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Games of Fate

There are those that want to use her.
There are those that want to protect her.
Why is a seven year old girl so important? Vampires, werewolves, military men, and a small child all will come together and their choices will either save or kill them all.

I do not own nor do I make money from the twilight world. I do however play in that playground.

4. Chapter 4: Enter the God of War

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Her laughter floods my memories as I remember running with her through the forest. Her graceful limbs moved so beautifully as she danced away from me teasingly beckoning me to come and get her. I always complied. I loved the sound of her playful growl as I tackled her or her soft purr as I nuzzled and kissed her delicate skin. I lived for those sounds she made, as I loved her.

My life

My love

My world

My wife

My mate

My everything

My Alice

If only I hadn’t gone in to the city that day. If only she hadn’t gone hunting alone. If only my reputation didn’t haunt my every move. If only violent past had never happened, then perhaps I would still have my Alice. I have been drowning in a sea of what ifs for the last twenty years, and I am still no closer to finding my way out of the water.


Oh, my sweet wife, how I failed you.

My ringing phone rips me from my memories and sorrow. Looking at the caller ID I can see that it’s my brother, Peter.

“What do you want, fucker.”

“Is that any way to talk to your big brother,” Peter chuckles a bit at his own joke. Although physically older at 28 to my 20, he is my child as I was the one who turned him into a vampire over a hundred years ago.

“I picked up the supplies so we can remodel the garage, and I was just…” I started, but was interrupted.

“People watching in the freakin’ mall and wallowing in self-pity?”

“I was just…”

“Look, Major, I know you miss her. I’m not going to give you shit for that?” The pregnant pause that followed his statement was uncomfortable. “I know you are never going to get over her, and I will never suggest that you do. We vampires don’t work that way, but dude, you have to start living your life again. Do you think the way you’ve been the last twenty years is something Alice would have wanted?”

“No.” He was right, the stupid fucker. He always is lately. Taking a deep breath, I change the subject. “Why’d ya call, Peter?” I could feel him tense over the phone. Something was definitely up.

“You need to come home NOW. Something is coming and I’m pretty sure Charlotte and I aren’t gonna be able to handle it on our own.”

Before he could finish I was moving as fast as humanly possible to my truck. “What’s coming?”

“I don’t know, but it’s bad.”

“I’m on my way.”

I shut my phone as I reach my truck, and was hit by a scent that nearly brought me to my knees. It was so intoxicating and alluring. It called to me, and venom pooled in the back of my throat. Cherry blossoms, toasted almonds, vanilla, and…blood, the scent of blood filled my senses, and I almost gave myself to my instincts.

I followed my nose towards the back of my truck when I saw a woman picking up a small boy who had fallen down. Fresh blood oozed from his scraped knees. There is no way I could feed on a little kid. He had better be careful, though. Texas is no place for a human to live when they smell so tempting. I turn my back on my would-be snack and climb into my truck. I was needed at home.

As I pulled out of town where the wilds of Texas met the city, I spotted another vampire on the side of the road. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end, and my instincts went on high alert. His dirty blonde hair was pulled away from his face, and his jeans and t-shirt were stained. What really caught my attention were his eyes. They were dark maroon red, and darkening by the second. This motherfucker was hunting. I didn’t slow as I passed him, and I could hear him snarl at my truck. I watched him carefully as he disappeared into the trees behind him. I stepped on the accelerator. The was not good.

I pulled into the long dirt driveway to the ranch I shared with Peter and Charlotte. Peter was standing by the gate and opened it for me so I could pull up to the house. I hopped out of the cab, and was assaulted by that smell again.

“What the hell is that! “ Peter exclaimed as he sniffed the air. He followed the scent to the back of my truck and lifted the tarp. He shivered and held his breath. There slept a tiny girl. Her lip was cut and she had bruises on her neck. I noticed her freshly scraped hands and knees.

Charlotte rushed over to us to see what was going on, and spotted the girl in the bed of the truck. “Oh my!”

A grin overtook Peter’s face. “You bringing home snacks now, Major?” he laughed a little as I glared at him. Charlotte smacked him upside his head. “Hey! What the hell was that for?” Before Charlotte could answer him, the little angel opened her big brown eyes, and I was instantly drawn in to them.