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Afraid Of The Dark

Set in Eclipse. The Cullen family goes hunting, leaving Bella alone for a weekend. A vampire comes to Bella's school and drags her away to an asylum, where it looks like the doctors have more problems with their mental health than the patients. But with every-one telling Bella that she's insane, will she start believing them? Mild swearing.


1. A letter and a goodbye

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Isabella's point of view

Forks, present time

The phone rang, and I scrambled up from the sofa in the living-room, discarding my Wuthering Heights novel, that I had been previously reading to kill some time.

I answered on the third ring, sounding a little out of breath.

"Bella here."

“Hey Bella. It’s Alice. My brother is coming in a few minutes to say goodbye," Said the chirpy voice from the other end.

Only Alice could sound happy about this whole situation.

"Oh and before you complain about my optimistic attitude, could I remind whose idea this whole family hunting trip was in the first place? “She asked me.

"That's not what annoys me Alice," I heaved a big sigh as I sat down, with the telephone in one hand, looking at the too brightly painted kitchen.

"It’s just- every time you guys go anywhere, Edward always thinks he needs to have someone watching over me, like I'm just so helpless without him."

I frowned, hoping this wouldn't make Alice sad, because this probably would remind her of the time she had come to see me when Edward had left me, a thing that hadn’t turned out too well.

Instead, she sounded sympathetic and comforting.

"He's just trying to take care of you Bells,” she laughed then as if she was remembering a funny a joke.

"Besides, with your luck, I'm surprised you even dare to go outside your house."

I rolled my eyes, shaking my head.

I wasn't so accident prone either, I wanted to say, but Alice cut me to the chase.

"Actually, I think you are," she stated happily and then continued," Edward's going to arrive in exactly two minutes. See you in a week Bella, the family sends it's regards as well."

"Yeah, goodbye Ali. I'll miss you and send my love to everyone, okay?"

"Will do."

And with that, Alice hung up.

I stood up, not sure what to do, when the doorbell rang. Alice’s timing was as extraordinary as usual.

I walked to the door and pulled it open, to see my own personal Greek god starring at me.

Edward's dark, soft looking bronze hair, was in its usual disarray, wet from the pouring, grey rain.

Despite the cold, his jacket was open, showing his white button up shirt underneath.

He smiled to me, making his angular cheek bones even more prominent.

Despite all of this, I couldn't seem to make my eyes leave his pitch black ones.

I don’t know how long I stood there, starring, until the sound of his velvet voice broke through my reverie.

Edward laughed:" Will, you be so kind as too let me inside, Madam, because this storm I wait in is becoming rather cold? “

He bowed, and I shook my head, smiling faintly.

"Why yes, kind Sir, I would be just honored with your presence." I played along and stepped aside to let him through.

He walked in gracefully, closing the door behind him.

It fell shut with a small thud.

His eyes sparkled as he looked at me, taking my hand and leading me into the living room.

Then he frowned and I knew the light part of this encounter was over.

"I don’t have much time, “He whispered, stroking my cheek with his pale hand, „I told the family I would meet them at six and it's already five thirty now."

If it was up to him, he wouldn't be going at all, but I had convinced him to, since his eyes were now almost always a dark black, along with his other family members.

There had been so much going on lately, so much new cases to solve, as Emmet liked to put it.

Victoria was out there somewhere, for one, just waiting for an opportunity to get me. Then there was the whole treaty issue.

I couldn’t believe that Jacob and Edward were being such idiots to each other.

I mean really, was it so bad if I was friends with a werewolf and a vampire?

Wasn’t I allowed to be or didn’t they want me to be hanging out with their enemy?

Edward said that he wouldn’t mind if the pack was human, but I’m not so sure if that’s really the truth.

Of course, the worst was that they had to make me choose either my best friend or my boyfriend.

Even if the choice was clearly obvious, and there was no doubt what so ever who I would choose, it still made me sad that I couldn’t hang out with Jake anymore.

My emotions must have been clearly readable on my face, because Edward had grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek with his cold lips, asking me what was wrong.

“Your problem with Jacob, that’s what.” I snapped at him, instantly regretting it when his expression became one of mixed sadness, pain because I was thinking about a werewolf that had been there for me when he hadn’t and exasperation.

He sighed and put his arms around me.

“Bella, sweetheart, I don’t mind you being with Jacob-“, he stopped when he saw my eyebrows raising, “- I don’t.” he insisted, “ that’s why I called him earlier this morning and told him to protect you while I’m gone.”

