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Lost Hope

Bella has become depressed after Edward's untimely departure.


3. Chapter 3: The Plan

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Alice fell to her knees in shock, completely ignoring my presence and began to mumble. Edward pulled her to her feet and set her next to me. Alice shook her head and managed to talk a little more coherently.

"His loyalties still lie with us but, but... but she has a 'gift' as well," she explained, dazed.

Edward's face twisted into an even more concerned expression as he asked, "What power does she have?"

Alice turned her gaze downward and stared into her lap as she replied, "A bonding kiss. Anybody she kisses will become bound to her, forced to do whatever she wills them to."

I spoke up then, softly, "How did Victoria get to Jasper?"

Alice looked at me, noticing me for the first time before she said, "She lured him to her with freshly slain human blood... that's all I know."


A Cullen family meeting was called to discuss the situation. After a few hours of intense discussion and arguing, a plan was created. I was what Victoria wanted, nothing else. If she was going to be stopped, I had to be involved in her capture, whether Edward liked it or not. Edward was going to take me to the meadow where the rest of the Cullens would be waiting, hidden. Victoria would know they were there, but she would expect them to not attack Jasper. It was a risky plan but the only one we could come up with.

Edward drove in silence, never taking his eyes off the road. I sat beside him with my eyes down. I felt rather ridiculous as my anger and frustration rose each time I glanced over at him. Was he still mad at me for.... well.. Of course he was! That had to be it! If he hadn't come back for me at that exact moment, I would be dead.

Edward remained stoic and silent even as he carried me piggyback through the woods to the meadow. It was becoming slightly annoying. When we reached the gorgeous opening in the woods, Edward set me down and proceeded to follow the plan. He spread out the blanket and opened the picnic basket to get out the food. We had agreed it wouldn't be a good idea for us to be sitting there just waiting for her. It would seem too suspicious. So, we concocted the picnic idea.

An hour or so passed by before there was even any sign of movement. Edward jumped to his feet in a defensive stance, ready for a fight but it was unnecessary. It had only been a rabbit. He scanned the area before sitting back down. The uneasy feeling of what might happen had everyone on edge.

I began to relax some at the thought of Edward protecting me like I knew he would. I nibbled on the peanut butter sandwich he had packed for me as I waited for whatever it was to happen. Edward's eyes flitted back and forth across the meadow, looking for anything out of the ordinary. The time slowly passed by as we waited as patiently as we possibly could.

I laid back on the soft grace to stare up at the floating cloud shapes as they passed over head. I sighed, getting bored with just sitting there. If I was going to be there that close to him, I wanted it to be a more exciting and loving time. Unfortunately I had to be content with the way things were. I turned my head to stare up at my angel. With the sun above him, he seemed to glow more so than usual. It was a breathtaking sight.

I smiled a small smile but it was wiped away quickly. Edward’s eyes got wide and he jumped to his feet again in the same defensive stance. I sat up and looked around but I saw nothing. My heart began to race as a cackle echoed around us and a wave of bright red hair flew from the woods.