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Eclipse of the Heart

Continues on from Twilight, ignoring New Moon. Edward leaves Bella for her own good. Will they ever see each other again?


1. Chapter 1

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Charlie was still being difficult. He blamed Edward for my sudden departure and the subsequent accident. How wrong he was! I wished I could tell him Edward had saved my life; was my life but Charlie could never know the truth. I often wondered how he would feel if he knew everything about my unconventional new life here in Forks. Would he be scared, furious or would he see a way to be happy that I was happy and in love. Happy. I should be happy but something about the way that Edward was acting had me feeling stressed and more than a little scared. He had promised me, in the hospital, that he wouldn't leave me, that he would be around as long as I wanted him but I couldn't shake the uneasy feeling I got every time he looked at me, always with the same pained expression. He tried to hide it but I knew his face so well. Edward was tormented by my recent accident and blamed himself. I was probably being irrational but I felt like I was going to lose him sometime soon. I was a nervous wreck. Edward hadn't hunted since we got back to Forks; he didn't want to leave me but I could tell that the lack of blood was really starting to take its toll on him, so, I demanded he accompany Jasper and Emmett. I could tell he wasn't happy but he left with them all the same after calling Alice to come look after me. I hated the constant babysitting. It made me feel like a 7 year old but it made Edward happy, so, I went along with it. I decided to talk to Alice. Maybe she would know what was wrong with Edward. I would get as much information out of her as I could. Part of me was scared; would I really want to know what was going on in Edwards head? I didn't think I did but it had to be better than not knowing anything. That really would drive me crazy. 'Alice' 'Yes Bella?' 'Has Edward said anything to you, about me?' 'He always talks about you Bella. You're the number one topic of conversation as far as Edward's concerned.' 'Alice, stop teasing! That's not what I meant.' 'What did you mean Bella?' 'Has he said anything about the whole thing with James? I get the feeling he's still very upset.' 'Of course he's upset. We all are. You could have died Bella. Do you even realise that?' 'Yes Alice. I'm sorry' I sighed. 'But has he said anything to you about going away? Have you seen any visions of him leaving?' 'Relax Bella, Edward wouldn't leave you. It's going to be fine.' 'Alice, I...' 'Enough Bella, chill out. Let's go see a movie in Port Angeles. As I got ready for the movie, I was painfully aware that Alice had not actually answered my question about Edward leaving. She had told me not to worry but how could I not? Something bad was on the horizon, I could feel it.