He smiled, as if he was expecting for me to start showering him with kisses, because I was so ecstatic about him being okay with me staying with the pack.

Instead, my mouth fell open and I sat there staring at him like a fish on land.

“You did what? Where’s Edward Cullen and what have you done with him?”

Edward shook his head and laughed with me, then leaned down and kissed me. I was in pure heaven as his lips moved with mine, that is, until he broke off.

He leaned his forehead against mine, giving me time to catch my breath.

“I love you, Edward.” I whispered.

“Not as much as I love you, Bella.” He replied, gazing into my eyes lovingly.

Then he straightened up, let me go and stood up from the sofa. I jumped up and hugged him one last time, knowing he was going to be leaving soon.

“Goodbye Edward. I hope the family and you have fun.”

He grinned at my casual phrase about hunting, and then suddenly became serious.

“Bella, I’ve got a letter for you.” He reached into a pocket of his brown jacket and pulled out a crisp white envelope.

To Isabella Swan

It read, in a handwriting, which was both elegant and old-fashioned, with a girl’s touch to it. I didn’t recognize it.

“Who’s this from?” I asked; the prospect of Edward’s departure almost forgotten.

Edward’s response surprised me; he almost looked as if he wanted to snatch the letter back from my grasp and forbid me to read it, but instead he just muttered Rosalie.

I looked at the letter with a new interest, what would Rosalie possibly want to say, that she couldn’t convey to me face to face, and more importantly, why would Rosalie want to talk to me period?

“I don’t know what’s in it,” Edward explained, “She just came to my room this morning and ordered me to give you this.”

Then he looked at his wristband watch again. “I need to leave now. Be safe.” He kissed my forehead and I tried memorizing him before he went, and then he was gone.

For a while I just stood there and looked at the closed dark wooden door, before I went into the kitchen and pulled up a chair by the dining table.

I gazed at the unopened letter from Rosalie, almost fearing what was inside. Ever since I had been Edward’s girlfriend, she had made it very clear that she hated me. Edward told me that was because she couldn’t accept the fact that a human outside of her family had the power to expose their secret, but I always had a feeling there was more to it than that.

Taking a deep breath; I tore the letter open. One folded piece of paper came out and with a queasy feeling I began to read.

Dear Bella,

I ‘m sure you’re wondering why I wrote this, the only reply I can manage is that I cannot think of any other way to convey my feelings towards you.

You see, ever since my brother has been dating you- I know I haven’t made a secret of my detest at you-which for that I am now sorry, I’ve realized that you love him like I love my Emmet- but still ever since then I was jealous of you.

Not that I like Edward in that way, but from the moment I’ve met him, he’s never shown the slightest bit of interest in me.

You must understand Bella, when I was changed into a vampire, I was filled with hatred towards my ex-fiancé, even as I write this my hands clench into fists and I have to use a new pen now, because the other one broke.

I let out that hatred on Edward; it was easy, I’d never liked him in the first place, when I was human he had been even more beautiful than me and it worked because he didn’t seem to like me either, a fate that has proven right, though I cannot blame the boy either, I haven’t been the most friendly to him.

So when I woke up and was introduced to the family, I was expecting him to fall down on his knees, begging for my acceptance, because my beauty would have made him regret that he didn’t want me in the family, and then I would have fun telling him I couldn’t care less about him, but it never happened.

I got accustomed to it in the end, for he never looked at a girl twice until he met you. That’s the key part, I’m afraid. I’m awfully embarrassed to admit that I was jealous of you, a human girl, because Edward had wanted you and not me.

Earlier, this was the reason for my negative feelings, now my emotions run much deeper than that, they have ever since the incident in Italy, which I have to say I’m sorry about.

Bella, you’ve got a perfect life, a great future and you are throwing it away.

You don’t know how it is to watch human happy mothers playing with their children, knowing you’ll never be able to do that yourself, never having the ability to change your appearance. I know what it is like, Bella. Some day you will get tired of this damned life and then it will already be too late to go back.

Please consider this. I do not hate you anymore; in fact I think I would start to like you if you choose to stay human.

With respect,

Rosalie Hale

I finished reading and left the piece of paper on the dark wooden surface of the dining table, stood up and started preparing dinner; chicken pie. Boiling the chicken breasts and tearing open a frozen packet of peas to put in a small pot.

