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Forever Time

forever time banner 5 years after their tangle with the Volturi, the Cullens have moved to a little island a few hours north of Forks, where they, along with Jacob, have enrolled in highschool. When Jacob's troubled cousin comes to live with Jacob and Billy, they have to deal with her emotional healing and troubled past. Will they be able to befriend and proctect Jolene, even from herself? And what do they do about a new student in school who suspects them of being something more than human? i'm working on getting my latest chapters (I have written a bunch) but I'm not sure how long that will take as my laptop just took a dump, and everything I had is on there. I have been assured that I won't loose any data, but we still have to see! hopefully I'll have an update on the way within a few days! <3 ~ Kitty

AU, canon, regular pairings (e/b, a/j, r/e,r/j,c/e) rated teen for language and possible implied sexual situations later on, not sure yet.

3. Chapter 3: Rage and Control

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Chapter 3

Rage and Control

Edward Cullen

As we drove to the school, my daughter’s cell phone began to ring.

My daughter. That still felt so strange a concept to me. After a century of being alone, having Bella by my side was strange enough, let alone having a child after a century of thinking myself incapable of procreation. My girls… I sighed happily to myself. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

I thought back to 5 years ago, and standing in the clearing waiting for the Volturi to come and massacre my entire family. I never really believed we would survive that day, let alone that I would have the chance to have seen my daughter grow enough physically that she looked almost as old as I am, physically that is.

Now here I sit, listening as she answers her boyfriend’s phone call.

Boyfriend. Ugh. Just thinking of Jake as her BOYFRIEND now still makes me uncomfortable. I don’t even WANT to know if their relationship has become physical in any manner. There are just some things that a father doesn’t want to think about with their child!

'Daddy… ' Nessie thought at me, to get my attention. I met her eyes in the rearview mirror as I pulled into the parking spot at the same time that Rosalie pulled into the spot next to me. Nessie allowed me to hear her conversation with Jacob through the medium of her thoughts. Jacob was picking up his cousin Jolene from the airport, and was bringing her straight here from the airport.

We all got out of the car, with Nessie still on the phone with Jacob. I took Bella’s hand as she walked around the car, taking care to walk with human speed, noticing the young boy who pulled in across from us in the blue Mini Cooper. As the others were getting out of Rosalie’s car, Bella called out to our daughter.

“Is Jake going to bring her here? Or is she going to school on the reservation?”

“She’s coming here. He says her parents want her going to a normal school, so she won’t have any issues with transcripts being screwy.” she said a moment later. “He also says it might be good for her to be with people who can predict a break from reality and help stop the break before it gets unmanageable.” She eyed me and Jasper meaningfully. Jacob had told us the whole harrowing story two weeks ago, and the nature of the story was such that even Rosalie had no qualms with protecting the frail human girl. She all but growled in protective anger whenever anyone would mention the girl.

“Is he sure she’s ready for this?” I asked her in a low tone that would have been inaudible for any of the human children who were mulling around the school. Nessie relayed my query to Jacob, and waited for his response.

“No, he isn’t sure, but she doesn’t want to sit around the res and have too much time to let her mind be idle. He also said he’s really trying to hype her up to know she’ll be safe with us too.” Nessie responded as we all started making our way toward our classrooms. I wrapped my arm around Bella, and pulled her closer to me, kissing her softly on her neck, and eliciting a giggle from her that sounded like the pealing of bells. Alice danced along next to Bella and me, dragging Jasper behind us as she went. She was vacillating back and forth between listening to our conversation, and trying to decipher what Jasper was going to be getting her for their upcoming anniversary. He hadn’t decided yet, so she still wasn’t able to see, and it was making her irritable. My sister was so predictable. Emmett put his arm over Rosalie’s shoulder, and the other around Nessie’s shoulder, pulling them both forward. I sighed in annoyance and shut Emmett out as his mind wandered to his and Rose’s activities from the night before.

It was then that a new “voice” drew me from the conversation with my family. I tried to tune it out right away, but the image the boy conjured froze me in my tracks. He pictured me. And not only did he picture me, but he pictured me feeding. Feeding not upon animals, but upon a faceless young girl. My breath hitched in my throat as the image brought the burn to my throat, and brought the monster within me clawing to the surface. My venom welled in my mouth as the image brought with it the tangy and rich taste of human blood. I turned to face the boy, when he sent yet another shock my way when he “called” me in his mind.

'GEEZE Edward. Get a grip on yourself.' It registered faintly that there was more to his thoughts at that point, but the red haze of the blood lust blocked it out, and I struggled to hold back the low growl that was building in my throat. Instantly Jasper registered the change in my emotions, and a wave of tranquility hit me, as Bella quickly put her arms around me and started murmuring calming words.

“Emmett! Help me get him out of here!” Bella issued in a low tone. “The rest of you stay here for when Jacob gets here. We’ll meet you at home. Alice!” She quickly hooked my keys out of my pocket and tossed them to Alice. Then I felt Emmett and Bella tug me away. The boy stared at me in horror during the entire exchange.


My senses had returned completely to me by the time we reached the small grove near the school. Bella and Emmett stood in between me and the high school warily, almost as though they expected me to make a break from them and rush at the boy. Admittedly, the thought had crossed my mind, but I pushed that thought as far from my mind as I could, and focused on the sound of Bella’s breathing. As always, she was my calming center, my security blanket.

“I’m fine.” I said quietly as I placed a shaky hand into Bella’s hand, giving it a gentle squeeze, but not letting go.

“Edward, what WAS that? What happened?” My Bella asked, concern for my sanity obviously displayed on her face.

