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Afraid Of The Dark

Set in Eclipse. The Cullen family goes hunting, leaving Bella alone for a weekend. A vampire comes to Bella's school and drags her away to an asylum, where it looks like the doctors have more problems with their mental health than the patients. But with every-one telling Bella that she's insane, will she start believing them? Mild swearing.


2. Finding out

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Chapter 2

Somewhere in Mount St. Helens

Alice’s point of view

A big, tall bear appeared in the clearing and I smiled, pouncing onto the dark brown fury beast, biting his neck.

His blood ran warm and sweet across my opened lips and I sucked the refreshing red liquid out of his or hers- I hadn’t wasted time to check- body.

When I was finished, I dropped the bear to the ground, ruffling my clothes straight as I did. The corpse of the gigantic animal lay motionless and quiet to my feet.

I was just about to carry on hunting, maybe looking out for a deer to kill, when I suddenly wasn’t gazing around at the green high trees and the landscape of the mountains anymore, but instead was looking at Fork’s high-school’s parking lot.

Bella was standing there, but she wasn’t alone. A tall, dark haired vampire with black sunglasses on was across from her, and the redheaded secretary Mrs. Cope was there too. They all appeared to be arguing.

“-Outrageous! You can’t just come in here and pretend to be Ms. Swan’s uncle and then want to whisk her away from school!” Mrs. Cope was saying, her tone disbelieving.

I froze mentally. This wasn’t good- no- this wasn’t good at all.

The male hissed lowly, so only I heard it. His voice, when he spoke, however, sounded warm and kind.

“Mrs. Cope, please look me in the eyes.” He then grabbed her shoulders roughly and made her look at him.

That’s when I saw the mark- red, shiny and glittering.

I felt fear creep through my body. This shouldn’t be happening. That monster wasn’t going to do what I feared he would, was he?

There were rumors about vampires like him.

Before there was a Volturi, vampires were savages. They killed whoever they wanted, left the body’s carelessly lying around.

It was a dark time because more and more vampires were growing hatred towards the humans- they wanted to rule the world, not to be hunted down, by laughable, stupid creatures like humans. A group was formed, not much different from the Volturi, except they wanted to rule both worlds, humans as slaves and vampires as kings and queens.

They called themselves the ancients- there before man, made to destroy anything that stood in their way to their righteous glory.

That’s why the Volturi was invented. Not that the idea of world dominance wasn’t alluring to most of the vampires of that time, but the theory of that happening was entirely different from it actually being set into motion.

The group was already breaking into pieces- everyone wanted to be more powerful than the others. The Volturi killed most of them- but still a few remained- hating humans more than others, with scary, horrifying powers.

The trouble was; this vampire was one of the remaining members of that group. I knew that he was, because of the dark blood red scar on his hand, something only a vampire could notice, because it was barley visible. That was their mark. I wanted to handle, scream a warning to them- but this was like looking at a memory. I couldn’t change what was happening. I wasn’t there to stop it.

Even so, it didn’t change how terrifying it was to watch the scene go on in front of my eyes, unable to interact.

“No!” Bella shouted, obviously understanding that something bad was about to happen.

She tried to make the vampire let the helpless looking secretary go, but it didn’t work.

“Now, I’m Bella’s uncle,” he said to Mrs. Cope in a soothing voice, not breaking eye contact with her and ignoring Bella completely. ”And I will take her away from this school. You will allow me to do this.”

Then he let go of her and I was utterly shocked and full of horror to see that Mrs. Cope was smiling, like it was everyday that a total stranger forced you to look at him and ordered you about.

“I’m sorry for your loss Mr. Swan and Ms. Swan. I hope that-“

A loud roar drowned out what Mrs. Cope was saying next and I slipped back into the present time.

It was a bear that had caused the loud noise; he had come trudging out of one of the caves that were near by. I ignored it.

I thought about what I had seen. One of the ancient vampires was at Forks and he was just moments away from taking Bella to any place he wanted. To make things even worse- it looked as if this vampire had the power to make you do what-ever he wanted.

It didn’t make any sense, what would the ancients want with Bella?

We had to stop him and figure out what the ancients wanted.

“Jasper!” I screamed, running in the general direction where I knew he would be hunting in.


Forks, present time

Bella’s point of view

The vampire stopped in front of us. He had jet black hair and his eyes were covered with a pair of tinted sunglasses, presumably so know-one could see his horrible red eyes.

