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empty house

Alice POV: The night the Cullens go hunting and Edward and Bella are alone in the house, Alice has a vision of Bella's plan for the evening.


1. Chapter 1

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Emmett and Jasper are discussing the upcoming battle with newborns. Rosalie is pulling her hair back into a ponytail for the hunt. As I am sitting in the backseat of the jeep with Jasper, my mind wanders back home. I wonder what Edward and Bella will do tonight with the house all to themselves. I know Edward was planning to give Bella his mother's diamond heart. Even though I told him I saw she would accept his gift, Edward was still nervous.

I decide to look again to see if Bella changed her mind. Nothing has changed. I see Bella thanking Edward for both the gift and his heart. A new vision appears. It would seem that Bella has made her own plans for the evening.

"Alice?" Jasper asks, as I start to giggle. "What did you see, Alice?" I try to stifle my giggle and answer him. "Bella has decided to try to seduce Edward, tonight."

The jeep began to shake with Emmett's booming laughter. If he were human, without heightened vampiric senses and reflexes, he probably would have driven the jeep off the road and into a tree.

"At least one of them knows what to do in an empty house." Jasper manages to say through his own laughter. "I'm glad Edward can't read her mind. This should be good." Emmett barely calms down enough to ask, "How is she going to do it, Alice? I hope she has a good plan. She is going to need one if she wants to seduce our pure virgin brother." I frown. "She doesn't have a plan. She has no idea what to do."

"Well, what is she wearing?" Rose asks. "Oh no," I gasp. "Ugh. She is wearing old jeans and a flannel button down shirt. Why didn't I have this vision sooner? It had to be coming. We all could hear what happened that night after the hunting trip."

Jasper interrupts my rant. "Yeah. Bella's been feeling pretty frustrated lately. She wants it bad." Emmett chuckles.

"If only I had seen this before. I could have given her some sisterly advice." I said before being interrupted again, this time by Emmett. "Hey Rose, maybe you and Alice should have a little chat with Bella after we take care of the newborns. You could be very helpful in this area."

I didn't need to be psychic to know what Emmett was trying to do. He has been hoping Rose's feelings towards Bella will change. He has been trying to think of ways to bring them closer, especially since Rose told Bella her story. I thought of a way to help him and saw that it would work.

"Oh, Rose please," I begged. "It will be so much fun. We can take her shopping for some desperately needed lingerie." I see Bella blushing as Rose holds up a skimpy black lace nighty. "Thank you, Rose." Rose smiles slightly and replies, "After the upcoming battle, I'll really need a good shopping trip."

"Okay," I ask Rose, "What else will she need?" Rose answers, "She'll need a sexy new dress." I think about that. "A blue one. Edward loves her in blue. What else? Hmm. He really enjoyed seeing Bella in the stiletto prom night." I spent the remainder of the ride to the wilderness preserve thinking of all the wonderful shopping possibilities.