As I started to cut the mushrooms, putting the hotplate with the frying pan that held a small amount of butter to simmer on, I thought about what Rosalie had said.

My theory of her having another reason for not liking me seemed right, but if I was honest with myself, I hadn’t expected that she had been jealous of me, Bella Swan.

Then again, she had explained why she had reacted to me with that emotion, even if I didn’t entirely like her motives as vain and shallow as they were.

Now, it seemed that the only thing that bothered her was the wish for my transformation. She sounded like Edward. It made me wonder why their relationship wasn’t better, considering they had so much in common, but then again; that question had also been answered already.

In a way, it was nice that it looked as if she had poured her heart out to me, making her vulnerable. I was happy about her not hating me anymore.

I heard the door opening and my dad call: „Bella?”

“In the kitchen, dad!” I shouted back.

Charlie trudged into the kitchen, hanging up his belt gun and taking off his jacket. He then sniffed the air hungrily.

“Am I glad you don’t cook like your mother!” he exclaimed.

“Thanks,” I told him. ”I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Just then the phone rang and I went to answer it; Charlie disappearing in the living-room, presumably to watch TV.

“Bella Swan,” I said.

“Bells!” a deep husky voice replied,” Man it’s been a long time since we’ve talked.”

I felt my mood get lighter instantly, “Hey Jake! How are you doing?”

“Not bad, could be better,” Jake said. “Everything isn’t as interesting without you around.”

“Aww…,” I giggled.” How cute.”

But then I wished I hadn’t said it, knowing Jacob, he would probably take it the wrong way and twist my words around so that the meaning of my words would be; “You’re cute.” Instead of; “Your whining is cute.”

“Well I’m a cute guy.” Jake informed me. There was a pause before Jake started to talk again.

“Bells, the reason why I’m calling is to set up the sleeping arrangements.”

“The what?” I asked him blankly.

“You know, when you are coming over to stay with me?” he asked me impatiently.” What? Didn’t your bloo- sorry- didn’t Edward say that you’d be staying with me for the weekend?” He asked incredulously.

I blushed, remembering that we had started to talk about the topic, but then had gotten- sort of- distracted.

“Um, yeah, he mentioned it in passing.” I told him.

Jake’s voice became exited and rushed as he babbled about the sleepover.

“Isn’t this just great? We can spend our time in the garage and we’ll go to a bonfire meeting with the pack in the evening, have a huge feast, roast marsh mellows, go walking on the beach and maybe we could try out this new PC game Embry’s got-“

He continued to chatter for a good half an hour and I spent my time going “cool” or “boring” or “ I agree with you” or “ What an outrage!”, cooking the food at the same time.

“Listen Jake, I have to hang up, food’s ready.” I said, turning the oven off with my free hand.

“Alright Bella. See you at five your place?” He asked.

“Five’s perfect.” I answered happily.

“Bye Bella.”

“Bye Jake.”

I put the phone back where it was supposed to go and called Charlie to come and eat.

Dinner was a quiet event; Charlie complimented the food and complained about the Cullens leaving to go “help a relative move into another house” instead of going to school (“It’s a Friday tomorrow for crying out loud! Don’t their parents care at all about their education?”).

I couldn’t help but be sad about the way Charlie thought about the Cullens now; there was almost always something that they were doing wrong.

The reason for this of course was quite obvious; he had hated them ever since Edward left me. No, I didn’t believe that was exactly true, I thought, just as Charlie tucked into his second helping of chicken pie and I finished my portion.

He only seemed to hate Edward, with everyone else in the family he got along fine with, I realized, remembering how nice he had been to Alice.

The whole relationship between Charlie and the Cullens was still cold though and I had a bad feeling that nothing about that would ever be able to change.

It took a long time to get to sleep that night. It was always hard without Edward, but now with the raging storm outside, it was even harder.

When I did fall asleep, I dreamt stupid nonsense.

I dreamt I was new at Forks high-school and that my teacher was Mike Newton, who kept turning into a chicken and pecking Edward with his beak, and that Jake kept threatening to use Mike the chicken as a stick so he and Embry could play catch with him as dogs.

When my alarm clock woke me, I was almost relieved about it.

I skipped downstairs, not tripping once, which sent me into a cheerful mood.

Charlie was already at the table, drinking a cup of steaming coffee and reading the newspaper, looking at one of the articles rather skeptically.

