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Forever Time

forever time banner 5 years after their tangle with the Volturi, the Cullens have moved to a little island a few hours north of Forks, where they, along with Jacob, have enrolled in highschool. When Jacob's troubled cousin comes to live with Jacob and Billy, they have to deal with her emotional healing and troubled past. Will they be able to befriend and proctect Jolene, even from herself? And what do they do about a new student in school who suspects them of being something more than human? i'm working on getting my latest chapters (I have written a bunch) but I'm not sure how long that will take as my laptop just took a dump, and everything I had is on there. I have been assured that I won't loose any data, but we still have to see! hopefully I'll have an update on the way within a few days! <3 ~ Kitty

AU, canon, regular pairings (e/b, a/j, r/e,r/j,c/e) rated teen for language and possible implied sexual situations later on, not sure yet.

2. Chapter 2: Escape

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Chapter 2


Jolene Austin

I felt a sigh escape me as the plane touched down in Port Angeles. I was glad that I would get away from the strangers on the plane, and I was also glad that I was going to stay with my cousin Jacob and Uncle Billy. (Well, they aren’t REALLY my family, but Jacob’s mom, auntie Terri, was my godmother, so as far as my family was concerned, Jacob and Billy were family.) I knew that with my cousin and uncle I wouldn’t have to pretend things were all peachy like I did with my parents. Seeing me upset worries my mom, and that started all the visits with therapists again, unhelpfully dredging up memories I just want a break from now. It just angers my father, who winds up fuming and raging, wanting to find the… Well… Wanting retribution.

I swallowed back the thought that unwillingly almost erupted in my mind, and caused the room to sway lightly and the edges of my vision start to blur, like I was trying to look through a foggy window. I can’t afford another one of THOSE episodes, and that was why I flew up from LA, to allow me time to heal and start over without reminders.

“CUZ!” I heard Jacob’s bellow as I passed through the security gate at the airport, heading towards the baggage carousel. I eyed him leaning against a post near the carousel. He waved at me, but not in an enthusiastic, happy manner. Rather, he was just making sure I saw him, not that passing him over would have been possible. He towered over everyone in the entire airport. Good Lord, that boy seems to have ingested miracle grow. I bit the edge of my lip, hefting my backpack more securely onto my back, and headed towards him, knowing that he would be both my security blanket and therapist for a while. Somehow, talking to Cousin Jake was easier than talking to any therapist, even when the things I told him had him trembling with anger and threatening to burst out of his human form.

YEP, I said human form. My cousin, or god brother, or whatever you want to call him, is a werewolf. I discovered that 2 weeks ago, when we flew up to Washington from California, taking a “vacation,” as we went to check out a topnotch mental health facility nearby. It wasn’t that my possibly imminent incarceration in the facility upset him, it was the reasoning WHY…

I stopped that musing before it could get going… AGAIN. I could see that not thinking about it will be harder than I thought, even though it seems to be easier to do when I’m around Jake.

As I neared closer to Jake, the true immensity of his size overwhelmed me once again. I only stand 5’1”, and he is probably close to 7 or 8 feet tall. Truly. Freakish.

“Hey Jake.” I said quietly as I walked up to him. If he weren’t a werewolf with unnaturally enhanced hearing, he probably wouldn’t have heard me at all.

“Jo.” He said simply as he put his sheltering arm around my shoulders, and rubbed it, as if he were trying to warm me, which made me laugh. As if his sweltering body heat wouldn’t have done that all on its own! “Do you have many bags?” He said, gesturing to the carousel.

“Just what you see here.” I said, pointing to the backpack on my back. It held my computer, my IPod, my personal information like school transcripts and medical information, and my wallet, which contained a five thousand dollar VISA gift card. The last was a gift from my folks, letting me start over from scratch, complete with new wardrobe and all. I had three pairs of sweats and plain t shirts, bought the night before my trip here, which included the set I wore presently.

“You moved to Washington with one backpack full of clothes?” He asked, eyeing me dubiously. “You do realize that La Push isn’t a NUDIST reserve, right?” he said, deliberately trying to lighten the mood. It worked.

“Thank GOD for that. I don’t even want to IMAGINE Billy in the buff.” I said, shaking slightly with the thought. Jacob mimed a gag.

“EW! GROSS! I need to be able to drive back to La Push, not be puking for the next few hours.” Jake said as he relieved me of my backpack. I frowned at him, but decided not to argue. What’s the point? If he really wanted to keep the bag from me, all he would need to do it hold it high enough that I couldn’t reach it, and considering he had easily 2 FEET of height on me, that would be more than easy to do.

We walked out of the terminal to his car. It was an old VW Rabbit. I stared at the tiny car, then at Jacob, then back at the car, trying not to laugh as I envisioned him crammed into it like a clown in a clown car. I almost pictured trying to extricate him from the tiny thing with a crowbar.

“What?” He eyed me suspiciously.

“Nothing. Just picturing you driving this thing. Do you hang your legs out the windows?” I say with a grin.

“Heyyyy don’t knock my car. Until you have your own set of wheels, you have to ENVY mine, so be quiet or I won’t drive you anywhere. You can stay on the rez, dealing with PAUL and the rest of Sam’s pack!” He threatened. I knew he wouldn’t be that mean to me, but the threat was enough to silence me.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, he finally found the nerve to talk. “Sooo, do you want to stick around the rez today? Or do you want to go to school with me? I promised you the last time you were out that I’d introduce you to Nes and her family.” He said, alluding to his mysterious girlfriend.

I shrugged. “It doesn’t make much sense for me to sit around the rez if you need to go to school.” I said indifferently. “I don’t have anything to put away, so it’s not like I need tons of time unpacking, and at least school would be a welcome break. There won’t be too many people bothering me because I’m the new girl, will there?” I said looking to him for reassurance. The last thing I wanted to do is to have to even CONTEMPLATE explaining to strangers why I’d moved. He laughed darkly in response to my question,

“If you stick to hanging out with Nes’ family, no one will bother you the ENTIRE time you’re here. Trust me on that.” He said ominously. I felt as though I was missing the joke.

“Are they werewolves too?” I asked in a small voice. I could still remember the last time I was here, how violently he had reacted to my parents explaining that I was going through a complete mental break and hadn’t talked for a month and a half due to what was done to me. He grew so angry his whole body trembled with fury. Then suddenly, he ran out of the house faster than I had thought was possible, and half way to the forest, he had burst into his wolf form, sending the shreds of his clothes flying like little bits of confetti through the air. That was the day I started talking again. Around someone kind like Jacob, who could do what Jacob could, I knew I would be safe.

He laughed again. “No. They only wish they were that cool.” And I could tell from his words that he wouldn’t go further than that.

I decided not to delve further, and switched topics. “Are we far from the school? Like, would I be able to take a nap before we get there? Or are we almost there?” I took my long black hair and started to plait it, winding it into a thick rope to keep it out of my face.

“You can sleep. It’s about an hour or so from here. Just rest and I’ll wake you when we get close.” He said, reaching over and rubbed my back, trying to comfort me. “I’m glad you’re here Jo. Don’t worry about a thing. Between me and the Cullens, you’ll be absolutely safe. They’re good people.” He grinned at yet another obvious inside joke, one which I was not privy to. I just frowned at him, and nodded my assent. I scrunched down in my seat, and let oblivion take me for the rest of the ride.