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Demon's Demise

This is a poem inspired by Twilight and New Moon. It's, of course, about Bella and Edward's relationship, although they are not named at all in the poem. There is a little part about Jacob as well, but again his name is not used in the poem. I used easily recognizable models for the characters.

You'll find the ending to my poem does not quite stictly follow the ending of New Moon, but the ultimate reunion is there.

1. Demon's Demise

Rating 5/5   Word Count 404   Review this Chapter

Stars cold in the winter sky
Points of light and reason to get by
No hush or breath flows
Only stiff and still woes

A burning red angel appears
Makes a beast weep with tears
She singes and sighs at this demon’s red roasting plight
Makes herself a mortal within his sight

Demon debates over blood and bone
Tries to perfect his murdering tone
So soft her feather-like features
To this rough and tender creature

The beast longs for the kill
He wants this angel blood to spill
He’s wrapped in conscience’s corset
His piteous cries heard all the way to Dorset

“Angel,” he pleads. “kill me with your soft way.”
“I can’t bear this burning raw ravaged day.”
“This pale sheath does not protect”
“From this deep burning venom you erect”

The demon’s cries fall on deaf ears
His burning bright angel shows no fear
“Hush demon, Lucifer pales in compare”
“To your beauteous face so fair”

Many an angel fell into hell
Their wicked wings now burn and dwell
So this angel fell into loving a beast
Her heart and life’s blood is his feast

“Angel I will take this dark night.”
“From your dreams, heart, and sight.”
“See, hear, speak of me no more.”
“Pretend I was only legend’s lore.”

Angel bewildered, bothered, and broken
Seeking proof of her love’s token
This mortal heart cannot bear this breaking
Left out in the cold wind shaking

All breath, warmth, and reason taken
“My own angel, why has thou forsaken.”
A false sun shines on this lost lover’s soul
He asks for no silver, jewel, or toll

Sun so speaks “Angel, I ask only for your love.”
“Your face is fairer than a dove.”
“Lips redder than any rose.”
“Tell me your reply to this my prose.”

“For all your warmth, I long for the blackest cold.”
“I wish a night so dark and hidden in many folds,”
“To keep out light’s harsh and stabbing tones.”
“Through my heart a wind so brisk and brooding has blown.”

A plunge into a watery peace
High waves rocking never cease
Underneath this world’s weary wonder
No true love can be put asunder

Suspended in this sweet, brief blackout
Gone are all lonely fears and dubious doubt
My heart and eye rest on thy lover’s face
No one shall unwind me from this darkly tender place

Demon cries out from death’s despair
Soothing sweet sacrifice can only repair
His onyx eyes stare down and blank
Showing the sun sweet praise and thanks

“Heaven have I reached your resplendent gates.”
“Have my breaths and hands now met their fates.”
“Before me is my Angel, so Heaven this must be.”
“Burning, bright, blaze, my everlasting fee.”