“Morning.” I greeted him, grabbing a bowl and pouring some Cheerios and milk in it.

“Yes. Good morning to you too.” He replied; his eyes still glued to his newspaper.

I stretched as I ate, wondering what school was going to be like, since the Cullens weren’t going to be there.

I had a feeling I would be followed around by Mike the whole day, a prospect I wasn’t particularly looking forward to.

Mike was okay, if you didn’t have him trailing after you like a lost puppy, that is.

I thought about my dream and smiled, sometimes I really didn’t know how my brain could come up with such nonsense.

Finishing breakfast, I stood up, put my bowl in the sink, wished Charlie goodbye and drove to school, listening to the newly bought radio in the truck along the way.

I parked in my usual spot and jumped out, running to building three where I had my first lesson, because outside it was pouring with cold rain and I didn’t feel like getting wet.

Even after living in Forks for over a year didn’t make me start to appreciate the awful weather conditions.

Inside it was nice and warm, I hung my jacket over my chair as I sat down in English, putting my bag on the seat next to me, knowing that the person who sat there was not showing up for the day.

The lesson hadn’t started yet; in fact I was nearly a whole fifteen minutes early.

It would explain why the classroom was vacant.

I took out my Spanish textbook, we were writing a vocabulary test today.

My head was filled with different verbs and their conjugations, so I jumped up in shock when Mike’s voice broke through my concentration.

“Hey Arizona. Cullen’s not here today?”

His voice sounded rather gloomy.

I looked at his expression as I answered him, his big, round baby blue eyes gazed disapprovingly at the empty seat next to me and he was frowning.

“Um… Yeah… Edward and his family are helping Esme’s mother move house.”

Alice had told me what to say, so I wouldn’t start stuttering every time some-one asked where they were.

It seemed to make no difference what-so-ever, which in a way was a shame, because I had spent ages in front of the mirror preparing.

Mike , if it was possible, looked even more disapproving than before.

“What? Are they ditching again?” He asked angrily.

“Mike-“I started to say, but he cut me off.

“And as if that wasn’t enough, they’re making them lie for you! You know-it’s really unfair- everyone knows that the Cullens skip school- I mean even the principal has heard about it- but they get away with it! If anyone else did that, they would get thrown out of the school for sure.”

By the end of his rant, he was absolutely seething and giving me such a penetrating gaze, which said it wanted me to agree with him, that I felt the need to stare at anything but him.

Luckily, the teacher entered the classroom that moment and Mike hurried off to his seat up front, successfully saving me to have to reply.

“Good morning class.” Mr. Mason greeted us.

“We’ll be working on analyzing the first part of Speak today. Open your books to-“

But I never found out what page it was that we had to turn to; for the door opened and Mrs. Cope appeared, cutting off what Mr. Mason was saying.

The middle aged red haired women walked over to our English teacher and started to talk with him in a hushed voice, all the while throwing glances my way.

Mr. Mason nodded to her and then cleared his throat.

“Ms. Swan, would you please come with Mrs. Cope?” He ordered.

Surprised, I made my way out of the classroom, leaving my bag and school equipment there.

I would come back to get them later once I’d come back from where ever I was going to.

Mike shot me a curious glance as I passed his desk and I returned it with a shrug. I had no idea what was happening.

The door closed behind Mrs. Cope and I and we went at a fast pace through the hall.

“Someone’s come to see you.” Mrs. Cope informed me.

“Who?” I asked.

It couldn’t be Edward or any of the Cullens, since they were out some by the mountains. I doubted it was Jake, even if he was keen on us staying together for two days; he wouldn’t just pitch up at my school like this, especially when he had his own one to go to.

And it certainly wasn’t my parents. Renee wouldn’t drop in for a surprised visit that was for sure. She had a very hard time keeping secrets and Charlie was off working, so it couldn’t have been him either.

Then a dreaded thought entered my mind: What if something bad had happened?

“He say’s he’s your uncle or something.” Mrs. Cope replied.” Came in and wanted to see you immediately, said that he is taking you out of the school for the day because of a funeral. I actually thought he was related to the Cullens for a second- he looks so similar.”

I frowned.”Mrs. Cope, I don’t have an uncle.”

We had made it outside by now and were strolling to the brown office building.

“But that’s what he said…” Mrs. Cope trailed off astonished, for in that very moment a tall looking man exited the office building walking towards us, smiling.

This man was a vampire.