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Forever Time

forever time banner 5 years after their tangle with the Volturi, the Cullens have moved to a little island a few hours north of Forks, where they, along with Jacob, have enrolled in highschool. When Jacob's troubled cousin comes to live with Jacob and Billy, they have to deal with her emotional healing and troubled past. Will they be able to befriend and proctect Jolene, even from herself? And what do they do about a new student in school who suspects them of being something more than human? i'm working on getting my latest chapters (I have written a bunch) but I'm not sure how long that will take as my laptop just took a dump, and everything I had is on there. I have been assured that I won't loose any data, but we still have to see! hopefully I'll have an update on the way within a few days! <3 ~ Kitty

AU, canon, regular pairings (e/b, a/j, r/e,r/j,c/e) rated teen for language and possible implied sexual situations later on, not sure yet.

1. Chapter 1: Introductions

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Edward Myer

I watched the faceless girl walking towards where I hid in the foliage, and shifted unconsciously into a crouch. I felt my muscles coil to spring, and in a flash I was on her.

I heard her cry out in alarm, but tuned it out as her yell of surprise turned quickly into a blood curdling scream.

My mouth unerringly found the warm pulse of her jugular vein at her neck, and my fangs tore the skin away from it. The thick red fluid quickly poured into my waiting mouth and down my throat. I hungrily sucked at the wound, trying to draw the warm life force faster from my victim, trying not to see the images of her painfully dull human life that flashed through my head as I drank…


I woke up with a start, my mouth still full of the taste of rust and salt, and I realized that I had bitten the inside of my cheek as I slept, and was tasting my own blood. I stretched and my hand bumped into the book I had fallen asleep reading. I picked it up, and unfolded the pages that I had accidentally bent whilst sleeping, then closed the book and looked at its cover. Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat… Guess it serves me right for reading vampire novels before bed.

Pulling the blankets aside, I groggily padded my way to my bathroom to release the pressure in my bladder that had built up overnight. Glancing in the mirror, I debated whether or not I needed to shave today. I did. I sighed heavily and grabbed my can of shaving cream, working the thick substance into a lather on my face. I shaved quickly, making sure that no stubble was left behind. I wanted to look the best I could manage, even if that wasn’t so impressive.

At 17 I could easily grow a full beard should I want to, but of course, what self respecting teenaged girl wants to date a boy with a full beard now a days? I critiqued myself in the mirror longer than I needed, desperately wishing for something to make me more than ordinary. I was, am, whatever, absolutely average looking. I’m short for boys my age, standing tall at 5’6”, 5’7” with shoes on. I’m not slim, but not overweight, maybe thicker than average, but most of that is in muscle mass. However, with being short, it makes me look wider, and gives the impression of being heavier set. My natural pallor is fair, although I tan up nicely when exposed to the sun, which I rarely ever am being a self proclaimed complete computer geek. My dark brown hair hung limp and straight down to my mid cheek bone, obscuring my shit brown eyes. My mother likes to say I’m so full of crap that my eyes reflect that. I’m the only one in my family with dark eyes. I grimaced painfully at the plain boy staring back at me out of the reflection. Oh well, I’d have to do. It’s not as though I can do much better!

I groaned internally as my alarm clock started blaring it’s warning that the time for school was getting nearer. I hurried up and dressed quickly scrambling downstairs with my book bag.

Luckily, my mom and sister weren’t up, so I was spared the 20 questions routine that surely would have ensued. I exchanged the simple morning pleasantries with my father as we both gulped down some coffee, then we were off, me to school, and him, to work.

I paused before climbing into my mini to stroke the Tahiti blue paint job. I simply LOVE this car. It is a 1998 Mini Cooper 1.3 MPi, with white bonnet stripes and a white roof. Simply beautiful. It was my parent’s gift to me for not throwing a fit over my folks moving me across the country from New Orleans to Anaheim, California, just as I was starting high school.

That was 3 years ago. This year we had just moved once again, but this time I was sort of happy about the move. Anacortes is a small island in northern Washington, but beautiful. I simply loved all the lush greenery around me, loved to listen to the rain, heck, I even loved that it was overcast. So far, I hadn’t found anything about Anacortes that I didn’t like.

I hoped today would follow that trend as I started my first day of school. It was half way through the school year, so I knew I would be causing somewhat of a stir, but I also am quite good at blending in with the scenery. No big deal.

