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Thought I never see you again, my brother

What if Bella was a volturi princess and Carlisle is a brother to her? what if the Cullens will be living with the volturi for the first time? Will Edward fall for Bella?

Okay, so i hope you'll enjoy this!!!

1. Chapter 1

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"Princess Isabella, there are visitors wanting to talk to talk to you." Demitri informed me as early as two in the morning. I groaned.

"Have you forgotten, Demitri? Visiting hours starts at nine in the morning. You just disturbed your highness in her study." I complained as I set my book aside to face one of the loyal guards.

"My apologies your highness. But the leader is very demanding. He's been demanding to see you." he explanied. Demanding? Very familiar to me.

"Is he blonde?" I asked as I stood up and put on my coat. Demitri noded and I smiled widely. "Golden eyes?" I pressed making sure. He noded again and I beamed. "Such a wonderful surprise my brother!" I exclaimed as I ran my way to the throne room where they were waiting. Demitri shot me a confused look as I ran passed him to the throne room as fast as I can.

I didn't even waited for Felix to open the door as I approached the throne room. When I did, I saw six unfamiliar backs and one familiar back.

They turned to face me when they heard the door open and I laurched myself to my dear old brother's arms.

"Carlisle! Such a wonderful surprise you've given me!" I said as I huged him. Herculis, my father and creator and the king, chuckled at my delight.

I felt Carlisle laughed softly and turned to look at me. "I'm happy to see you too, Bella." he said and hugged me once again.

It is just now that I took notice of a lovely lady beside him and I gasped in realization. "You must be Esme! Such a lovely and adorable mate for dear old Carlisle!" I said and she bowed her head to me. "No. Don't bow. We're family." I said. She noded. She was just so lovely. Heart shapped face and caramel colored hair.

"I'm glad to finally meet you, Bella. Carlisle told me a lot about you." she said and wound an arm around Carlisle's waist.

I was about to give them more joyful words when Herculis interrupted me. "Now Bella, why don't you take your seat and introduce yourself to our guests formally?" I noded and went to seat at my throne at the right of Herculis with a silent Aro at his left and cius and Marcus at the back.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let us take our seats as Princess Isabella introduce herself to one of the most respected coven in our world." Herculis began and I noded and cleared my throat in my seat.

"My greetings to our dear guests. I am Princess Isabella, thankful for your visit. Now, may you introduce yourselves to me so we can get along each other." I said as I noded towards a blonde looking girl.

"I am Rosalie Hale Cullen, your highness." she said in a windchime voice. I smiled warmly at her and proceeded to a built man by her side. "Emmett. Emmett Cullen. Nice to meet you, your highness." he said in deep bass voice. I smiled.

Next was a hungry looking bloonde male. "Jasper Halle Cullen, ma'am." he said with a southern hint in his voice. Next was a tiny looking little girl with spiky hair and she was looking thrilled as I was. "I'm Alice Cullen. It'll be so nice for us to be friends." she sain in a hyper tone.

"of course, dear Alice. We shall be great friends." I said as I noded at the last and most beautiful from the buch. He was just too beautiful that it was hard to bear. He had a copper colored hair and those amazing features. I smiled at him and I heard Herculis chuckle.

"I'm Edward Cullen. The pleasure is mine." he said and I looked away trying to hide my smile.

"So, Bella, no plans in thefuture?" Carlisle asked as we were settled in comfortably. I laughed. Of course he was meaning marrying. I shook my head.

"No. What's the rush?" I asked him he laughed. "I was just wondering. For so long that you've lived, you never found a mate to satisfy yourself." he chuckled. "You haven't change at all, Carlisle." I said as I looked around. Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper went hunting somewhere away so that left me, Carlisle, Esme, and Alice. And Edward in the throne room.

"You know, Carlisle, I have always been satisfied here. I have tons of men to play with and a hundred more outside to choose from. What can I ask for?" I said with a laugh. I'm not even sure if I really heard it but I think I heard small growl from Edward's chest. I wasn't sure.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and months turned to years, I was having a great time spending time with the cullens especially edward. we've been really close at some point that sometimes we were inseperable. i enjoy his presence. he's quiet, sweet, gentl, and musical. though sometimes, i don't understand why he sometimes walks out the room and commits in being alone for some hours.

"do you think its possible for us to be what Carlisle thinks?" he asked for one second when we were sitting on the grass as the sun was setting.

"what do you mean?" i asked as he leaned closer to me. "Edward, what are you doing?" I asked him as he inched the psace between us.

"You don't realize how much attention you have for me, Bella. ever since we met." he mumbled as he cradled my face.

"I thought it was just me who's thinking that." i said as i felt his hand roam around my back.

"you don't even realize the way you look tempting to me, my Bella." he said as i loked my e=arms behind his neck. I chuckled.

"i can't resist it anymore Bella. I'm in love with you. I love you. and I want you. now." he said before his lips crushed into mine.

i kissed him back passionately and rolled over him so i can get better access. he moaned as he felt my tougne entered his mouth and i felt hishands undo my dress from behind. soon, i was the one undoing my dress while he was undoing his without breaking the kiss. soon we were both naked and rolling on the grass.