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The Cullen Brothers

Guess what happens when Alice wins a radio contest and drags Bella and Rose along with her to meet the three members of the boy group, The Cullen Brothers. Cannon-some OCC!!!

This is a story reedit!!! I should be able to post a chapter almost daily!!

1. Chapter 1

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"Bella," Rose screamed at the top of her lungs.

I was still lying here all comfortable and warm in my bed, void of any reasons to escape the confines of it so fast.

"What, Rose?" I shouted back in response.

"Time to get your butt up for school," she said, waltzing in through my bedroom door. "Your alarm went off over twenty minutes ago."

I reached for my covers to pull them up over my head to hide the daylight and my overbearing sister. The alarm started going off again, so I stretched out my arm without looking, feeling all around my bed stand. I heard the noise stop before I got the chance to hit the button.

"Now quit hitting the snooze button. I don't want to be late again," She called out as she left my room to go get finished getting ready for school.

"But I don't wanna," I said to myself, kicking and flailing my legs under the covers as a silent, last fight against the tyranny known as school.

I knew she was right. One more of the late starts and we would both be finding ourselves in detention… Again.

Luckily we got to school with hardly any time to spare. School these days was getting to be boring, tedious at best. Like every other day, I spent all my time with my two best friends. See there was me Isabella Swan(Bella for short), and then there was my twin, completely gorgeous Rosalie. We looked nothing alike being fraternal twins and all. Most people were unable to even tell that we have the same parents. Rose, was the epitome of beauty, she had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a body that every boy drooled over and every girl envied. We are polar opposites. I was clumsy, dull brown hair and eyes. I really did not think that I was God awful ugly or anything, but when you are constantly compared to Rose you don't exactly feel like a beauty queen.

To finish up our little threesome, was our best friend Alice Brandon. What could I say to describe Alice? She has been Rose and my best friend since the seventh grade. She had spiky black hair, she was really cute and petite in every way. Her personality was spunky and had energy like the energizer bunny. Let's just say, she was without the need to ever have caffeine. I had other friends also, but the three of us were thick as thieves, we were inseparable.

Rose and I were walking out of Spanish and with still with no sign of Alice today, we were both starting to get a little worried.

"Did she call you and tell you she wasn't coming?" I asked Rose, while the two of us were walking towards the cafeteria.

"No, I even tried her home, cell, text and nothing. I haven't heard from her at all," Rose said. She was looking at her cell phone again to see if she had any messages.

"Rose. Bella," Alice called out from across the lunch room.

"Alice, where have you been?" I said, as we were walking closer to her. I opened my mouth to ask her something else as I was abruptly cut off. "What are.."

"I was up all night trying to get these tickets to the concert," she said, sounding hesitated and tired.

"What concert?" I asked.

"The Cullen Brothers," she said shrieking.

I rolled my eyes and moaned.

"I heard that," she spat back at me.

"Alice, I will never understand your obsession with those three," I sarcastically smirked at her.

"What?" She said practically biting my head off. She had turned her attention away from me for the moment.

Rose made her way over to where Alice was seated . She tapped her on the shoulder before asking, "Alice, what are you doing?"

"Oh, well they are giving away the last set of tickets today at noon, so I have to listen to call in," she answered. Her ear was placed up flush with the radio.

Just then a booming voice came out of her radio as she increased the volume. "The tenth caller wins four backstage passes to the Cullen Brothers concert tomorrow night," the voice on the radio stated.

Rose and I both looked over at Alice ,while she was jumping up and down and screaming her head off.

"Oh my God, oh my God," she shrieked. Quickly she started hitting numbers on her cell phone,

"Quiet, Alice, how much soda have you had today?" I said questioning her, while looking around the room trying to hide my embarrassment.

"None I swear. I only had two Red Bulls," she stated, while holding the cell phone up to her ear and listening to the ringing.

"Alice," Rose and I said in unison.

"What? Shhhh. I'm trying to hear," She said quite bluntly.

I just stood there placing my hands on my hips and rolling my eyes at her. Alice can be so difficult some times, but I know better than to cross her.

She could be worse than a demon Tinkerbell.

"Hello, you are caller ten," the voice on the phone beamed..

"Wha…What!" Alice said, screaming so loud that I was sure that everyone within a ten mile radius could probably hear.

"Well it seems that someone is very happy to be going…." he said being once again cut off by her screaming.

"Oh my God," Alice said, while seeming to be in sort of a trance like state.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Alice, Alice Brandon" she said, screaming back into the phone.

"Well, Alice," he laughed while continuing, "you and three of your friends are going to have a great time with a private meet and greet with the boy's."

Alice and Rose were now jumping up and down looking like total idiots. I just lowered my head to avoid any further embarrassment from the likes of these two.

"Thank you, thank you," Alice said into the phone.

As soon as the line disconnected Alice turned around while looking at both Rose and I while saying, "I cannot wait…The Cullen Brothers…Girls are you not freaking out or what?"

"Oh, that Emmett," Rose swooned while continuing, "he is so hot."

"Don't even get me started about Jasper, I could go on, and on, and on , and.." I cut her off while she was on one of her delusional OCD(obsessive Cullen Disorder) rants.

"Alice, yeah who are going to be the three other friends that you are taking?" I asked, hoping to possibly exclude myself from this adventure.

"Well Rose and you, of course," she explained. She looked at me with an expression that would likely call out 'duh'.

Crap, she wanted me to go.

"No, I am not, that is just straight torture," I stated while going on with my plea, "I would rather make out with Mike Newton for two hours straight than go to that concert."

"Oh, yes you are," Rose said, demanding.

I decided a little pity might be needed to sway the jury.

"Come on, Rose, Alice, it's bad enough when you two force me on your marathon shopping trips, but the Cullen Brothers?"

"Bella, my dear wonderful sister," Rose started off.

I thought at first she was going to be begging like Alice for me to go, but quickly went all south from there.

"You are going to go and before you even start to object let me tell you why," she said trying to dictate to me.

I rolled my eyes and she apparently noticed my frustration while whispering, "first, because Mom and Dad will not let me go unless both of us go to Seattle overnight. Second, because you will have fun. And lastly, if you don't do this for me, I will just have to tell on you to our parents about someone staying out till three o'clock in the morning last weekend at the party down at La Push."

"Great," I replied.

Blackmail. I didn't know she had it in her.

"I guess I am being forced into this with my arms tied behind my back. Fine, but I am not happy about this," I said, whining.

I stomped my foot like a five year old not getting a piece of candy at a store. I knew that I had lost this battle.

"Girls, you know what this means?" Alice asked, while raising an eyebrow towards me.

"Shopping," Rose and Alice said in unison.

"God, I must have been really bad in my last life to deserve all of this," I said while fuming.