For a fleeting second I wondered if he was maybe a friend of the Cullens, and did in fact drink animal’s blood. But I dismissed that thought quickly when I noticed the man’s smile, it was far too creepy. Besides wouldn’t one of the Cullens have told me that an old friend of theirs was dropping by for a visit?

“Mr. Swan… I’m a little bit confused. Ms. Swan here says that you’re not her uncle.” Mrs. Cope stated, her eyebrows crinkling together.

“Really?” the vampire asked, smiling at me in a forced sort of way, which I found particularly laughable. What had he expected? Me to believe him?” You must have bumped your head,” he told me in a rather nasty tone,” If you can’t remember me.”

I stared at him angrily.

“That’s because you’re not part of my family!” I shouted at him, and then turned to Mrs. Cope. “Believe me Mrs. Cope!” I pleaded with her. “I have never seen this man before and I’m not going with him any where!”

My supposed uncle gritted his teeth and glared menacingly at me.

“You’ll pay for that one you little brat- it’s a good thing I’m not in your family. Who’d want to be related to you?”

I smiled triumphantly. And vampires were said to be smarter than the average human!

“So you’re not Ms. Swan’s uncle?” Mrs. Cope inquired, gasping.

“Well… I uh… you see… I meant –“he started to stutter, only now realizing his mistake, but Mrs. Cope wasn’t listening.

“I should call the police, I really should!” she cried angrily. “This is really outrageous! You can’t just come in here and pretend to be Ms. Swan’s uncle and then want to whisk her away from school!”

The vampire seemed to have gained back his confidence and was putting on a new act, trying to make his expression kind and loving.

“Mrs. Cope please, look me in the eyes”. He said, in a soft tone.

Wait- what? Why did Mrs. Cope have to do that? He forced her to look at him and Mrs. Cope, probably too shocked, didn’t try to defend herself.

I had to do something, quick!

“No!” I screamed, trying to pry the vampire’s arms off the school secretary, but I might as well have done nothing, the man’s grip was far too strong, like he was a statue.

“Now, I’m Bella’s uncle”, he told her, „And I will take her away from this school. You will allow me to do this.”

He let go of her and Mrs. Cope smiled. I felt as if was going to throw up. This couldn’t be happening! Surely Mrs. Cope didn’t swallow those lies just because he was looking her in the eye when he said it! But, it looked like she did.

Then, Mrs. Cope frowned. “I’m sorry about your loss Mr. Swan and Ms. Swan. I hope that you get well to your funeral.”

“But-“I started to protest, but the vampire grabbed hold of my hand and started to drag me across the lot. I looked around wildly for help and screamed at Mrs. Cope to do something, but she just stood there, smiling, and even waved when I was forced into a dark blue Mercedes.

The vampire slammed the car door shut and then proceeded to climb into the driver’s seat. I tried to open the door and make a run for it, but to my disappointment, I found that it was locked.

The vampire laughed as he slid to the seat next to me.

“Really, Bella, you think I’m that stupid?” He asked, as he started speeding out of the lot and onto the road, driving even faster than Alice did when she raced to save her brother from the Volturi.

My heart was beating rapidly in my chest, and my breathing was coming in short gasps. Stronger than the emotion of being frightened though; I was angry.

Before I replied to him, I put my seatbelt on, not wanting to die in a car accident. This was very likely by the speed he was going.

“Yes, I actually do think you’re that stupid,” I snapped, while glaring at his tall figure from the side. ”You were the one dumb enough to believe that I was going to think that you really were my uncle.”

Once I had made that comment, my anger started to evaporate and fear over took me. Stupid Bella.Stupid. I thought. Did I want him to lose his temper and kill me?

“Yes. Well- Nobody informed me that you were human shield,” He growled, spitting the word human out of his mouth as if it was dirt, and taking a sharp turn that sent me hurtling forwards, before I got thrown back by the seatbelts protection.

The vampire however didn’t notice, still glowering at the road ahead of him.

A million questions invaded my mind and I decided to ask them. It looked a lot like I was going to die, or that this vampire was going to capture and do god knows what with me.

Either way, it didn’t really matter if I voiced my opinion now did it? I thought longingly of the Cullens, who I’d probably never see again. I would make sure that Edward would be the last word I would utter before I died.

