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The Last Straw (one-shot)

When Bella Shows up at school looking very appealing and Edward is not the only one to notice what will he do?

My first fic, enjoy!

1. The Last Straw (one-shot)

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I heard the roar of her truck coming down the street and exhaled in relief. I hadn’t seen my Bella in twenty-four hours, due to the fact that it was a rare sunny day in Forks yesterday. The red Chevy rumbled into the parking lot and I was at the driver side in a flash, pulling open the door for my love. That’s when I saw her.

My mouth fell open as I took in her beautiful body, clad in a short denim skirt and a low cut tank top, that if she lifted her arms you would no doubt see her creamy ivory skin that covered her midriff.

Whoa! Check her out! Bella looks hot!

I clenched my teeth together as I recognized that particular “voice”. Mike Newton was standing just out side his car and gawking at Bella in a way that should just be reserved for me.

Damn, if she bent over in that skirt it would show everything! Not that I would mind in the least… I should get her alone today and fuck her brains out. Yeah, that would show Cullen, it would show Bella who the better man was. Oooh, to feel her hard nipples in my mouth while I pounded in and out of her while she screamed my name…

I couldn’t stand it anymore! That hormone raged imbecile! Bella took in my murderous glare.

“Edward what’s wrong?” she asked innocently.

“Newton is being a little to observant about your outfit today,” I growled.

“Oh,” she blushed.

She looked so tantalizing, with her blush creeping up her face. God I wanted her. So did someone else apparently.

… and spread her legs far apart while she gripped the railing and I took her from behind…

That was the last straw.

I took Bella’s face in my hands and crushed my mouth to hers. She greedily complied and opened her mouth to mine. Usually I would have pulled back at this test of my control, but with Newton’s thoughts still screaming in my head I wanted him to have a good display of who Bella really wants.

I shoved my tongue into her mouth and explored her mouth. Our tongues intertwined and I let my hands roam her body. I grazed her collar bones and then her supple breasts. Her nipples peaked in my hands. With one hand pinching her nipple I let my other trail down her body cupping her glorious ass. She moaned and arched herself into me.

I let her wrap her legs around me as she pressed her hot center into my erection.


I smiled at my success. But Bella was still hot on me and I couldn’t pry myself away from her, I was to far gone.

God damn! That should be me she’s grinding into not fucking Cullen!

He then started fantasizing some more about the other things he wanted to do to Bella.

And I snapped.

I pulled Bella out of the driver seat and pulled open the back door of my Volvo. I laid her on the back seat and came down on top of her. I wanted her so bad. I pulled the door shut and pulled of my shirt in one fluid motion. She gasped and her eyes widened as my shirtless chest came into view. Her hot hands traced hungrily over the flat planes of my chest. I hissed through my teeth and pulled off her offending tank top.

Holy shit, are they going to do it in the back of his car! Right in the middle of the freaking parking lot! The bastard, it should be me taking Bella in front of the Forks population!

I didn’t even care about Newton anymore. I had all our clothes off by now. I slid into her sleek folds fast and hard now and she screamed my name.

“EDWARD, EDWARD! OOOH so fucking good!”

“Shit Bella, so warm so tight!” I yelled back.

I saw Bella and myself through Newton’s eyes. He couldn’t see anything, thanks to the dark tint, but he saw the way the car was rocking, in time with my thrusts. He could also hear when Bella made a particularly loud scream of my name. This made him flow with jealousy and me with pride.

I had a wicked grin on my face as I pounded into Bella, my thirst under complete control, I could only feel my need for her body. I enjoyed torturing the boy almost as much as I enjoyed fucking Bella, well no not quite that much.

“Edward, I’m gonna come! I’m coming EDWARD!!” Bella screamed.

“Ya baby, come for me! I said through clenched teeth as I came in time with her.

We both lay panting after.

“Well I suppose we should head to first period,” Bella giggled.

We exited the car and we were both adjusting our rumpled clothing. We both caught hold of Mike’s horrified stare. I grinned wickedly, and saw him blanch. And Bella, god bless her, goes right up to him without blushing and says:

“Enjoy the show?” She licks her lips, smacks me on the ass and wiggles her hips as she walks to first period.

I stare after her in love for a few seconds and turn to face Mike whose thoughts are a jumble of mortification and lust.

Damn, after all he has just seen, he’s still lusting after her, when she is clearly taken, mind you! I give Newton a murderous glare.

“I know you have a problem with understanding, you slimy, perverted idiot, but know this. She. Is. Mine. I will not hesitate from ripping you limb from limb if I ever catch you watching her again, understood?” I said menacingly.

He visibly gulped, then nodded, rooted to the place from fear.

I grinned evilly, showing him my teeth and walked off after Bella, catching up easily. I gave her a searing kiss, knowing Newton was still watching, frozen.