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Games of Fate

There are those that want to use her.
There are those that want to protect her.
Why is a seven year old girl so important? Vampires, werewolves, military men, and a small child all will come together and their choices will either save or kill them all.

I do not own nor do I make money from the twilight world. I do however play in that playground.

3. Chapter 3: Homeless Help & Escape Routes

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Peeking around the corner of the bakery, I can see a couple of homeless guys sitting by the back door. I guess there won’t be any breakfast for me today. I place my back against the wall and slide down until my butt hit’s the pavement. Well, this really sucks. I glance back at the guys in the alley.

“So then I tell her “I’ll give you the rest of this bottle if you’ll…”

I hear them talking, and wonder if they’ll be leaving soon. Probably not because Angela hasn’t put out the day-old donuts yet. They’re hungry just like me. The one with his back to me keeps on talking, but the one in front of him notices me over his friends shoulder.

“Bella? Is that you, honey?” The dirty man calls to me, and I recognize his voice. It was Eric. I first met Eric last year. He found me in a dumpster I was hiding in. My Dad was mad because I interrupted my mom’s “consultation” with a client because I wanted dinner. I didn’t want to get my ass beat again so I ran. Of course, Phil ran after me, but I managed to jump in a dumpster without him noticing. Eric found me there hours later, and took care of me. I slept with him in his little home under the bridge in the park that night. The next day the cops came and took all the homeless to jail. When they found me, they reported me to social services and I was returned to my parents. I never knew how good of an actor my dad and mom were until I saw the snow job they gave the social worker.

“Bella, what are you doing over here?” Eric asked as he comes closer to me. I pulled the hood from my hoodie off my head, and heard Eric gasp. “Holy fuck! What the hell did that asshole do to you this time?” His hand ghosted over my face as he bit the knuckles on his other hand. He stopped his inspection and picked me up taking us to the back door of the bakery where his friend waited.

“What’s goin’ on, dude?”

Eric had started to take off my hoodie. “Go get the first aid kit from Angela, Mike..”

“No no no no no…” I started screaming and squirming to get out of his hold. “She’ll call the cops. They’ll take me home. No no no no… “


“They’ll hurt me more if …”

“Calm down, Bella let me help you…”

“What is going on back here?” I heard Angela’s voice. Mike must have gone to get her from the bakery. “What happened to her?” I felt another set of hands trying to hold me. “Sweetie, let me take a look at you. What did they do to you?”

“Let me go! Let me go! You can’t tell anyone. James said he’d kill me if I told anyone!” I screamed and struggled, but each movement was beyond painful. Why couldn’t they just let me go? All I wanted was a donut.

“I am going to go get Ben.”

I hear the door to the bakery open and shut, and my mind starts racing. This is going from bad to worse. I know they want to help me. I know I should probably let them, but in the back of my mind, I know what will happen. They take me back to my parents, and then after they leave, I was going to get it. I had to get away from these people. When I saw the police officer come out of the bakery door with Angela, I made my move.

I threw my hands above my head and wiggled as hard as I can. It was a self-defense move a cop taught our class when a kid was abducted in our neighborhood. It made it impossible for a grown up to hold onto you. As expected, I slipped right out of Eric’s gripped and ran down the alley. I could hear them shouting my name, and running after me.

I was so exhausted from everything that happened the night before, and not eating anything this morning that I knew I couldn’t outrun them for long. I needed a hiding place. I found myself in the strip mall parking lot looking for a good place. Under a car wouldn’t work. I could get squashed, but maybe I could hide in one until they stopped looking for me.

“Bella! Bella!”

“Sweetie, we just want to help you…”

I had to find a place fast. That is when I saw the truck. A big pick up truck with a tarp covering wood and stuff would make for a perfect hiding spot. I could hide there until the owner came back. It’s perfect. Looking around to see if anyone has noticed me, I quickly climbed over the tailgate, and under the blue tarp. I heard footsteps coming, and I held my breath.

“I think she ducked down the next row,” I heard man’s voice say.

“I hope she’s okay, Ben. You should have seen her face. Her lip was cut, and there was bruising on her eyes, and her arms. Oh my God, Ben, her arms looked like she was used as a punching bag, and there were hand marks on her neck.” I could hear the worry in Angela’s voice. It almost made me get out of my hiding spot. Almost.

The warning James had given me flashed in my mind. James was some dude that showed up at our house one day. He promised to pay our rent and give my parents money if he got to spend some time with me once a week. I don’t know why he wanted to spend time with a little kids like me, but I think it creeped my mom and dad out a little bit. Then he flashed the money, and my parents can’t say no to money.

He said our meetings were secret. He said that, besides my parents, no one could know about his visits. He said if I told he would kill my parents and me. He told me if I ever ran away that I would wish death would come. He would hunt me down and tie me up in the basement forever. When I looked into his red eyes, I knew he was telling me the truth. This guy scared the pee out of me.

As I lost myself in my thoughts, my eyes closed from exhaustion and I slipped into sleep.