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Diligo Nex

Marcus remembers Didyme


1. Chapter 1

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I won’t get a happy ending. Happy endings are for the prince and his princess. The villain must stay and wait for eternity, hoping for something that will never happen. I am that villain. I will endure. Not because I want to, but because I must. She would have wanted it so. Or is it a trick, to punish the wicked one? A fitting punishment, let him wait forever for nothing.It was not always so.

She haunts me. I see her everywhere. She walks in the passage, calling my name. I hear her all over Volterra. No doubt Aro and Caius think I have gone mad with grief.It was like that at the beginning. No will to live. Had I been human, I would have thrown myself over a cliff. Aro prevented the Guard from assisting me in my search for Death. The rest of our kind fear his wrath too much.. And yet I find that Volterra is the perfect place for grief. I am attached to my home and she will be remembered forever. Because I know what flashes through their minds when they look at me.The cause of my pain.It was not always so.

Do they know how lucky they are? The Cullens. Not to have escaped us. But for the the happy ending they have been given.The reprieve won’t last, Aro will find some excuse. He loves this game.Let the prey think its escaped.Then pounce and rip it to shreds.Tear the family apart, their happiness. Keep those you need, forever sad and control them. Let them become like me, no emotions. Not able to take joy in anything.

Just as long as they are yours. Power. That is the center to my life. The cause of my love. The cause of my pain.It was not always so.

So I will drift here forever, without feeling, in void of my own making.

There is a memory stalking me in between the walls. And its name is Didyme