I pulled into the parking lot of the smallest high school I had ever come across, parking across from a shiny silver Volvo, and a shiny red BMW M3 convertible. Both cars were beautiful, and obviously well cared for, but they were nothing compared to the group of teens who were disembarking from them.

There were 3 boys and 4 girls, and they were all heartbreakingly beautiful, even the boys. The girl I noticed first was a tall, statuesque and voluptuous woman with hair the color of shimmering gold. Her features were fine and perfect, almost looking as though she could have walked directly out of a modeling catalogue; only, she was so exquisite that her beauty would have made Heather Christensen look like my elderly grandmother. She hung on the arm of an exceptionally muscled boy who sported black curls. He had a goofy grin on his face, and I could tell by the way that his eyes crinkled as he whispered something to his beauteous companion that he was a man of exceptional good humor. Always finding someone to laugh with, or moreover, at. Next was a boy with pale wavy blond hair who was as tall as the first boy, but slimmer, yet still well muscled and dangerous looking. He glanced about them nervously, almost as if he were keeping an eye out for Genghis Khan’s horde to come galloping up. He swallowed reflexively, eyeing a plump girl in a band uniform as she passed him. As I watched them descretely his companion, a petite little pixie of a girl with short spiky black hair, pulled on his arm gaining his attention. He turned and looked at his own personal fairy, and smiled gently at her, raising his hand to stroke the tiny thing’s cheek. Somehow the gesture seemed so personal, so private a moment that I forced myself to look away uncomfortably. The last pairing consisted of a lanky boy with unkempt bronze hair and girl with waist length mahogany brown hair. He looked younger than the others I had observed before, but moved with a grace and certainty that I questioned my assessment of his age. He looked both the boy and a man at the same moment. The girl at whom he gazed at adoringly was in a wholly different class of beauty than the others. Not more beautiful, but something about her was softer, more approachable, but still indefinable. Something about her both screamed fragile and dangerous all at once. And as I said, they were all beautiful, and oddly they all looked similar, in a way. They were all ghostly pale, and all had similar shades of golden eyes, all wearing similar rings around their eyes, as though they had made a long night of it the previous evening.

The one girl who was the odd man out looked oddly like the boy with bronze hair, almost like they were either cousins or siblings. Her skin was slightly flushed, which I probably wouldn’t have noticed if her companions weren’t as white as sheets. She had the same color bronze hair as the boy, but it hung in long curls down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were a deep chocolate brown. She was frowning and biting her full lower lip as she held a small cell phone to her ear.

“Is Jake going to bring her here? Or is she going to school on the reservation?” The girl with the waist length brown hair asked the girl on the phone.

“She’s coming here. He says her parents want her going to a normal school, so she won’t have any issues with transcripts being screwy.” she said a moment later. “He also says it might be good for her to be with people who can predict a break from reality and help stop the break before it gets unmanageable.”

Ok, I wasn’t TRYING to eavesdrop, but I was stunned into immobility by their beauty, so it was kind of involuntary. I couldn’t help it. I watched them walk towards the school, the bronze boy with his arm around the waist of the brown haired girl, the black haired girl towing the blond boy by their joined hands, the boy with the black curls putting his arm over the shoulder of the blond girl, and the other around the girl on the phone. They all were inhumanly graceful as they floated over the asphalt and onto the sidewalk.

They made me feel plain in the extreme. I have known a few girls who have described me as cute (personally I always thought they were somehow touched in the head as I knew how absolutely average I really look), but next to this entire grouping of teens, I would look like a rusty old tricycle next to a beautiful Harley. Not even the same species.

Thinking of them as inhuman and different species, I felt my heart rate pick up quickly, and I imagined the bronze haired boy in my place in my dream, with fangs sinking into the neck of a warm, luscious young girl. I shook my head to clear my mind of that image, scolding myself internally for letting my imagination run wild. GEEZE Edward. Get a grip on yourself. Maybe I should stop reading vampire novels, if I am going to start imagining all my new classmates as vampires. Maybe I should reread Ender’s Game or Moon is a Harsh Mistress again…

As I glanced back toward the group, I noticed that the bronze haired boy had stopped and turned to stare directly at me, his eyes unreadable, although amazingly he looked even whiter than he had before. He looked a little menacing, and I had to wonder whether or not I had spoken my thoughts aloud and if he had heard them, then I realized that even if I HAD spoken aloud, there was no way he SHOULD have heard me. Yet there he stood, glaring at me darkly…