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One of Many Meets One of None

Immortal Children, declared illegal, are dangerous creatures with one sole purpose, to hunt and kill. They are a thousand times worse than newborns. Like newborns they are bloodthirsty, savage, and unruly creatures ruled by their instinct. But unlike newborns, they never grow up and can’t comprehend rules. *The story has changed and is discontinued on this site. If you're interested, search for it under the name Little Ms. Crimson Eyes on fanfiction.net. *


1. Chapter 1

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I wandered aimlessly through the dense dust clouds. The heat was a thick blanket cast over like a shroud. With my enhanced senses, I was able to smell the heat and the moisture in the humidity. I almost could have tasted the roughness of the textured sand. I continued running in the blisteringly hot sand that would scorch a foot. Though, I’m not affected; humans are such delicate animals. They are merely a food source for the stronger race, vampires. I heard the sand shifting with the rustle of the wind as my feet pounded on the ground. The towns and plants were blurred images; the potent smell of blood was in the air.

The letter “m” is for Maria. I am Maria, the once malevolent and militant vampire who ruled during the southern vampire wars. That was until the Volturi destroyed my newborn army and my rivalries. Though, I don’t mind the annihilation of the enemies who tried to take my territory. We had gotten out of hand and the humans had started to notice. The one rule above all the Volturi enforce is secrecy of our existence to humans.

I was so careful of who I chose. I only bit those who’d have potential to increase and defend my land. I kept my newborns with an iron grasp and a short leash, punishing those who didn’t please me. Most the time punishment was death. I didn’t allow careless feeding and kept my vampires normally malnourished. It made them more difficult to handle, but enabled them to have furry when fighting. They were feed enough for them to concentrate on their tasks without only craving blood. When I was pleased, the reward was a nice human feast. My army loved to do anything to satisfy me.

I favored the Civil War soldiers; they made the best soldiers being acquainted with the army life. Jasper, err Major Whitlock, was my right hand, my golden boy. The empath knew how to keep the newborns in check. He sometimes slipped out of punishments by tweaking my emotions. Though I knew what he was doing, most the time I fell under his influence not wanting to be so harsh on him. I admit it; I had a soft spot for him. He was one of my best warriors. When I changed him I knew he would be a benefit for me. His bite-covered skin alerted others to his dangerous upbringing and mad fighting skills. That was until Peter and Charlotte escaped. Jasper left with them too. He betrayed me when he ran off with the psychic who claimed they were sole mates.

I tried a few times unsuccessfully to sway him to rejoin me. The last time I wanted to show him he couldn’t resist his natural ways by exposing the blood of humans near him. Miraculously, he was able to abstain. He claimed he changed his ways. He stayed with the golden-eyed freaks who only hunted animal. Jasper and his new leader gave me the message that I wasn’t welcomed on their territory.

Unfortunately, I backed down seeing I was outnumbered if they wanted a fight. He really had changed and was loyal to them now. The Cullens were denying themselves of the pleasure of human blood, sweet ambrosia only known to us gods, vampires. How in the world could they live that way and live among their natural food source. We are vampires, monsters, and nothing will change that. Why not just give into the perks of vampirism?

The Volturi destroyed about two months ago my last newborn army. I had successfully taken back my lost territory defeating another top feared coven. I now control lands spanning from Texas to Arizona in the South. Quite an accomplishment I might add. When my army was destroyed, I was let off the hook a final time. I was warned by the guard while I pleaded to them for my life, next slip up would be my death. Now, I’m roaming around Texas wondering what to do.

It is quite sad a great military leader like me is clueless what to do when it comes to passing time. One would think I’d be preparing and leading an army for the next battle to extend my territory, but I’m content with my land boundaries for now. I’m going to continue running further, deeper into Texas ‘till I come to somewhere of interest. Some of the nice things about being a vampire are not have to worry about heat or exhaustion. I’m perfectly fine in a sweater in temperatures humans would think of as sweltering. I smoothed out my clothes and buttoned a button that had become unhooked on my black cardigan. I think I hear someone coming my way.