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Edward and Bella are a happy married couple expecting their first child when someone lurking from the shadows sets her eyes upon him. Will Edward be able to change what he has become? Will Bella be able to forgive?


1. Bella meets Edward

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Chapter one -Bella meets Edward-

I had been watching the clock over and over for the last two hours, I was already late. Jacob was going to kill me. He and his father Billy were cooking trout for dinner and they had driven all the way from Forks to spend Christmas Eve with Charlie and me. They had chopped a pine tree and were waiting for me to decorate it.

My dad wasn’t very happy about celebrating, he was still sad about my mom getting married to another man though it had almost been a year since she moved to Jacksonville with Phill.

Anyway, Jacob and Billy convinced him; Jacob called almost every day to add some pressure on Charlie’s back. He gave in. Jacob had always had that power on people, he could get almost anything he wanted just by being him; he was absolutely charming when he wanted to. And I say almost because he hasn’t got me, despite all his efforts. He has tried to win my heart since high school, but I’ve always considered him my little brother; a very good looking little brother I have to admit.

Jacob had been my friend since we were toddlers, we spent our childhood together and we left Forks almost at the same time. I came to med school at the University of Washington and a year later he reached too; it was obvious he would go for anything referral to cars and engines. Who would’ve thought that Jacob Black would become a mechanical engineer?

At ten o’clock, Angela appeared through the emergency room’s door; she was late as always. She was wearing a scrub with a big red nose reindeer stamped on the breast pocket. She had been my friend since Charlie and I arrived to the city. We had been roommates at premed and now we were working as residents in Internal Medicine at the Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. That day, Angela had the night shift and I had to wait for her before leaving.

“I’m so sorry Bella, I don’t want to ruin your dinner with your boyfriend…” She mocked after hugging me. “Traffic is awful!”

“Shut up, you know he’s not my type. And yes, you’re very late; I should’ve been out two hours ago!!! You’ll have to reward me later! Charlie and the Blacks must have turned my kitchen into a battle field by now.”

“Come here, you know you are dying to wish merry Christmas to your best friend. Give me a hug.” She answered sweetly.

I forgave her immediately, it was Christmas Eve, I couldn’t be angry. I changed my clothes swiftly and kept my wrinkled scrubs inside my bag. I waved the nurses goodbye and reached the exit as fast as a beam of light.

It was too cold outside, it had been snowing since 8 o’clock in the morning when I started my shift. The floor was slippery, very, very slippery. It was a reckless challenge for me to stand still knowing my complete lack of balance on my two feet even on dry grounds. I walked to Madison Street on the next block to the super market to get some wine and bread before reaching to the bus station. Jacob was supposed to pick me up in Renton at 9. I was already one hour late. My cell phone had been ringing for a while.

“Hello? Hi Jacob, I’m sorry, Angela was late again…. What? No, you don’t need to drive up here, down town is chaos right now. I’ll get home soon…. Yes Jacob, I’ve already bought the groceries you asked me for…. No, don’t worry, I’m alright, I haven’t slipped yet… OK, see you later, please tell Charlie I’m on my way, ask him not to panic…”

I ran as fast as I could to 9th and Spring Street to take the last bus. Considering I was carrying the groceries and my bag, I did pretty well without stumbling. When I got to the corner I found out that the bus was already leaving, my last chance to get home for Christmas Eve. I ran as fast as I could and committed one of the worst stupidities of my life, or perhaps, the best; I crossed the street line without watching that the green light was on.

A black vehicle skidded and I could only hear the tires spinning against the slippery floor. I was going to die there, just two blocks away from the nearest hospital. I closed my eyes and dropped the bags. And obviously, I slipped. Then, only silence; I thought I was dead and arrived to heaven. As I opened my eyes I saw the angel that would guide me through Heaven’s doors. He was absolutely gorgeous, green bright eyes, bronzed messy hair, thick eye brows, and his lips… what lips! As I moved my eyes from his face, I discovered that angels had very well shaped bodies as well. But wait a minute, I couldn’t be dead; my clothes were all wet and I started shivering. Dead people don’t shiver.

“Are you alright? Gosh! I thought I was going to kill you!” The angel spoke. He offered me his hand helping me to stand up. He was tall, very tall. And his smell…. He smelt like lavender, freesias and sun. After I recovered from his dazzling look, I shook the snow out of my coat. I wouldn’t have cared to get killed by that man, not meanwhile he was the one who guided me to Heaven.

“Yes I am fine thank you!” I answered angrily, not to let him now he had captivated me with his looks. “I just lost my last chance to get home for dinner, and I just have to thank you for that!”

“Me? It was you who crossed the street like a herd of crazy zebras, what were you thinking?”

He was right, it had been my fault. I couldn’t help it, I just started laughing. The bottles of wine were broken, the groceries all scattered through the pavement, my scrubs out of the bag... I was a complete mess in front of the perfect guy. He started laughing as well. He approached to me and removed a lock of my curly brown hair from my face.

“Let’s start all over again, I’m Edward Masen.” He said with a big smile extending his hand to shake mine.

“Isabella Swan, nice to meet you. But please call me Bella.”

“Merry Christmas Bella. I hope you didn’t break a bone or something.” He said before starting laughing again. He offered me his coat and helped me to pick up my stuff from the floor.