For now, maybe I could distract this vampire who likely wanted to murder me.

“What are you going to do with me?” I asked, my voice giving away the tension and fright I was feeling.

“Not my job to tell you that.” He replied curtly, not taking his covered up eyes away from the road. He didn’t sound annoyed anymore, rather like he was horribly bored.

It made me feel a little safer to ask the next question.

“Whose job is it?”

“That’s also not in my job description to tell you.” His tone making it clear that this was the answer I was going to get every-time I asked something. I felt a wave of uncertainty creep over me. The way it looked, this vampire didn’t want to kill me, but give me over to some other people-or creatures.

Nevertheless, my mouth opened and I couldn’t help but ask him something else.

“What’s a human shield?”

This was the wrong thing to do; the male vampire tightened his grip on the steering wheel and looked even more in rage than he had been before.

“Would you finally just shut up?!” He screeched, at last turning around to look at me, his expression so filled with hatred that I pressed my back into the seat and held my lips tightly together.

“You know you humans are all the same-weak, annoying and absolute idiots!” He screamed.

What’s a human shield? “He mocked me in a high, child’s voice. ”What are you going to do with me? Do you really think I’ll answer your questions?!”

He shook his head and turned his attention back to the road, muttering something too low for me to hear, though I caught the words “typical human” and “hate my work”.

I didn’t dare say anything after wards.

So we carried on driving in silence, the car lurching in different directions to strange twists and turns. I felt sick every-time this happened; even if I was used to the Cullens crazy driving by now, this vampire made them look as if the way the Cullen’s drove was like old grannies.

Close to the town Olympia,

Present time, Alice’s point of view

“Drive faster Alice!” Edward pleaded.” We’re not going to make it in time to save her at this speed!”

“Look Edward,” I told him exasperated,” this is as fast as this machine allows me to go. It can’t go faster than this.”

He didn’t seem to hear me. “Drive faster Alice!”

From then on, as much as I loved Edward, I choose to ignore him. At least until this agonizing ride was over. Truth be told, I was almost as worried about Bella as he was. It didn’t look good for my best friend at all.

I hadn’t gotten another vision of her yet, but I knew that the vampire had been able to take Bella away, because my first vision of him had come to me hours ago.

I still remembered the family’s reaction clearly, it made me happy that everyone wanted to rush back home and save her. Even Rosalie did. Perhaps she just didn’t want Edward to be hurt again, but what ever motive, she was just as upset about this as the others.

“Have you gotten another vision about her yet, Alice?” Jasper asked.

I shook my head sadly.

“No nothing.”

Jasper, Edward and I were driving Carlisle’s car, whilst the others were in Emmet’s jeep.

I had volunteered to drive, because no-one trusted Edward to, with the state he was in, it was most likely for him to either crash or kill the car.

Suddenly, a picture of Bella unconscious on some forest ground flashed in front of my eyes. And then it was gone again, her future disappearing. Edward winced from the back of the car.

This time, I didn’t need him to tell me to go faster, I was already breaking the engine by doing just that.

Place Unknown,

Present time, Bella’s point of view

I lost track of time as we continued to ride, the vampire taking sharp twists and turns so that I kept being jerked around.

And then, he stopped the car so abruptly, that I was flung forward for the hundredth time, bouncing back into my seat and feeling so sick and dizzy that I had to close my eyes tightly shut and concentrate on my breathing.

I heard the car door open next to me, and the vampire getting out. I blinked and saw just in time my kidnapper slamming the door from the outside shut again.

I wasn’t sure if I too, was supposed to leave the car, but then, catching the impatient gaze of the vampire, who waved with his hand to tell me that I should exit, I took off my seatbelt.

My hands reached shakily to the handle, but then I stopped them in midair, staring at the door. It was locked.

From the little window of the car, I saw the vampire laugh and come to open the door for me.

“I wanted to see how long it would take you to notice that it was locked. It took you quite some time to realize it, didn’t it?” he laughed.

I stepped outside to the cool fresh air, my knees wobbling shakily.

“Now, don’t throw up on me.” He warned.

I tried to think of something else to distract me, looking at where we were.

In the car, it had been a huge blur of green and brown.

Here, you could see that we stood at the edge of a thick dense forest. I had the strange feeling we were waiting for something, but I was too cowardly to do anything but cross my arms over my chest and look like a deer caught in the headlights, than inquire about what was going on.

