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Searching for You

Searching For You Banner Edward left Bella almost a year ago. Alice sees Bella in a video that was clearly shot in the Cullen’s home in Forks. OH MY! What will Edward say when he sees her playing his piano, sparkling and who’s the mysterious man?


2. Decisions

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A/N: I know this is a short chapter. I promise they will get longer.

Chapter 2: Decisions


My body’s moving as if it has a mind of its own. Before I even realize what’s happening I find myself standing in front of the Chicago airport. Why do decisions have to be so damn difficult? Voices cloud my mind, traffic blaring, pedestrians rushing, I can’t get a grip. Feeling my cell buzzing, I somewhat snap back to reality.

Growling I flip it open. “What Alice? No, I have no idea what I’m gonna do! I’m sure you will know just as soon as I will. I need some space. I realize I just got home, but you’ve got to understand I can’t deal with this right now. I told you I NEED SOME TIME!”

I power down my phone not caring about anything else she has to say. I understand she wants to see Bella, I know she misses her too. But, she has to respect what I need right now and that’s to get away. For the first time in my entire being I have no clue, no plan, and no concept as to where I go from here.

Pacing back and forth I await to emerge from the darkened alley. Why am I so anxious I don’t even know where I’m going? I brace myself against the brick wall behind me and try to block everything out. It’s been a hundred years since the last time I had to try to calm the noises inside my mind.

Images of her playing my piano and singing to someone else begin to emerge. Closing my eyes I try to will them away. They refuse to leave. In an instant her face freezes behind my eyelids. Everything stops! Not a single sound, no thoughts of careless strangers, no noisy vehicles, nothing. Stillness, absolute silence is all around me.

Even when she’s not physically with me her presence has a way of calming me down. She’s the only one I’ve ever been able to be with and have complete and utter silence. My mind is just now concluding what my heart knew all along.

“HA! HA! HA!” A burst of laughter whirls around me. Trying to discover its source I glare in all directions. Sensing nothing, it begins to come to my attention that my body is shaking. I’m the one who’s laughing.

I have come to one conclusion. I have to see her! Just to make sure she’s okay. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. She won’t even know I’m there. Once I know she’s doing well I will return to Chicago and continue the rest of my miserable excuse of an existence.

“Without her there is no life, only existing never living.” Great now I’m talking to myself. Out loud none the less. Can vampires go mad?

As the sun sets and twilight begins to appear I make my way across the street. Entering the airport I stop at the first airline desk I see and purchase a one way ticket to Seattle. Sitting too still is one sure way to spot a vampire. However, once I’m seated on the plane I find my body fidgeting without my permission. I just can’t seem bring my restlessness to a halt.

Once my feet make contact with the ground they head off towards the one place I said I’d never return to. Dawn emerges as I recall just how much I’ve missed the cloud cover here. In just about an hour I will be able to see her with my own eyes. That thought alone forges me to pick up speed.

Nervously, I stop at the edge of the forest that borders her home. The driveway is empty and I can’t hear anything. Charlie must’ve left already. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful that he’s an early riser. Padding across the lawn I scale the tree that faces her window. Hesitantly, I reach out praying that she still keeps it unlocked. A breath leaves my body as I easily lift the framed glass.

With stealth like swiftness I breeze into her room. My eyes take in every detail. It hasn’t changed. Nothing seems to have been touched; it’s as if the last several months never happened. An alarm seems to be signaling. I can’t put a finger on it but something’s missing.

Seating myself in my favorite rocking chair, I glance around at my surroundings. Forcing my body to relax, I prepare myself to inhale for the first time since I entered her room. Opening my eyes, I take a deep breath.

Stunned I realize her scent is no where to be found. No traces of her aroma anywhere. She’s not here. Where in the hell is she?

Surrendering, my spirits fall in complete and utter despair. Heavily a breath leaves me as I rest my elbows on my knees and place my head in my hands. Dropping my shoulders forward I give into defeat. I can’t believe I’m too late. She’s gone.