“I’m sorry you’re about to miss dinner because of me, please let me drive you home, it’s the least I could do.”

“Thank you, but I don’t take rides with strangers…” I mocked him. “No, seriously, you don’t need to; Jacob is waiting for me at the bus station at Renton and…”

“Oh, I see. Your boyfriend should take care of you better. There are lots of lunatics as myself around here, you know.”

“Oh no, Jacob is not my…, never mind. I guess I’ll accept your proposal, but only to the next bus station, we’ll catch my bus there.”

“Your wishes are my orders young lady.” He hurried to answer.

The inside of his luxury car was so cozy and warm. He was listening to classical music.

“Do you enjoy music Bella?” Edward asked.

“Of course, I do if you do.” He rolled his eyes and gave me a smirk. “You never heard that…” I mumbled nervously. My nerves were definitely playing with me, what kind of answer is that? My hands were sweaty and my heart was beating a thousand miles per hour. I was inside a car with the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, a beautiful stranger. Wait a minute, what if he was a serial killer? No, serial killers don’t look that way. “Yeah, classical music is great. Who is playing?”

“Me.” He replied when his car stopped behind my bus. Him? Was he a pianist? I didn’t have time to ask. He came out from the car and opened my door with chivalry.

“Well Bella, it’s been a pleasure. Make sure you get home safely. Merry Christmas, hope you still get home on time.”

I was speechless, I wished I had said yes to his offering of driving me all the way home. “Thank… thank you Edward, the pleasure has been all mine. Take care, merry Christmas.”

To my surprise, Jacob’s Beetle was parked just in front of us. He guessed I had missed my bus.

“Bella, I’m right here, hurry!” He shouted.

I took Edward’s coat of and returned it to him. “Thanks again, good night.”

“Good night Bella, hurry up, some one’s waiting for you.” Edward answered uncomfortably, sending an inquisitive look to Jacob.

I crossed the street and greeted Jacob, who had already gotten out from the car and was waiting for me with his arms wide opened. As he squeezed me tightly between his arms, I could see he sent a defiant look to Edward’s car as it speeded through the street.

“Who the hell was that?” He inquired jealousy. “And what happened to you? You’re completely wet! And you don’t bring the groceries with you.” I didn’t bring the groceries neither my bag, I had left it inside the stranger’s car.

“Long story… let’s just say I couldn’t finish the day without making a fool out of myself. Please tell me dinner is ready, I’m starving.”

“Ok, just promise you’ll never get inside a stranger’s car again, it’s too dangerous!” Jacob scolded.

“I won’t I promise, you mister know it all.”

When we arrived home, we found that Billy and Charlie had had their own party; they were snoring as bears wearing party hats. They had drunk the State’s stores of wine and beer and were nicely sleeping in the living room’s couch. Jacob and I ate the little food that was left and went to sleep afterwards. That night, I dreamt of Edward.

At two o’clock in the morning my cell phone rang and the best dream I’ve ever had was interrupted.

“Hello? Who is this?”

“Bella wake up! Tell me everything about him! Why didn’t you tell me about this Edward? He is absolutely hot!! Gorgeous, magnificent, an Adonis! Why did you keep him all for you? You never told me you had this thing for musicians!” Angela shouted.

“Come on Ange, it’s 2 in the morning. We’ll talk tomorrow.” I answered sleepy. I couldn’t wait to fall asleep again to continue dreaming of the fore mentioned Adonis. Wait a second did she say Edward? Was I still dreaming? “What are you talking about? How do you know Edward? Don’t tease me Angela!”

“Do you believe me capable of doing such a thing? I’m your best friend! I just called to tell you that you’ll need your night outfit for tomorrow, we’re going out. A very handsome man in a tuxedo will play the piano just for you. I’ll be your date of course.” My friend answered.

“What are you talking about? How did he? I don’t understand a thing.” I asked incredulous.

“He seems very interested in you, he just appeared in the emergency room. I’ll leave you now, another ambulance has just arrived; but tomorrow you have some serious explanation to do. Good night.” Angela hung the phone after that.

Obviously I couldn’t go back to sleep that night. I stayed in bed late in the morning. Billy and Jacob were gone when I reached the kitchen. Thankfully, Jacob had already cleaned up all their mess.

By seven, Angela was knocking at my door. She was wearing a short fancy dress.

“What? Don’t you like my dress? Perhaps he has a cellist friend or something.” She said blushing.

I was very excited, I’d never known anyone related to music and of course I’d never been invited to a concert before. That was crazy, I was completely sure I would never see him again and there I was sitting in the first row and he was going to play for me.

The concert had been magnificent, he was unbelievably talented. The whole audience stood up to applaud. Once in a while he sent me a pleased look, “Thank you for coming” I could read in his lips.

“Now what? Do we stay here? Do we leave?” I asked to Angela nervously.

“There’s no need for that, he’s coming. Could you please be more discrete? You haven’t stopped ogling at him.” She scowled.

Edward was being congratulated by his fellows and some people from the audience. He politely got rid of them and walked directly to me. He looked like a Calvin Klein model, my knees started to shake. He greeted us and introduced us to some of his friends; then Angela left us alone after thanking him for the invitation.

After changing his clothes, he invited me for dinner to Assaggio, an exclusive Italian restaurant I’d never been able to go for obvious reasons. My resident pay check was almost enough for paying debts.