The vampire was taking a light blue cloth out of his pocket from his jeans. He produced a small bottle of clear liquid, which came out of nowhere by the looks of it, dabbing it onto the cloth.

Then, in a flash, he grabbed me and forced my to breath in the cloth.

I just had time to register the strong unfamiliar smell that made me unbelievably dizzy, before my body gave out and the world turned pitch black.

I woke up disorientated.

At first, I thought that everything that had happened had been a strange nightmare. Sure enough, I was lying in bed when I opened my eyes.

But the place I lay in certainly wasn’t my bedroom.

I sat up on a small bed with yellow, hospital like clean sheets. The room itself was small, without any furniture except what I was currently sitting on.

The walls were bare of pictures or paintings and there was not one single window.

I realized in shock that everything that I thought was just dream was cruel realty.

I tried to imagine where I was, but my mind came up blank. Why? A small voice in my head asked. Why me?

I jumped out of the bed and raced to the door at the far end of the room, but I wasn’t surprised to find it locked.

Sighing, I went back and sat on the bed, pulling my knees towards my chest and hugging my arms around them.

This hadn’t been what I had expected. The times I had encountered vampires that wanted to hurt me- well, they had done just that; hurt me.

They wouldn’t lock me up in a room and leave me to my own devices, unless…

I had been so busy fretting about what he or them was going to do with me, that I hadn’t even bothered to stop and ask myself who was behind this.

If it was the Volturi, then this situation wouldn’t make any sense. Aro had said specifically that if the Cullens didn’t change me, they would kill me. Point blank. No nonsense.

I’d be dead already if they were behind it- so I could scratch them from the list of possibilities.

What if Victoria was behind it? She seemed the most plausible, Laurent had said that she wanted to play with me before she killed me, this could be her idea of starting her torture.

Yes, it was her.

Suddenly, the door opened and two men wearing white doctor’s overcoats appeared. I recognized the one as my kidnapper, though now, his eyes weren’t covered up with sunglasses, and his blood red eyes gazed at me with amusement.

The other one too was a vampire, though shorter than my kidnapper, with sandy blonde hair and a skinny, haughty face that looked sunken in.

“Ah, Marie, I see that you’re back with us,” he said with a smile, grabbing something in one of his pockets and puling out a needle.

“You really shouldn’t scare us like that- Fred here-“, he jerked his head to my kidnapper, who was still looking at me with amusement-“, had a real trouble trying to hunt you down.”


“W-what do you mean? Bring me back here? And my name’s Bella, not Marie.” If this really was Victoria’s working, wouldn’t she have been the one entering this room to start hurting me?

But this, the way these vampires acted- they behaved as if I had been in this place before …

“Marie, Marie, Marie.” The one vampire I didn’t know the name of said, shaking his head and sighing.

“Haven’t we been through this a million times already?” he asked me, speaking in the same tone you speak to kids in when they’re outstandingly stupid.

” You’re name’s not Bella Swan. It’s Marie Livingston. When you were a little kid, your parents, Renée and Charlie Livingston, brought you in here because you believed in an imaginary world-“ he rolled his eyes at this part-“ the world of vampires and werewolves. You wouldn’t stop speaking about it- so they brought you here- where we diagnosed you. Forever since you have been living in your own thought up world.”

“What?” I squeaked.

“I’m in a- in an asylum?” I asked.

The two vampires smiled at me kindly and nodded. What type of cruel trick was this? I looked around for a clue about why they were saying this, but there wasn’t anything there to help me figure out what was going on.

The vampire with the sandy hair reminded me of Carlisle. They way he had spoken about me as a patient had sounded so convincing- even I had believed him for a second.

Maybe this was a mistake. Although I saw no way how it could be. This obviously wasn’t a real hospital.

Nothing made sense.

I jumped out of bed and ran over to the sandy haired vampire, not sure what I was going to do. What if this was a real hospital? What if these people really were just that people- and not vampires?

“This must be a- a mistake,” I pleaded. When both of them looked unconvinced, I couldn’t help but start shouting. Why was this happening to me? I asked myself again.

”I’m not crazy! You have to believe me! I’m not crazy!”

The vampire named Fred raised his eyebrows.

“Sedate her.”

The other one ran forwards and injected the needle he had been holding into my arm. For the second time that day, the world turned black.