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Games of Fate

There are those that want to use her.
There are those that want to protect her.
Why is a seven year old girl so important? Vampires, werewolves, military men, and a small child all will come together and their choices will either save or kill them all.

I do not own nor do I make money from the twilight world. I do however play in that playground.

6. Chapter 6: Shared Visions

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The little girl opened her eyes, and I was awestruck. Her eyes, the color of dark coffee with cream, carefully ran over the three of us. I could tell she was taking in her surroundings, and evaluating the situation. For a small child she was very observant, like a weary solider assessing a situation.

What really amazed me was that she was genuinely unafraid. It is unusual for someone so young to be so calm among strangers, or even to be calm in our presence. Most adults are afraid of us instinctively even if they are able to hide it. Children usually have a more dramatic reaction to us. It was as if this girl had encountered our kind before.

Her gaze landed on me, and I was lost in their depths. A bond was born between the two if us, and I was helpless against its pull. I hadn’t felt this way since Alice. Then again, this was different. This was not romantic, or the pull of a mate. I felt protective, but in a totally different way. Locking eyes with this girl had just permanently altered my world.

"Is your name Jasper Whitlock? " Her small voice filled the air with its sweetness, and I couldn’t help but just stare at her. Then it hit me. She knows my name. How does she know my name?

"Yes, that is my name," I answer her. I want to say more, but my tongue is refusing to work. I swallow thickly as I watch her with a cautious eye. We stare at each other, each evaluating the other. I try to taste her emotions, but there was nothing there. If I wasn’t looking right at her, I’d swear she wasn’t there.

A shy, but confident smile lifts the corners of her pink lips. "Your mama says to call home."

What. The. Fuck! I don’t know what I was expecting her to say, but THAT certainly wasn’t it. I see the shocked expressions on Peter and Charlotte’s faces, and imagine my own to be similar. This has got to be a first.

"Would you mind repeating that, sugar?" I manage to get the words out, because I am not sure, my hearing is working right. I took a step closer to her, and she flinched.

"Your mama said you were to help me."

I gave her a quizzical look. None of this was making any sort of sense to me. What the hell was she talking about? I am a 180-year-old vampire, and she is talking about me mother? It was then that Charlotte decided to step in.

"Sweetie, what are you talking about?" Charlotte moved closer to the little girl with slow steps not wanting to frighten her. "How do you know Jasper? Did someone tell you to hide in his truck?"

The little girl looked Charlotte over with a careful eye. If I didn’t know better, I would equate it to a fighter evaluating a threat. Then she looked to me as if she needed my permission to answer. I gave her a nod.

"There is a lot I am not supposed to tell anyone." She sat against the wall of the truck bed, and pulled her knees to her chest wrapping her arms around them. Her confidence gave a bit, and she looked every bit the small child she was.

"But you did, didn’t you?" Charlotte asked.

The girl nodded yes. "I told Esme." Her voice was barely a whisper, but we all heard it. She had told her darkest secret to my mother. Okay, not my birth mother, but the only mother I have ever known in this vampire life. How did she know Esme?

Before I could ask, Peter moved at vampire speed and picked the girl up. He made shushing noises as he held her close to his chest trying to comfort her. I bit back a growl of jealousy. I have no idea where it came from, but I wanted to be the one to offer comfort. Charlotte moved next to Peter, and stroked the girl’s hair. I took a step closer.

Looking into her eyes I asked, "How do you know Esme?" Her brows scrunched together as if she were in deep thought. "We won’t hurt you, but we can’t help you either unless we know what’s going on. You need to answer a few questions."

She stared at me like she was going over her options, and then nodded her head at me. "Hold hands," she said as she put her hands on Peter’s face.

"Excuse me, sweetie?"

"You, "she pointed to Charlotte, "hold his hand." She pointed to me. "And you hold his hand, she added pointing to Peter.

We all looked to each other with guarded expressions, but did as she asked. The little girl closed her eyes, and instantly my mind was flooded of images of Esme and the little girl. Esme was holding a battered and bruised child offering comfort as they sat in the back of my truck. Getting over the initial shock, I started to pay attention to the conversation."But James…." The little girl stammered clearly terrified.

"Don’t worry about him," Esme interrupted. "Do you know what city you live in?"


"That’s okay, sweetie, I will find a way to get to you." Esme wiped a tear off the girl’s cheek with her thumb. "You know I have a son that lives in Texas." My mom‘s face lit up at the mention of me. .

"You do?"

"Yes, he has shaggy honey blonde curls, and when he smiles you can’t help but smile with him." I had to chuckle a little. I forget how hard it’s been on Esme since I left. Not only had she lost a daughter, my wife, but a son as well because I couldn’t stand being there with my memories.

"Does he live with you?"

"No, honey, after his wife died he decided he needed to be on his own and away from our family for a while. He is living with his brother Peter and his wife right now." She lifted my chin and stared into my eyes with a serious expression. "I know it is very unlikely, but if you see a man who has shaggy honey blonde curls, is very pale, and has either red or golden eyes I want you to ask him something. Don’t be afraid of him. You walk right up to him, and ask him if his name is Jasper Whitlock. If he says yes, then you tell him his mother, Esme, told you that he had to help you. Can you remember that?

"I think so. Is Esme your name?"

"Yes, and if you run into that son of mine you tell him to call his mama, okay?


She removed her hand from Peter’s face, and the scene stopped. This child had single handedly managed to stun three of the most feared vampires in the supernatural world to silence.

"How did you do that?" I asked breaking the stillness. She just shrugged her shoulders at me

"Who is James?" Charlotte’s voice rang out.

"I can’t tell you." the girl’s eyes looked to the ground, and then snapped quickly up. "I have to get home!" She started wiggling in Peter’s arms. "I have to get home before he finds out I didn’t go to school! Let me down! Let me down!"

"We’ll take you home as soon as we figure out what’s going on." Peter answered the struggling child in his arms.

"You don’t understand. He’ll kill my parents if I run away, but I didn’t run away. I have to go, or he’ll hurt me. "She struggled in vain. There was no way Peter was letting go. "He’ll kill y’all too. Please, take me home."

Her eyes locked onto my own pleading me to give in. I take her from Peter, and sit her on my hip. I can feel all her bones through her clothes. When was the last time she was fed? Then there are the bruises, purple handprints on her neck, the cut lip, and the cuts in her hair. What Hell was this girl living in? I start walking towards the house.

"We will take you home, but first I want to talk to Esme, okay?" I told her with authority, and she nodded her head before placing it on my shoulder. "In the meantime, Peter here is going to go get you something to eat. Right, Peter?"

"Sure, "He answered and smiled at the little girl. "What would you like?" She shrugged she shoulders at him. "I guess you’re going to be stuck with whatever I find then. Spinach sound good?" Her face wrinkled with disgust. ‘So, do you have a preference now?"

"Can I have a Happy Meal?" her eyes looked hopeful.

"Sure, kid, anything you want." Peter turned to leave, but turned back to us. "By the way, darlin’, what is your name?"

"Bella. Isabella Swan."