I gulped nervously as I tried to think of how to explain what had come over me in that moment without becoming angry again. Emmett bought me a few moments to compose my thoughts.

“Well, we always knew he was cracked, guess it’s just becoming more obvious now.” Emmett said with a nervous chuckle. “Either that, or he’s found himself a new singer, and he’s a baritone!” Emmett’s laugh gradually took on a more natural tone as the thought really took hold of him. I didn’t even ATTEMPT to control the growl issuing from deep within me.

“FOCUS, Emmett.” Bella said, letting her annoyance color her voice. “Edward?” Her eyes never left my face. Looking deep into her eyes, I found the calm I needed to voice what I had heard and saw in his thoughts.

“That human boy was watching us, and although right now he’s writing off the pictures that are coming into his mind as his imagination, he’s not far off from the truth. He pictured me… feeding.” I heard them both suck in a breath as the realization of what this meant hit them.

“Do we have the leave soon?” Bella said slowly, upset that we would have to pull up roots so early.

“HOW can we leave?” Emmett said, “Jacob’s cousin is coming here! We made a commitment to him to help protect the girl!” I raised my eyebrow at him, questioning silently why he would suddenly care about protecting a human girl he had never seen before. He saw my face and looked away. It’s Rose, Edward. She sees protecting this girl as a way to gain a small piece of her humanity back, and makeup for everything she inflicted on Bella before…” He let his mind-voice trail off. I caught an image of Rosalie shaking with rage and despair after we had been told Jolene’s story, and Emmett desperately trying to comfort her. It was obvious that she was in some small part of her brain, reliving those horrible last human moments of hers. I knew without a question just by seeing Rosalie like that in Emmett’s mind that leaving because of the boy would be impossible. Rosalie was committed to protecting Jolene, and the Cullen family would protect Rosalie. But how do we deal with this boy who was much more aware of us at first glance than any human had a right to be? How do we keep the truth from him, when he had figured out our secret after only observing us for a very short time? He might chalk up his observations to an overactive imagination, but given an extended length of time around us, he wouldn’t be bought off so easily.

I sat back and tried to think of what had called me to listen to him in the first place when I was trying, and being fairly successful, at blocking everyone else out. I had been so focused on listening to Nessie talk, and to the charge of electricity that was surging between my hand and Bella’s back.

It had taken most of my concentration not to dash off to the woods with her and loose myself in our union. Just the memory of that electrical current flowing between us made me giddy with anticipation. Later… stick with it for a few hours Edward my boy. Then you’ll go home and be able to steal off to the cottage with your beautiful wife and… I could tell by the look that Bella was giving me that she knew what I was thinking. Carefully, I could feel the tentative tendrils of her thoughts as she hefted her mind’s shield away from itself so she could send me an unspoken message.

Tonight my love. And her mind played back images of the night before with perfect clarity. She smiled gently, bit her lip, and averted her eyes. An action that would surely have brought forth her easy blush, where she still human. Then again, were I a human, so would I have.

“HEY! Earth to Edward and Bella! Stop making goo-goo eyes at one another and pay attention! We need you two to focus! What do we do about this boy?” Emmett growled in frustration, still entirely on edge. “We could just take care of the boy and…” Emmett was cut off as Bella whirled around to face him, moving so fast that her movements didn’t even register to MY eyes.

“ ‘Take CARE of the boy?’ Like he’s some unwanted puppy we can just take to the kennel and put down?! Nice Emmett, REALLY nice…” I could almost see flames in her eyes as she rounded on Emmett, her fury plainly evident, even to someone as oblivious as Emmett.

Before her change, I would have found Bella’s barely contained rage against Emmett’s callousness completely hilarious. But since her change, gone were the days of her laughable kittenish anger. She now exhibited a cold fury equal to that of angry tiger. I could almost see a flash of fire or lightning dance across her eyes with the force of her venomous glare at my witless brother. I did, however, have to laugh as a hulking brute like Emmett felt the reflexive need to take a step backward, as my tiny Bella advanced on him.

I do have to admit, though, even I felt momentarily terrified of her.

“Euthanasia is NOT an option Emmett. If we need to flee, we’ll flee. We’ll find another way to protect Jo if needs be, but we will NOT debase ourselves because of an overly perceptive boy. Am. I. Making. My. Self. Clear?” she punctuated the last sentence with sharp jabs at Emmett’s beefy chest with each syllable, and he flinched. I had to cover my mouth with both hands to stop from laughing, and still, a small squeak left my lips. She whirled around on me.

“SO glad you find this amusing, Edward.” I felt the mirth drain from me like water running through a sieve.

“Sorry Love.” We all took a moment to breathe and collect our thoughts. Finally, I broke the silence. “Look, I don’t think the boy is going to be a problem. I’m not saying we should forget about him, quite the opposite in fact. We need to keep an eye on him. But I, for one, vote we do nothing at this point. I admit I got steamed up back there, but I got the feeling that he isn’t the sort to go running through the hills shouting for the townsfolk to grab wooden stakes and garlic. I think, THINK, we’re ok for now.”

Bella turned to face me. “Edward, are you ok to go to class?” I shook my head no.

“That boy’s mental projection ignited more than just my wrath.” I gulped reflexively, trying to quell the burning ache in the back of my throat. Needlessly to say, with that image running in my head over and over, and the perfect recollection of how the blood of such a girl WOULD taste, I failed miserably.

“Em, I think it’s ok. You can head to class. I’ll take care of Edward.” Bella addressed to Emmett, before turning to me and offering me her hand. “Come, my love. Let’s hunt.”