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Love, Riley

There were more newborn vampires than Bree. Meet Hailey, the girl who is ridiculously in love with Riley, but is forbidden to do so under strict orders of Victoria. In a world where death is everywhere and the heroes are the villains, there is love that can only be described as unpredictable and irrational.


1. Chapter 1

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Normal was no longer in my vocabulary, my world, and my mind.

Ever since that witch Victoria had bit me two weeks ago as I was coming home from the movie theater, I had been thirsty—but not for water. Not for soda, or sports drinks, or anything that would usually satisfying. Not even beer. All I hungered for now was blood. And the way I was meant to get it made me sick.

Victoria had asked one thing of me—to bite and kill as many people as it took to cure the thirst. I didn’t want this. I didn’t want to be a monster. I would have left by now if it wasn’t for him.

He was an expert at this—from his cool, confident walk to the way he made everyone do as he wished just by saying their name the right way. The way he simply was made everyone wish to be him. But that wasn’t why I loved him ridiculously.

It was the fact that he sat with me for three days—three days—while I howled in pain and cried my eyes out while I was transformed from human to vampire. He didn’t flinch at the screams, he didn’t even leave while I begged for him to make it stop. He just watched and held my hand the whole way through. He was what I had wanted my whole life, but had never been able to have. Riley was all I needed now—I would do anything he asked of me.

The one thing that was standing in my way was the worst woman in the world—the one who had decided to take my mortal life away and make me a bloodthirsty leech—Victoria. I hated her with such a passion. Not just for taking away my life, but for taking Riley out of my reach. Every time I spoke to him, he seemed infatuated with me—he even said he was. All the other newborn girls were jealous—not only was he good-looking, but he had a way with us, and he never ceased to help us like we were family. Our relationship would have survived had it not been for Victoria. If only she hadn’t found us that night, walking down along the beach, arms around each other. If she had just stayed at headquarters, Riley and I would have worked. But she saw us, and she was jealous of someone not adoring her for once in her life. So she told me to keep my relationship with Riley personal—or else she would personally end my life.

That horrible woman! She was the sole reason of this hell, and she took the single bit of heaven I had and stole it away. It doesn’t help that she has now taken my place in his life. I wonder what form of seduction she used on Riley, because I can tell he really wants to be with her, and it kills me each and every day of this endless existence.

Still, his voice has an immeasurable affect on me. Him, calling my name as I pretended to sleep (for the sake of show for the humans), automatically had me gasping for air.

“Hailey,” he whispered, his voice soft and kind. “Hailey…c’mon, answer me.”

I rolled over, and was shocked to find his face right next to my pillow. He sighed. “Thank goodness,” he said as quietly, his voice like a lone feather. “I need to talk to you.”

I just nodded, not wanting to speak and have Victoria hear this encounter. Silently, I left my comfortable spot and walked to the low motel window. Once we got close, he took my hand. Even though we were both cold vampires, his skin felt warm against mine. So I opened the window and we jumped into the night.