisfying than catching a falling angel?"

"Puh-lease, Edward. Even you will agree that that is so................."

"What? Lame?"

"I was going to say cheesy ......but yeah ....lame is good." I teased him.
"And, was a major Pasta Sauce catastrophe. You should have seen it." Remembering the holy mess i had to clean up.


"Yes?" I looked at him noticing the change in his tone.

"I have a confession to make. My plans got postponed and I came back and ..... I wanted to surprise you ...... but I might have seen ....."

His eyes were now squinting as if waiting for a bomb to explode. The wheels of my mind now went in to reverse gear scanning the series of events.
I stood up. Hands on my hips.

"Edward Masen Cullen! You did not watch me take my shirt off!"

"Yes I did." he nodded in slow motion.
"I hadn t planned on it nor hoped for THAT to happen. But yes." He continued.

First I was annoyed. And then I was flattered. I was wondering back to check if my body was looking its best at that time.

"And you didn't do anything? I'm surprised. What were you waiting for? An invitation?" I asked him a bit offended.
"However my actions might state otherwise, I am a gentleman and I would never take advantage of the situation. And besides, you were very entertaining. I couldn't get enough. What with you teaching kitchen furniture French and performing foreign accents."

"What?" I was in shock.

"No. No. No way Edward. No....!!!!" and my hands flew up to my face. Hiding my shame.

"Don t be embarrassed. It was ..Endearing. I don't think I've ever seen you like that before. He tried to reassure me rubbing my back with his tender hands.
"Truly, Bella there is nothing more adorable than you." And he held me leading me through the glass French doors over to the living room. He sat me down on the couch. And pulled my hands from my face.
"And Bella? What was with the frantic searching? It seemed like a matter of life and death." He was trying to change the subject.
I thought for a minute.
"Oh that? Well it was. I would have been severely penalized for letting the pasta stay in hot water for longer than necessary."

"Why?" now I knew he was humoring me.
"Because it wouldn't have been Al Dente."

"And who would have the audacity to penalize you?"

"Well if a vampire can spy on me so can Gordon Ramsay. He would have unloaded a mouthful of profanities if he saw the death of that pasta. I can tell you that." I was trying to be funny.

"Should I be afraid of a chef who is appalled by wrongful kitchen etiquette and who doesn t treat a lady with respect?"

"You should be. He's scary, that man. Like the devil himself."

"You don't think my choice of cuisine and method of preparation would scare the living daylights out of him?" he had a point but I refused to see it.
"I don't think anything scares him." I said adamantly.

"Bella .......You are so stubborn." I was exasperating him with this conversation because he pinched my nose and then grabbed me in a tight hug.

After he released me I was in the mood for a bit of mischief.

I stood up and looked at him. He stared back at me quizzically.
"So did you like what you saw?"

"Huh?" he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

And I turned around and started walking towards the stairs. Slowly. Without turning around I lifted my t-shirt above my head. I bet he wasn't expecting that. I kept walking, and then when I was out of direct sight of him I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off and threw them in his direction.
By the sound of it, I'm guessing he caught it. By now I was running up the stairs, flushed from head to toe, the embarrassment of my behavior catching up with me. I reached the bedroom and stood, my back towards the door facing the window that overlooked the garden. I was second guessing my actions now. I was breathing fast. My heart beating like I just finished the marathon. And then I sensed him.
My savior. My reason. My life. He made all the doubt wash away. He was by my side. Now. Always. Forever.

He gave me a confidence I never knew.
I was so sure now, even if I tried, I could never scare him away from me. He took every curve ball I threw at him, literal as well as metaphoric.
Nothing would faze him. Nor me. We were sure of each other as the sun rising in the east or even .GRAVITY.

Yes, a love like ours was worth waiting for.
Love like ours was worth sacrificing for.
Love like ours was worth living for.
Love like ours was worth dying for.

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