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Bella Gets Attitude

What happens when Bella decides she finally wants to lose her virginity? Will Edward help her with that? Or turn her down. One shot EdwardxBella ***LEMON***

WoW ! I am really proud of myself for this peace actually! PLEASE comment and review!

1. A sweet Night

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It was only a matter of time before I couldn’t hold back and I was just going to come out and say it, just like this, ‘Edward, I know we agreed to wait, but…I need you. I want you…I’m 18 and I haven’t lost my virginity yet. And I want you to be the one to do it!’. Then maybe a slight pout on my lip, maybe he will give in.

Charlie was gone for the weekend so Edward was coming over and staying Friday and Saturday night with me, so I wasn’t lonely, and I was safe. So on Friday was when I was going to ask him. I am nervous, really nervous, I don’t want him to look at me like I am crazy. And, I’m anything but perfect. My body isn’t anything like Rosalie’s, or even Alice’s. I was just an average teenager, and even though I was shy, I knew Edward would love me no matter what I looked like. I hope…


I got home from school and rushes upstairs, brushing through my hair, and turning on the straightener I borrowed from Alice. She knew what was going to happen, yet she wouldn’t tell me how it went, if he agreed, or totally disagreed. I was angry with her. But I guess I will find out tonight.

I brushed my teeth and straightened my hair, put on a small layer of mascara, a little light-ish blue eye shadow, and just a little eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger. I put on a tight blue tank-top and a pair of dark blue, tight skinny-jeans. I looked in the mirror.


Who is that in the mirror? I don’t look anything like myself. Its odd…weird. I was getting lost in my own reflection when there was a knock on the door. I hope down the stairs, careful not to trip, and opened the door excitedly. “Edward!” I said as I opened the door, he stood there, tall and perfect. His perfect chiselled face was looking right at mine. And suddenly I felt my cheeks get hot, I wasn’t ready for this! What was I thinking?!

‘Stop it Bella’, I thought to myself, ‘You planned this all week, and you are not about to chicken out now.’ I nodded slightly, agreeing with myself.

I bounced up and kissed Edward’s cold lips, smiling a little. “You didn’t have to know, you know?”, I said as I pulled away from the kiss. He shrugged. “Well, Bella, I didn’t want to be rude.” He smiled his perfect, glowing smile. I fiddled with the end of my shirt nervously.

I walked into the kitchen, motioning him to follow, and sat down at the table. He sat down at the other side, in Charlie’s seat, the one I tried to picture where Edward would get old like him, loose his perfection, something. But I knew he wouldn’t. He is a vampire, after all.

“Edward, I…I want to ask you something. And I am being serious.” I said, looking down at my hands and playing with the ring on my finger, a small blush wiped across my cheeks.

“Well, what is it?” He asked curiously, a smile on his lips.

I took a deep, long breath and then looked him in the eyes, building up all the confidence and bravery I could get. “I want to have sex, Tonight.” I said, quickly, but clearly. His eyes opened and the smile went away.

“Absolutely impossible.”, He said, his eyes hard and cold. I look at him with disappointment. No, keep trying Bella. “But Edward, I know you wouldn’t lose control, you have been with me for almost a year and a half now and you still don’t trust yourself? We have played around alittle before, like kissing and making out and stuff, honestly. Don’t you think you could have sex with me? Its not that big of a deal…” The small pout I had practised slid across my lips and I gave the best sad look I could to him. He fidgeted in his seat uncomfortably.

“But Bella, you know I don’t think it is safe, and we aren’t married yet.” He said, smoothly and coolly, but his eyes looked almost panicked.

I got up from the table and looked at him, more serious then ever, and turned, walking away. “Fine, then.” I said coldly while walking away. “Have it your way, like always.” I stormed up the stairs and slammed my door, leaving Edward downstairs at the kitchen table.

After awhile I heard him slowly walk up the stairs and open the door quietly. He walked in and looked at me from the door way, I turned around, not facing him. “What?” I said harshly, I felt him get on the bed with me. He sighed loudly and kissed the back of my neck and then my head.

But what he did next was surprising. He slid his cool hand up my shirt and slid up and down my stomach slowly, almost tickling it. I blushed madly. Then, he pulled me over, so he was look into my eyes and I was facing him. He slid his hand up higher, just below the metal part of my bra, I looked in his eyes wildly. Excited that he was going to go through with this.

He slid his hand around to the back and un-clicked my bra so it came undone, then he moved to the rim of my shirt, I didn’t say anything, I just let him do whatever he wanted. He moved closer to me, so we were pressed against each other. Then, he slid his hand down the back of my leg and hitched my leg over his hip. My breath hitched and sped up, along with my heart beat. I tried to stay calm and not to show it.

I moved to the rim of his shirt and started to lift it up, when I did, a perfectly chiselled chest was there, and I couldn’t help but stare in awe. He slid off my shirt and I blushed, slipping out of my bra as well so the top half of me was bare. The blush went to a deeper shade of red because my face got hot. I fumbled with the zipper and button of his jeans, but got them undone, then I looked at him. He just nodded so I started to pull them down.

I was so happy right now, and I could feel my heart almost beating out of my chest! I slid his pants down and pushed them off with my feet once I couldn’t reach any farther with my hands. I blushed, looking down there was a slight bulge through his plaid boxers. He was big. I could tell.

He swiftly moved to my pants and slid them off with grace, he slowly brushed his hand up and down my thigh and I could feel myself ‘getting excited’. I started to kiss up his neck, to his jaw, and then to his mouth. Sliding my tongue elegantly into his mouth, his sucked light and kisses back. I closed my eyes and moved my hands to the rim of his boxers, moving them down a little and then a little more, and then a little more until they were off. I threw them to the ground, no need for those anymore.

I looked down at his growing erection and blushed a deep red, grunting a little, nervous.

He kissed up my neck slowly, a low rumble, like a growl, coming from his chest. It aroused me even more. I gulped as he started to pull off mine. He looked down and then looked up at me when they were off. He kissed me lightly got closer, his very hard, and large erection pressing against me. I grunted a little louder, moaning a little and very quietly. I wanted this. I was ready for this.

“Are you ready?” He asked, I nodded and his nodded back. He crashed our lips together, and then I felt him slide inside of me with ease and stealth. It hurt, like hell. And I could feel him pressing against my cherry, I grunted. “Just…break it already.” He nodded and did a hard thrust into it, popping it. It felt weird, but it didn’t hurt like everyone said it did. I was calm, it just felt a little strange.

I closed my eyes, waiting for him to adjust inside of me. “Okay…” I signed heavily, the pain of him being inside my tunnel gone. He nodded and began to slowly and delicately thrust into me.

I kissed him roughly, our lips crashing together, mine getting a little red and swollen. I closed my eyes, feeling the rhythm of our hips gliding into each other and making a soft slapping noise. I moaned now, into the kiss, and Edward moaned with me. Low growls coming from his chest as he started to move faster.

I started to grow wet, my juices flowing onto his large penis. I groaned as we kissed, not pulling away. He moved faster, dipping inside of me with ease and perfection. My mind was filled with so many thoughts. How amazing this was. How I wanted him so badly. I started to thrust into his penis with him, we both moaned. Edward moved slowly down and licked my breast, sucking on my nipple lightly until it was hard and then he moved to the other. I started to breathe faster and heavier.

He slid out of me and I looked at him with confusion, until he started lowering his down to my center, my eyes opened a little and I got excited. He licked me once and my eyes got wild. He started licking furiously up and down my clit, I moaned and grabbed a fistful of his hair and his slid his tongue inside of me. In and out and up and down. I pulled him up and we crashed our lips together, he slid back inside of me. Moving fast and hard, thrusting deep, but careful not to break me. His shifted one of his legs over his shoulder and sat up a little, thrusting into me harder. “Oh Edward!” I moaned loudly with pleasure, it was taking over me and I was going to come soon if he kept this up. He moaned and a snarl escaped his lips, he grabbed my hips roughly and started to ram into me faster.

“Mmm…Bella!” He yelled, keeping the rhythm of his thrusts equal. I moaned as my juices slid around his cock, dripping down It whenever he pulled out to tease my clit with the tip. It made me groan loudly.

He moved into me a few more times before we both exploded into eachother. “EDWARD!” I yelled and moaned, saying his name quietly a few more times, he snarled and growled as he came inside of me. He slowly lied down on top of me, both of us breathing heavily, beads of sweat trickled down the back of my neck and between my breasts. He kissed me one more time before lying his head down on my chest and listening to my heart beat.

Best..time..ever.. I thought happily, and closed my eyes.